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Publication numberUS1182452 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1916
Filing dateJul 10, 1915
Priority dateJul 10, 1915
Publication numberUS 1182452 A, US 1182452A, US-A-1182452, US1182452 A, US1182452A
InventorsLewis A Bucklin
Original AssigneeLewis A Bucklin
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US 1182452 A
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1,182,452. Patented May 9, 191.6.




To all 'fw/1.0m. t mag] concern.'

others who find it desirable to'have located at a convenient vpoint a vcontainer filled with perfume, water or Otherliquid'.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a simple forni' of structure which is normally closed but which', by the upward pressure of the hand thereagainst, will `re sult in the discharge of a portion of the contents of the structur'einto the palm of the hand of the user.

Another object is to provide a structure of this character which is `simple, durable and eflicient and the reservoir or container of which can beeasily removed for the purpose of cleaning or refilling it.

With the foregoing and other objects' in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts 'and' in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it beingl understood that changes in't'he precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed, can be made within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of tlie'invention.

In the accompanying drawingsrthe preferred 'form of the invention has been shown.

In Said drawings: Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal section, through the` device, the same being shownin its normal or closed position.

contentsthereof; Fig. 3 isfa bottom plan fviewr center of which' isV secured? 4 may be mounted on the' downwardly pro# jecting portion 3 and said bracket can be secured to the cap andthe cap and sleeve' held together by a nut-5 engaging the lower end of the sleeve` and binding the parts to- Specification of Letters Patent.

applicati@ ined July 1o, i915.

which is secured to valve,` these radial openings or grooves cone; stituting outlets for liquid which may\flow *i passage 8. A spring.v

Fig,f2 is a like viewV show-ing the parts shifted* to dispense' the` ing upwardly against Patent-ed May 9,1916. Serial No. 39,159.

gether. tutes a seat for the head G of a valve 7, this The upper end of the sleeve constivalve being slidably mounted within the,"-

sleeve and low. Said sages 8 and through the lower end of the' 'fr Y. vTh passage 8 opens, at its uppe 'the side of the `valve at pointbialo 6 and the passage 9 opens at A into a vent tube-10 which ext from the valve. Radial groove ings 11 may be provided in asleeve 12 the lower portionfof-ihe' projecting downwardly therebevalve has two longitudinal pasdownwardly within the 13 is mounted on the valve 7 and ears up` wardly against the nut 5 and downwardly against the lower end portion of the sleeve 12. This spring serves to Ihold the head of 9 therein, both passi sjopening the valve 6 normally pressed upon its seat so that the upper end ofthe passage 8 is normally closed.

The cap 1 is adapted to be screwed or otherwise secured upon one end ofa bottle or other container 14 which', when 1n use, 1s

inverted' as shown in Fig. 2. With the parts.`

insuch position it is to be understood that' the vent tube 10 extends abovethe levelof the lliquid contained and, consequently, none of the 'contents ofy -said receptacle can flow downwardly through the tube 10.

suitable support,

in the receptacle 14K,

. v90 Bracket 4 is adapted to be secured to. any,

such as a barbers chair and when it is desired to remove aportion of the contents of thel receptacle 14,

the operator merely places the` palm of-his` hand against the lower,- end of tl1e sleeve against Vthe sleeve.`

12 and pushes upwardly This action, which is resisted by the spring. f

bringing vthe upperv en 13, will result in unseatng the valve 'and- I receptacle 1 4. Consequently aportionof liquid discharged from the apparatuswill b e received in the palm of the hand press. l

as a sufficient amount of liqu'idhas been qvithdrawn, the operator withdraws v-the liand from sleeve 12 with the result .that

sleeve 12 andas soon spring 13 promptly reseatsl the valve 6 "which cuts 'off the further discharge of liquid from receptacle 14.

What is claimed is 1` A liquid dispensing apparatus including a receptacle having un open bottom, a cap detachably engaging said bottom, a guide sleeve extending into the receptacle from the ca and secured within the cap, a valve slidab y mounted vW-itllin thesleeve and hav` ing an air passage extending therethrough from onev etlcl to the other, a head upon the valveA normally ybearing against the upper endof the sleeve, there being a fluid passage Within the valve and extending from the lower end thereof topa point close to and under the head, a vent tube extending upwardly lroml the valve and in communication with the air passage, a sleeve mounted upon the lower end portion of and projecting below the valve, there being separate compartments within the sleeve with which the resp'ective passages communicate, said sleeve having outlet openings in its wall and a'lso at the bottom of said compartments, and a spr-ing mounted upon the valve and hearing at its ends against lthe guide sleeve and the apertured sleeve respectively, therebydiolding the head of the valve normally'seated upon the upper end of therguide sleeve to close the upper end of the Vfluid passage. In testimony that l claim the foregoing as my own, I havelhereto affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: f


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U.S. Classification141/296, 222/525, 222/514
Cooperative ClassificationH01M2/362