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Publication numberUS1183962 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1916
Filing dateSep 28, 1915
Priority dateSep 28, 1915
Publication numberUS 1183962 A, US 1183962A, US-A-1183962, US1183962 A, US1183962A
InventorsAnton C Eggers
Original AssigneeGoodyear S India Rubber Glove Mfg Co
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Closure for containers.
US 1183962 A
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Pat-en ted May 23, 1916.

INVENTOR .Alnion C. E'yyers,

H/S ,4 TTORNEV lucarryin ANTON 0. means, or rnooxmm,


' cnosnnn ron commas.

To all whom it may concern: V I Be it known that I, ANTON C. Eco-saga ritizen of the United States, residing in Brooklyn, countyof -Kings, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful-1m rovements in Closures for Gon- .tainers, which-the following is a full,

clear, and exact description;

This invention relates to closures for containers more especiallyl of that general class formed of rubber suc as water bottles, ice bail,1 ice caps, etc. v I object of the present invention is to provide a closure throu h which the, containerjmay be filled an emptied without contact of the contents with metallic members so .that theannoying corrosion with consequent poor fitting of the usual metallie closures will be positively obviated.

A further object 1s to provide a closure which will "benormally inaintained closed by straight resilient members which may be readily compressed between the forefinger and thumb of an operating hand to assume bowed form and open the closure. i

A still further object is to provide a closure which is practically flat in normal form and may be rolled upon itself and fastened in small compact form and when in such form will efiectively seal the container while at the same time will be comfortable to the person using-the same. 7

The invention can be readily understood from the following description taken in connection with theaccompanying drawing in which;

Figure 11 is a front elevation of a container embodying my improvements; Fig. 2 is an enlarged ongitudmal sectional'vmw 40 through the closure showing the samein open position in dotted lines; Fig. a

erspective view showing the closure in condition to seal the container; Fig. A: is a frag mentary sectional view"- showing a modified 5 form of resilient member for the closure.

Referring now to the drawing which illustrates one embodiment of the mvention,

designates -'a container such as an ice bag,

formed .of rubber in the usual and well' 50 known manner, the neck 11 of the bag being a continuation of thefiat side walls of the out the invention I provide a closure for t e neck of the bag comprising a tube 12 which is preferably formed of the v Specification of Letters Patent. L1) lioation filed September 28, 1915. Serial no. 52,985.

- nected by p tightly encircled upon the rolled closure.

consequent poor metal closures in articles of this character.

normally holding Patented May 23, 1916.

same rubber material as the bag. Apair ofresilient members 13 are arrangedcon oppo- 7 site sides of the tube, in the present embodl ment each comprising a cylindrical rubber case 14 whichis cemented orotherwise secured to the tube and which is housed a helical spring 15. The helical springs are straight in normal condition and when compressed from this normal position by pressure exerted upon the ends by placmg be same between the thumb and forefinger of the hand, the springs are readily bowed and coact in forming a circle there by thewalls of the tube to this circular form so'that the bag may be filled or emptied through The resilient members are. referably secured at such distance from t e neck of the bottle that the tube 12 may be rolled upon itself over the resilient members into a small compact roll as shown, .and the closure is confined in this rolled condition by two flaps 16 and 17 secured to the neck of the bottle and having their free ends conclasps 18 whichhold the strips the open tube as desired.

Instead of employing helical springs in v the resilient members I may employ simply hard rubber cores 19 which act in the same' manner as the springs and may secure the cores; to the sides of the tube 12in any preferred manner. Iv may furthermore make other changes in without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention.

the. construction illustrated a It will be seen that the above described construction is devoid of metal parts that might contact with the contents of the bag so that the annoyances of corrosion with fitting attendant upon is positivel obviated. It will further be seen that tile tive seal which prevents leakage of the contents of the bottle while bag,

What I claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is: p r

1. The combinationwith a container of a closure of tubular form, resilient members said closure'in fiat condition and adap to be bowed outwardly to rolled closure forms an effecat the same time the small compact form of the rolled closurewill be comfortable to the person using the;

r o open the closure, said closure being rollable upon said members to form a roll which effectively seals the container, and means for holdin said closure in rolled condition.

2. T e combination with a container of a closure of tubular form, straight resilient membersnormall holding said closure in flat form and adapted to be bowed out.- wardly to open the closure, said closure be- 10 ing-rollable upon said members to form a small compact roll which seals said container, and flaps carried by the container and adapted to be encircled over the rolled closure and hold the same in rolled condi- (tion;

Signed at New York, county and State of New York, this 27th day of September, 1915. I


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U.S. Classification383/43, 383/904, 383/90
Cooperative ClassificationY10S383/904, B65D33/30