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Publication numberUS1185568 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1916
Filing dateDec 3, 1913
Priority dateDec 3, 1913
Publication numberUS 1185568 A, US 1185568A, US-A-1185568, US1185568 A, US1185568A
InventorsHans C Zeunert
Original AssigneeHans C Zeunert
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Folding stool.
US 1185568 A
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Patented May 30,1916.

I To all whom may concern:



Be it known that I, HANS C. ZEUNERT, a

citizen of the United States, residing at Qhicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements in Folding Stools, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to stools,and more V particularly to the class of folding stools adapted particularly for use in camps or at the seashore.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a stool wherein the same can be set up for use or folded in a com-- pact manner when not in use and whenin such' folded condition is sufliciently compact to enable it to be inclosed in a suitable bag whereby it may be carried in the hand or put in a grip, trunk, or other traveling ba .ino'ther object of the invention is the provision'of a stool wherein the same when set up is locked against accidental folding and "possesses the requisite rigidity to assure strength and durability. A further object of the invention is'the provision of a stool of this character wherein the frame thereof is preferably constructed from steel or other metal so as to render the same strong, the seat of the stool being made from flexible material so that the framecan be readily folded with the seat to bring the same into compact form when not in use.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a stool of this character wherein the folding and unfolding thereof can be accomplished in a quick and convenient manner, the said stool being simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and eflicient in its purpose, and inexpensive in manufacture;

With these and other obj combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter fully described, illus-' completely folded. Fi 4 is an enlarged sectional view .on the me 4.4 of Fig. 1.

Specification of Letters Patent.

ects in view, the invention consists in the COIlStIllCtlOIl,

.Patented May 30,1916, I Application filed December 3, 1913. I Serial No. 804:,460.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary. vertical sectional view through one of the legs of the stool.

stool comprises legs A, braces B, and a flexi-f ble seat C, the latter being preferably made from .canvas, although it may be made from any other suitable material, whilethe legs A and braces B respectively are'made from steel-or other rigid metal. Each leg is made in the form of an angle bar, the lower end of which is split and upwardly bent to form out-turned 'feet 5, while the braces -B are Similar reference characters indicate cor-:

connected to the upper ends of the legs by means of pivots 6, these braces also being connected to slides? by means of pivots 8, the slides embracing the legs A and slidable thereon. The seat 0' is fastened to the upper ends of the legs in any suitable manner and is adapted to be stretched taut when the braces are positioned to hold the stool in set up condition.

Mounted upon the legs A at an intermediate p'oint thereof are hand operated catches 9, the in-turned jaws 10 of which are adapted to be swung into the path of the slides 7 for locking engagement therewith so as to holdthe braces in adjusted position when thestool is set up and thereby avoid the accidental collapsing of'the stool.-

catches 9 are released from the slides 7and the latter are moved towa'rdthe feet 5 on the legs, which brings the latter together, the said braces B being folded between the When it is desired to 01d the stool the legs and thereby rendering the stool comtrunk or other traveling bag. The folded condition of the stool permits it to be stored in the least possible space as will be apparent. The braces B at predetermined points are bent at 11 so as to prevent the twisting thereof when folding or unfolding the stooL- The legs A at their top and bottom ends are split and bent outwardly, the seat C being fastened to the upper ends of the legs while the bends at the lower ends thereof serve as feet.

Imunfolding the stool it is only necessary to place the hands on osposite le and on pulling outwardly upon e same tE:

said stool will open up and the catches 9 will engage the slides to lock the stool in therefore a more extended explanation has been omitted. 1

What is claimed is: p In combination with a foldalgle stool having legs which are L-shaped 1n cross sec- I tion and a flexible seatmounted on said legs, braces comprising leverscrossed and piv- .oted to each other, pivots swingingly connecting the levers to the respective legs, slides each formed from straps and having inturned ends for slidably elnbracing all sides of the leg, pivots swlingingly connecting the levers to the inturned' ends ofthe straps and catches each pivoted to a leg so as to have its hill extending toward the adjacent side of the leg and engaging under its "associate slide when in operative position.

In testlmony whereof ture 1n presence of two w1-tnesses.


Witnesses: MARIA J; ZEUNERT,

- Lo'r'HAR A. WITT.

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U.S. Classification108/115, 5/115, 297/45, 248/436
Cooperative ClassificationA47B3/00