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Publication numberUS1182809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1916
Filing dateMay 6, 1915
Priority dateMay 6, 1915
Publication numberUS 1182809 A, US 1182809A, US-A-1182809, US1182809 A, US1182809A
InventorsSidney H Sonn
Original AssigneeSidney H Sonn
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Necktie-display box.
US 1182809 A
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APPucATmN man MAY e. 1915.

lw@ Patented May 9,1910.


SIDNEY H. soun, or NEW Yoan, N. Y.

anemie-DISPLAY Box.

i ,i sesos.

application med May e, 1915.

To whom muy concern.'

Be it known that l. SIDNEY li. Sonn'. a citizen ot' the llntcd States. residing at New York. in the county of New York and State ol ,New York. have invented certain new and useful ,Improvements in Necktie-Display Boxes; and .l do declare the .following to be a full7 clear. and exact description ot the invention. such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to display boxes and more particularly to boxes for displayingr and storing neckties.

The object ot the invention is to provide a simply constructed device oiz this character which will reliably retain neckties. more particularly oi the four-in-hand and string type. in Jfolded super-posed position within the box and .vet permit them to be '1' aidily displayed without removing them irom the box or de taeliing them troni their support.

l.lVith this and other objects in view the invention consists of certain novel 4features ot' construction, and the combination and arrangement ot' parts as will be hereinafter more -fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure l represents a perspective view ot' a display box constructed in accordance with this invention showing two series ot' ties mounted therein; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section thereot taken through one of the stacks or series ot' ties: Fig. 3 is a detail perspective view' ot the tray constituting a portion ot' this invention; and. Fig. 4 is a similar view m the` tie retaining band.

ln vthe embodiment illustrated a box l is shown ot ordii'iary construction such as employed for packing and storing or displaying .neekties and which is here shown rectangular in toi-m provided with the usual upstanding flange 2 which encompasses it on ally sides. This box is inovided with a cover (not shown) for protecting the ties whennot on exhibit.

A tray 3 is shown oi a shape and size to fit within the box l and which is provided at one end with supporting means for holding` the tray'in inclined position said means being here shown in the form ot a depending right angularljy1 disposed a'rin or flange 4 extending -transversely across one end thereojt' and preferably Formed by bending Serial No. 26,351.

down the end ofsaid tray on a transverse line of fold. said flange or arm 4 being designed to be folded flat against the lower tace ot' the tray when said tray is to be arranged iiat within the box for storing purposes to provide for the mounting of the top thereon. This tray 3 is provided with one or more tongues 5 here shown arranged longitudinally thereof and struck out from the body ot' the tray with the bases of said tongues secured to the tray about midway the length thereof and with their free ends disposed near the -upper fiange carrying edge of the tray Said tongues tapering gradually toward their free ends and saidfree ends squared to adapt them to conform to the shape of the ties to be supported. These tongues when so constructed conform substantially to the shape of four-in-hand ties when they are folded in the position usually employed for displaying them as is seen clearly in Figs. l and i2. Any desired number of ties T may be mounted on one of these tongues 5 with the folded ends thereof folded over the free ends of the tongues latented May 9, mq

in the position shown in Figi and 2 and Y which are retained in operative position on theI tongues bygmeans of encircling bands (l, said bands being ot' paper or any suitable material and adapted to slide longitudinally over the tongues and the ties mounted thereon. to provide for the retention of the ties on the tongues and yet'permit them to be inspected by lifting the tree ends of said ties. These bands 6 are so constructed and ot' sucha size that when one or more of the ties are removed the bands will be permitted to slide further over the tongue toward the wider base portion thereof 'and thus'reliadly clamp the ties to the tongue. Vvlheu it is desired to place these ties -on exhibit the trayli-is lifted. the arm or iiange i thereof is opened out into the positionshown in the drawings and is supported against the end wall of the box l whereby the ties may be arranged at an incline to permit them to be clearly viewed by the possible purchaser. The tray while verv simple in construction and cheap to manufacture very efcaciously supports and displays the ties.

I claim as my invention:

A tie support and display device comprising a rectangular tray having one end bent to form Aa t'oldable supporting flap, a


l I A l 7./ struck out szud may mth then' attached In tcstmmny .,Prhereoff phzlve hereunto ends SubStantially nt the middle of the tray set' my hand in 1': "'Csenrce of twasubscribingr :md than' free .fands extundinq tmmrd the wli'mssvs.

flap Carrying and hel'eof, and tic l'Qtaining SIDNEY H. SONN. means 0:11'1'1011 by Szud tongues :md zlfhust- 'itncssvs: able tu accommodate Yzuymg numbers of Fmxcm L. JUDIL ties; jfmcnI-zlzlfu( A. STROIL

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U.S. Classification248/451, 206/761, 206/295
Cooperative ClassificationA47B23/042