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Publication numberUS1180927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1916
Filing dateJul 25, 1914
Priority dateJul 25, 1914
Publication numberUS 1180927 A, US 1180927A, US-A-1180927, US1180927 A, US1180927A
InventorsGeorge H Jenkins
Original AssigneeGeorge H Jenkins
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US 1180927 A
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Llm?, l Patented Apr.25,1916.




meenam To all whom it may concern Be it known that 1, GEORGE H'. JnNKiNs, a citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at Oak Park, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Binders, of which the following is a specification.

lThis invention 'relates to a binder within which a quantity of loose lea-ves may be held, and has particular reference to the construction of the covers by which a transfer of contents to permanent covers may be expeditiously etlfected.

Among the principal objects ot' my invention is the provision of means for enabling the transfer of the contents to be made from temporary covers to permanent covers with ,a-minimum of labor, expense and delay;

and, as will more fully hereinafter appear,

the invention consists also in numerous otherl showing the relation of the parts at onestage ol the binding operation; and Fig. 3

is a detail showing connecting means capable of use for effecting a permanent bind ing.

In ordinary practice, a quantity of leaves l is bound between temporary covers 5 through suitable means such as the posts G shown in F 2, a screw cap 7 being arranged to thread upon the upper end of each post 6 to bear against the leaves with the desired pressure. At the time the leavesI are arranged within the binder, it is contemplated that one oi' the permanent covers S will be installed in position as shown in Fig. 2, the other permanent cover 9 being placed in operative position only at the time the permanent binding is tobc eitected.

The posts G are secured to one ot the, tem porary covers 5 in any approved manner, and extend through registering openings 10 in each ot the leaves i, and permanent covers 8 and 9, as well as the upper temporary cover 5 which is engaged by the screw 7.,

As shown in the drawing, two posts G are provided, it being obvious that this number may be varied according as conditions may require. In addition to the openings 10 through 'which the posts 6 project, l have provided other registering openings 11 Specification of Letters Patent.

through which posts 12 may extend as shown in Fig. 2. in line 'with such openings enlarged registering openings 13 are arranged in the temporary covers enabling the head 1i of the post 12 to pass therethrough to abut against the permanent cover 8, and enabling a cap 15 to pass similarly into position against the other permanent cover 9. As shown in Fig. 3, the cap 15 maintains a screw-threaded connection with the post -12 through a shank 16 which engages within a socket 17. A slot 18 within the cap facilitates rotation of the cap when a Screw driver or other similar instrument is employed to bring about the desired amount of compresslon.

Whenever it is desired to transfer leaves from the temporary to the permanent covers, the upper or second permanent cover arranged in thev position shown in Fig. 2, the temporary cover 5 which was theretofore removed for sush purpose being replaced temporarily in position again. IThe desired compression of the leaves is brought about by manipulation of the screw caps 7, after which the posts 12 are inserted into position, the cap 15 being screwed in place as shown in Fig. 2. It is obvious that the posts 12, together with the head and caps attached thereto, each maintain the leaves in bound relation independent of the binding action of the posts 6. For this reason the covers 5 may be removed from the bound volume, the posts 6 for such purpose being Withdrawn from the openings 10. Under such conditions, the bound volume remains in-l tact, the permanent binding being maintained between the covers 8 and 9 by the posts 12. The covers 5, it is manifest, are available for further use with fresh leaves.

Vhen it is considered that the temporary covers used for current work are subjected to hard usage and on this account must be carefully constructed, the advantage in saving such covers for continuous work is readily apparent. riChe permanent covers in which the leaves are ultimately bound need not however be of the same construction, since such volumes are used principally for reference work as distinguished from currateaiea apnea, mit,

Application iiled July 25, 19M. Serial No. $53,109.

rent use. A considerable saving in cost is transfer of contents with scarcely any labor, time or eXtra expense involved. ."The particular form of binding meansA used is of secondary importance, have been mentioned for equivalent means would I claim: v 1. In combination with a quantity off stacked leaves, a cover arranged adjacent said stack of leaves, removable means for binding said cover and leaves together, and other means for binding together said leaves independent of the cover, there being openings through said cover through Which said latter binding means may be placed in o erative position, substantially v*as described. 2. In combination with a quantity of stacked leaves, a binder embodying covers arranged adjacent said stack 'of leaves, means for binding said covers and leaves t0- gether capable of removal from operative obviously answer.

position, and other means for binding izo-- gether said leaves independent of the covrGomes of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each,

and although' posts' may be-'placed in operative position, subffstantially as described. this purpose other 3. .In combination with a quantity of stacked leaves, a-binder embod ing covers arrangedadjacent said stack o leaves, removable means for binding said covers and leaves together, and other means for binding together said leaves-independent of the covers consisting of a binding element arranged to pass through the stack of leaves having an enlarged portion at each end thereof to engage with the. outermost leaf, there being openings .through .said covers through which each of said head portions may pass to engage only with said outermost leaf.




by addressing the Commissioner ot Patents,

Washington. D. C.

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