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Publication numberUS1181781 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1916
Filing dateNov 12, 1914
Priority dateNov 12, 1914
Publication numberUS 1181781 A, US 1181781A, US-A-1181781, US1181781 A, US1181781A
InventorsBenjamin Long
Original AssigneeBenjamin Long
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Paper receptacle.
US 1181781 A
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an ucwfo'b .5. b any.

Patented May 2, 1916.



Specification of Letters latent.

Patented )Iaytl, .916.

Application filed November 12.1914. Serial No. 871.720.

l e it known that l. l' i-..\.i.\.\ii.\ liosu, acitizen ot' the l nited States of America. residing at thampaign, in the county of (luiinpaign amt State of Illinois. have in vented certain new amt useful IIHPIUYU' ments in Paper ltta-eptacles. of which the following is a specification. v

This invention relates to improvements in paper receptacles, more especially of the carton type.

The invention has for its ohjcct. among other things. to provide for the disposition or reception of waste paper. particularly as called t'or in harher shops. while it may be utilized hy dentists. manicurists, etc.. for that purpose.

further oh icct is to sanitary n asures and the zit oi'esaiil lines.

still l'urther ohie t is to provide suitahle facilities in connection with such receptacles or cartons for advertising purposes.

The invention theret'ore consists of a receptacle or carton. the structure ot which has certain peculiarities as to the tormation and arrangement of the parts thereof. suhstantially as hereinafter more fully disclosed and detined hy the appended claims.

lit the accompanying drawing is illus' trated the preferred emhodiment of my inention. wherein it will he understood that. various changes and mmlitications may he made as to the detailed construction and atrangement of parts without departing from the scope ot the claims. and in which draw mg:

Figure l is a perspective view of ton or receptacle. Fig. 2 a plan the hlanh from which the carton is ln carrying out my invention. T torm pi'et'erahly from paper a hlanl; dis closed in l ig. '2 designated as l. in which it will he seen that a carton "l is the resultant thereot. as illustrated in Fig. l.

The. receptacle or carton '3 has its hottom and several sides. designated as and 4. respectively. tormed in a continuous piece. The hottom 3. it will he noted. is in continuation of one side of the receptacle aml has its other or tree edges 'l' rmed with tlaps 7. and 7. respectively. which are caused to overlap and suitahly secured or pasted to the corresponding hody portionsot' the lam. thusforming a closure for the otherwise open lower end of the hotly. in other words constiprovide for more cleanliness along my can view of made.


tuting the hottom ol the receptacle. 'lhe hotlyot' the receptacle is suitahly creased so as to form its sides. one edge thcreotheing tormed with a llap the same met-lapping and heing pasted or otherwise secured along the opposite edge ot the hody. The upper edges of the sides ol said hody ot the re eptacle, are formed with tlaps, E 10. 1t and 1;. respectively: which llaps are formed at their ends on diagonal lines, and which ends meet or overlap each other and may he t'olded down. and thus held together, thus providing for contracting the top or open end of the receptacle. as seen in Fig. 1 for the suitahle retention ot' the contents of the. receptacle. or to that eXtent which would only he necessary in holding waste. paper [or iiistance. as used hy harhers. manicurists. dentists. etc., all of which will he readily appre ciated. the ho.\' and its contents all thus heing adapted to he readily disposed it by incineration or otherwise. as will be readily understood. From this it will he gathered that a receptacle or carton for the purpose indicated is thus cheaply gotten up. as is ap parently an object, and which is a desideratum.

It is also remarked that my receptacle or carton may serve as a medium for advertis ing purposes. hy printing husiness matter, ete.. thereon the same thus heing conspicuously hrought to attention in puhlic places, especially ot' the character as ahove indicated. said receptacle with its advertising matter heing prominently displayed to the iew ot patron oi such places. it is also ohserved that the receptacle may he gotten up in any 't'ancit'ul or contigurative outline. which would have the ell'ect. it is ohvious. of more or less attracting attention. and thus add to the utility of the device. particle larly as an advertising agent.

I. paper receptacle ot the character specified formed t'rom a single hlank and comprising side memhers. the meeting edges of which are united hy a flap and a hottom memher tormed hy an extension of one of the intermediate side memhers of the hlanlv'. the tree edges ol' the hottom memher ha\'- ing tlaps adapted to he folded in and united r secured to the hottom edges of the other side memhers ot' the receptacle. the upper edges of the side memhers having inwardly extending overhanging [laps which extend entirely around the upper edge ot the recep tacle and form a partial freely yieldable closure for the top thereof.

2. A paper receptacle of the character specified formed from a single blank and comprising side members, the meeting edges of which are united by a flap and a bottom member formed by an extension of one of the intermediate side members of the blank, the upper edges of the side members having 10 inwardly extending flaps which extend entirely around the upper edge of the recep-- tacle and form a partial yieldable closure for the top thereof. L

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



J. L. STluTcn, H. S. WILSON.

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