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Publication numberUS1184311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1916
Filing dateJun 21, 1915
Priority dateJun 21, 1915
Publication numberUS 1184311 A, US 1184311A, US-A-1184311, US1184311 A, US1184311A
InventorsLouise H Boch
Original AssigneeLouise H Boch
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Carrier for valuables.
US 1184311 A
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' Specication of Letters Patent.

Patented May 23, 1916.

Application filed June 21, 1915. Serial No. 35,295.

T0 all Awhom t may concern Be it known that l, LOUISE H. BOCH, e citizen of the United States`r and resident of Chicago, in the county of (look and State, of Illinois7 have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Carriers for Valuables, of which the following is a specifica tion..

This invention has for its object to provide for a convenient carrier it'or valuables of a type which is intended to he secured around the lower limb, preferably between the calf of the leg and the knee joint. Devices of this general character have been used but theyhave certain disadvantages which it is the purpose of my invention to overcome.

The prime requirements in an article ot' this class are, of course, that it shall all'ord suliicient space for the carriage ot mene)7 or Iimvclry or small rarticles of this sort` which shall he comfortable to the wearer, easily accessible and which shall not present any unsightly protuheranees or be observable when worn under thin or clinging gra rments. Y

further purpose of the in\.'ention is the .provision of a receptacle having a closing flap. the walls of the receptacle and the said (fleeing- Hap being so related as to 'be subjected to tension by the attaching,r tapes. whereby such parts are held in such close relation as to etliectually seal the opening or mouth ot the receptacle and prevent any play or movement of the contents of the receptacle.

lith these ends in View, the invention consists of a receptacle having an opening along its upper edge`r a flap for closing,r the opening, means for fastening' the liep at o r near its ends7 and an attaching tape secured te the upper corners ot' the receptacle about in line with the opening or mouth thereof and about. in line with the closing Hain to insure a 'tension being' placed upon both valls of the receptacle and the closing Anap. whereby such parts are pressed together. v

The invention also consists of duplicate receptacles which may he counterparts of each other and which each preferablyY conssts of s single pocket closed by a flap having suitable fasteningiappliances, the receptacles being desirabiv of such length only that they m rest upon oppositesides of the leg over fleshy parts, the two recep- 'usted to the limb with suiheicnt ori to PS hold it in place. Preferably the elastic tapes or straps are arranged parallel to the longer side margins of the receptacles and near their upper and lower' edges respectively, there being openings between the tapes or straps so as to avr-1l covering the limb unnecessarily.

lin th accompanying drawings,y Figure l shows the article in use; Fig'. 2 is a plan view of the preferred embodiment; Fig. 3 is a cross section on the line 3-8 of Fig. 2, and Fig'. l a View similar to Fig. 3 except for a slight modification in the construction ot' the elastic tapes or straps.

ln the drawings 5, 5,-represent the bags or receptacles which may The ma@y of silk lined with cloth or ang;Y other so flexible material even thin leather z' 'i ,novided with inclosing flaps 6 and with stud and button fasteniugs 7R ot' well known construction. The receptacles 5, 53, are connected by means oli' the elastic straps or tapes 8, 9, which may be ol' uniform width througl'iout and secured to the end portions of the recep^ tacles 5, 5. by stitching them between the seams at the ends of said end portions or otherwise, or the tapes or stra. extend through the body of the receptecle between the lining` and the outside or oodY portion. The purpose of employing duplicate straps or tapes and arranging' them as shown near the longer side margins of the receptacle is to enable the receptacles to be maintained without wrinkling or folding and their arrangement avoids;` the covering?` if' the esh unnecessarily. However, instead of' the duplicate vor plural numherof straps, wider portions such as indicated et l0, ll, in Fig. 4 may be employed. Iprefer in all instances to make the attaching ends l2, separate from each other so as to adapt them to'properly engage the buckles 13. ln acljusting the device upon the limbit is desirable to place the rece tacles 5, 5, on the .ner and outer sides or the leg and to fasten 'linie con over ieg and i' Mitlmnt e prntnlaer- .inner side 'lf; nf 'jewrnllv n ci gianni; "n wickets fue their nrtgllnle in Y; zw I forni an Liegen their upper edges 'nnattached to form an Opening a closing flap extending from one of the walls to fold o'ver tlie'other and seal the opening7 fastening menus between the ends of the closing flap and 'the wall against w ich it folds, and nn attaching tape or like :scure-:l to the receptacle and nrlnpted to tension the closing Hap and the npner edge portions of the front and rear nulle to press such part-s together,

A receptacle of the character specified, comprising front and rear 'Walls having their upper edges nnattaclied to forni an opening, A closing flap extending from one nl the Walls in fold over the other and seal the opening, fastening means between the enfls of the closing flap :ind the wall against which it folds, :ind attaching ineens secured to opposite ends of the receptacle for tensioning rs-0th Walls and the closing flap thereof and pressing such parts together.

4, Il carrier comprising a plurality of like receptecl t each consisting of front and 'rear Walls lin :ng their upper edge porticns nin-attached to forni :in opening, n closing flap extending from one of the walls t0 fold over the other and seul. the opening, fasten ing menne between the en-'ls'of the closing lsps and the walls against which they fold. and :ittx'ning tapes connering the receptacf and secured. t0 the ends thereof und adapted to tension the walls und the closing flaps of the receptacles and press them tngetlier.


hilitnesses MHHGN T. MILLER, T, D. BUTLER.

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U.S. Classification224/222
Cooperative ClassificationA45F5/00