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Publication numberUS1180665 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1916
Filing dateNov 29, 1915
Priority dateNov 29, 1915
Publication numberUS 1180665 A, US 1180665A, US-A-1180665, US1180665 A, US1180665A
InventorsPatrick J Mcelroy
Original AssigneeRandall Faichney Company Inc, Patrick J Mcelroy
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Closure or stopper for serum-containers, &c.
US 1180665 A
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Patented Apr. 25, 1916.

(I FATRIU JLMQEL U w i A insects.

I To all whom) it may concern:

-]Be it known that I, PATRICK J..MEr.nor,

a citizen oi the United States, residing at Cambridge, in the county of l /lliddlesex and State of Massachusetts,- have invented new and useful Improvements in Closures or Stoppers tor Serum-Containers, &c.,-' of which. the following is a specification;

This invention relates to a container'tor 1o storing and injecting serum, the container being provided with a stopper of compressible resilient material, such as rubber or cork, formed as a radially compressible plug and closing its outlet opening, and adapted to receive a-cannula through which the serum is ejected by means provided for that purpose.

In some cases the stopper has heretofore been made imperforate, and is punctured by the cannula, the latter being provided With a sharply pointed inner end adapted to puncture the stopper. A cannula is necessarily a slender or attenuated tube so that it is liable to be broken by the-force required to drive it through an imperforate stopper formed as a plug andradially' compressed .by the outlet wall in which it. is.

inserted. Moreover'it is not an easy matter to so .drive'the cannula that itwill be centrally located and parallel with the axis at the stopper. There is also liability of clogging the inner endi'of the lumen of the. cannula by -material separated from the body of thesto'pper by the cutting action of the cannula.

vided with .a passage or lumen for the re- 4'0 permits liqu d to. pass through. it when the cannula is not present, the cannula being-v provided with means whereby the escape of" liquid is prevented when the cannula .is' partly withdrawn from fits'foperative 'position.

My invention end; and normall closed and rendered MclELROY, or cartnarnen, nassacmi'sn'r'rs, assrenron or earn-e 1: an COMPY, we, or nos'ron', raassacn'usnrrs.

= present on s'rorrnn m. snnurr-conrarm :1 r .1

particularly when the a part of'this speci sents a longitudinal section of a stopper fiembodying my invention inserted in the goutletend of a serum container, the cannula :being absent; Fig. 2 represents a view sirni- -lar to Fig. l, the' cannula being present; Fig. 3 represents an enlarged section on line 33 of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 represents an enlarged In other cases the stopper has been pro- "rendered liquid-tight b is embodied in an article: of manufacture, to wit,*a stopperltormed as a radiall compressible plug having a longi-lf body of the 'stopper 'permitting the easy. insertion of a cannula-having a blunt inner &c.

Specification of Le ers Patent. l pmtgmhgd App, 25, 11%1, Application filed November ae, raw. Serial No. 633%. i

stopper is radially compressed by insertion "in the container outlet, the stopper constituting a liquidtight closure when the cannula is absent.

Of the accoinpanging drawings forming cation, Figure 1 represection on line H of Fig. 2; Figs. 5 and '6 represent transverse sections of a stopper showing diderent forms of lumina; Fig. 7

represents a longitudinal section of a sto]pt e per having a lumen extending from,

inner end of the stopper partly to the outer end; Fig. 8 represents a sectional view showing the stopper represented by Fig. 7 in-' sorted in a container outlet; Fig, 9 represents a section on line 9-9 of mg. 7; Fig. 10 represents a section on line. 10-10 of Fig.7.

The same reference characters indicate the same or similar parts in all the views.


in. the drawings, '12 represents the body and 13 the outlet of a serum container of an suitable form, thecontainer being provi ed with means (not shown) for e ecting the serum throu h a cannula inserted in the stopper hereina 'er described.

l-t represents a stopper or closure made of compressible elastic material such as rubber or cork and formed as a plu to be inserted in the outlet 13 and radially compressed by the wall of said outletform in. the stopper 14a longitudinal lumen 15 which is surrounded by the body ot the stopperand is'normally closed and the resilience of be' curvedfa's indicated by Figs.

The lumen preferablylhas parallel sides normallypressed closely together. :1 The said sides-may h 4 I 3, 4 and 10. They may however beother lience of, id body,

said body and is more tightly closed-by the radial. compression of; said body caused by itsinsertionin the outlet '13, the o eration of formingsaid lumen being one oft e steps otthe operation ct manufacturing the stopwisejtetmcd, as indicated by .llliffi; and 6., g I

Fig. 5 showing a lumen which is cruciform in cross section, so that it has more than two abutting sides. Fig. 6 shows a lumen having two abutting sides, said sides being flat instead of curved.

The lumen may be formed in the otherwise completed body of the stopper by a suitvulcanization and being subsequently removed.

It will now be seen that when a cannula 16 having a blunt inner end 17 and a lateral liquid bore 18 communicating with the lumen of the cannula is inserted in the stopper lumen 15, it is enabled by'the latter to pass readily through the stopper, the sides of the stopper lumen being pressed closely against the periphery of the cannula and forming a liquid-tight joint therewith. When the cannula is removed the sides 'of the stopper lumen close together so that no liquid can escape therethrough.

In Figs. 7 and 8 I show a lumen having a normally closed portion 15 characterize 'as above stated, extending from the inner end of the stopper partly to its outer end, and an enlarged normally open portion'l9 extending from the normally closed portion to the outer-end-of the stopper, and adapted to receive the cannula without being a preciably' distended thereby, so that the frictional resistance to the insertion of the cannula is considerably reduced,

The stopper is self-sealing because its lumen is automatically closed or sealed as above described.

. closed throughout its length by the elasticity of the said body, whereby the lumen is selfsealing and liquid tight, said lumen being distensible by a blunt ended cannula inserted in It. e

2. As an article of manufacture, a resilient self-sealing apertured closure or stopper formed as a radially compressible plug provided with a longitudinal lumen surrounded by the body of the stopper and including an inner portion extending from the inner end of the stopper partly to its outer end, and adapted to be closed by radial compression of the surrounding portion of the stopper, and an enlarged normally open outer portion extending to the outer end of the stop-- per, and formed to receive a cannula Without being distended thereby, the inner portion being distensible by the cannula.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature. I 1


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U.S. Classification215/247, 604/415, 215/DIG.300
Cooperative ClassificationY10S215/03, B65D51/002