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Publication numberUS118095 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1871
Publication numberUS 118095 A, US 118095A, US-A-118095, US118095 A, US118095A
InventorsHewet Beatty
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Improvement in portable furnaces
US 118095 A
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Patented August 15, 1871 I D I r M M, )kreizfor.

HENRY BEATTY Improvement in Portable Furnaces.

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 118,095, dated August 15, 1871.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HENRY BEATTY, of Massillon, in the county of Stark and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Portable OannonFurnaces; and that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to make and use the said invention.

My invention relates to a portable furnace for. various out-door purposes where an arrangement for heating a large kettle or like utensil is required, as, for example, in boiling maple sugar, or in making soap for family use, or in trying out lard or tallow, or in heating tar for roofing or paving purposes; and it consists in the construction ofa cylindrical furnace-body which fits closely to the ground at the bottom, and is provided with suitable door and draughtholes with regulating dampers, and in which are arranged a grate for the support of the fuel and a hood-ring for keeping the flame close up to the kettle, and for insuring a more perfect combustion of the fuel;

' the upper part of said furnace-body being provided with kettle-rings for adapting the furnace to different-sized kettles, and with a smoke-pipe suitably secured to it by hooks and braces, and the whole forming a cheap, durable, and complete furnace, which can be easily transported and set up, and which is perfectly adapted to an economical use of fuel in any ordinary out-door location.

In the accompanying drawing, Figures 1 and 2 are front and side views of my improved portable furnace. Fig. 3 is 'a plan of the same. Fig. 4 is a transverse section of the same.

A is the body of the furnace, which is of the cylindrical form shown, and which is usually made a little larger at the bottom than at the top in order to obtain the required draft for drawing the pattern from the moldsaid body being usually made of castiron. I11 this body are formed the holes for the door B and the various draught-apertures O D D, and its upper part is provided with the ring-base F for the kettlerings a, and with the smoke-pipe connection J and the lugs for the handles E and for the support of the grate-ring N are also usually cast on it. The grate-ring N. has holes d formed in it,

and rests on the lugs or supports 6 e on the body A, and on its inner edge are the lugs f f, upon which are placed the grate P. The hood-ring M extends from the circumference of the grate P up, in an inclined or conical form, to the body A, which it meets at some distance above the gratering N, as shown in Fig. 4, thus serving to keep the body of the burning fuel away from the body A and prevent it from being burned through, even after an extended use. The mouth-piece m of the ring M fits up to the door B, and around the upper edge of this hood-ring are formed the holes 0 0, as shown in Fig. 4.. The kettle-rings a fit in the ring-base F and in each other in the same manner as the ordinary stove-rings, and thus serve as a support for the kettle L of any desired size. The lower end of the smoke-pipe G is secured on the connection J by the hooks K K, which are secured in lugs or eyes in the body A and hook into staples in the pipe G, and the upper end of said pipe is held by the ring H, which is fastened on it and connected by the braces I I to the lugs b b on the sides of the body A, thus firmly uniting the smoke-pipe to the furnace and holding it in a vertical position. The several draught-apertures 0 D D are placed below the upper edge of the hood-ring M, and usually below the grate-ring N, and are each covered by suitable dampers, as shown, thus placing the draught under perfect control, as when the body A is set down on the ground the air can only enter the fuelcha-mber through these draughtdampers.

The fuel being introduced onto the grate 1? through the door B and there ignited, said door is closed and one or more of the dampers O D are opened. The air passes up through the grate P and thus produces a partial combustion of the fuel, and as the partially-consumed gases rise up they receive fresh supplies of air through the holes d d and c c in the grate-ring N, and close to the upper edge of the hood-ring M, thus completing the combustion of the fuel around the sides of the kettle L and heating both the bottom and sides thereof, instead of applying the whole heat to the bottom, as in the ordinary portable kettle-stove.

The hood-ring M, grate P, and grate-ring N are readily removed and replaced when burned or warped, and the smoke-pipe G and kettle L are easily taken off, for convenience in lifting the body A, by means of the handles E E.

NVhu-t I claim as my invention is The portable furnace herein described, consisting of the body A, with door B and one or more dampers, C D, grate-ring N, grate P, hood-ring" M, with holes 0 around its upper ed ge, and smokepipe G, united to the body A by hooks K K and braces I I, the rii'ig-base F having one or more kettle-rings, a, therein, if required, and the several parts being constructed and arranged as herein specified.

HENRY BEATTY. *itnesses:


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