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Publication numberUS1186117 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1916
Filing dateFeb 25, 1915
Priority dateFeb 25, 1915
Publication numberUS 1186117 A, US 1186117A, US-A-1186117, US1186117 A, US1186117A
InventorsJames S Moe
Original AssigneeJames S Moe
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Nozzle for painting apparatus.
US 1186117 A
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J. S. MOE.



Patented June 6, 1916.

INVENTOR J 8- Mo e Altorney med of rela- Lhv head 1:2,

3 and H CO s making imsit ishmx n in Fig. 2

ssztzxfes 21 shgni 85- the i011 vim-min);

p mulled tank, not permit i119. ssul'a into the bmly'i 9221a is bald against d ix such 2 manner evszw 1y agains, an ch"; \vn along 1., ihc paint being in the farm of an I (1 bhsrefore evenly ":1 upon the surface. i crass sectional i a? fur ation 0f nbaut the his-charge slot, result- L lawn applimtion of the paint,

he 530d member of f pamit being such 110 'mngfietely hiied aka-l1 LllC nozzle shown in Fig. 1 can be employed only upon plane surfaced work and it will therefore be realized that I do not wish in any way to limit myself to the specific formation of the slotted edge of said nozzle as said edge may be formed in any desired manner to adapt it for use upon surfaces of different contours. For instance. in Fig. 3 I have illustrated the nozzle with an arcuate wedge edge for applying paint to curved surfaces, this type of edge of course being obtained by bending the lower portions of the top and bottom members of the body. In Fig. 4 I have shown a still further modification in shape. the nozzle there shown being: adapted for use upon fluted work.

In Fig. 5 I have illustrated a modified form of construction which may be employed with the various forms of edges illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4. In this form of construction. the body member consists of a circular head '23 and a cy indrical body portion proper 24: into one end of which the head is secured. The other end'of the body member proper ll is compressed to brin s its edges together as shown at '25 and the: edge thus formed is beveled in the manner previously described to provide the discharge slot 26 corresponding to the slot 22 As will be apparent from the draw-in of the nozzle shown in Fig. 1 of the drawin I It will of course be understood that in constructing this type of nozzle, the same care is employed in keeping the area of the slot 26 less than the area of the inlet pipe to prevent all bubbling of the paint.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is: A i A paint distributing nozzle including a hollow body formedwith an inlet opening, said body including a head. spaced triangulan side members and top and bottom men'r hers. the head being inserted between the edges of the side members and top and bottom members and the converging edges of the side members being formed with tongues seating in recesses formed in the adjacent edges of the top and bottom members heatween which the side members seat the members being brazed or otherwise secured together and the top and bottom members. at their lower edges being beveled to form a slot between them.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

JAhHCS S. MOE. [1,. s]

\Vitnesses 2 l I). L. \VIUKIIAM, FELIX Haa'r.

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U.S. Classification239/592, 239/595
Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/044