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Publication numberUS1186530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1916
Filing dateFeb 14, 1914
Priority dateFeb 14, 1914
Publication numberUS 1186530 A, US 1186530A, US-A-1186530, US1186530 A, US1186530A
InventorsEmmanuel Dobrowsky
Original AssigneeEmmanuel Dobrowsky
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US 1186530 A
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Patented June 6, 1916.


' t EMMANUEL DoBnowsxY, oE NEW Yonx, N. Y.


- Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led February 14, 1914. Serial No. 818,701.

Patented June 6,1916.4

the magazine in Ithe portion 9 of the casing' one resilient member 16 is sufficient but for the sake of symmetry -two of said members are Provided.

A table 17, mounted to slide in grooves 18 provided in the end, walls of said magazine, is constantly forced `toward the open top of the magazine by means of a collapsible Z- shaped member 19, which is positioned between the bottom of the magazine and said l Ytable. The Z-shaped member lis provided with which by a simple manipulation of 'the hand holding the cigarette case a lighted cigarette may be presented ready to be picked up by the lips. I attain this' object by the device illustrated inthe accompanying drawing forming part of the specification, in which similiar characters `of ref# erence indicate corresponding parts in all the views and wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of acigarette case embodying my invention;` Fig.,

2 is a longitudinal, vertical section through.

the closed case; Fig. a similar section throughthe open case; Fig. 4 is-a section on line V1.-'4, Fig. 2; Fig. 'is a section on line 5 5, Fig. L2; Fig. 6 is a section on ASaid 'stops prevent the table 17 fromejectline 6 6, Fig. 2; Fig. 7 shows, a plane view of the magazine; and Fig. 8 is an elevation.v

of the latch for locking the feeding table.

Referring to the drawings, 9 represents' the main portion'of thecase which is pro-.l

vided with a hinged cover or section'10`. The hinge 11, has a resilient member tending normally to separater the cover 10 from the main portion 9 ofthecase. The cover is maintained in closed position byV means of catches .1 2 "(see Figs. 2, 3 andv 6.) pro-` vided on the .main portion 9 and adapted to engage projections formed on `the cover 1 0,

zine with cigarettes'.

with resilient members 20 tending to increase the height of said Z-shaped member and thus force'the table 17 toward the open top of the magazine. y

When cigarettes are to `be placed in the magazine, the same is removed from the portion `9 of the case by compressing the resilient members 16 yand pulling thereon.y

The table 17 is then brought toward the bottom; and by means of latches 21 provided on the end walls of the magazine, the

said table is locked in its' lowermost position, thus permitting' the filling of the maga- At the open top of the magazine stops 22 are provided, each of said stops having a resilient extension sc cured to one of the ,sides of said magazine.

ing the cigarettes when said table is released` 1 by 1atches21. When the magazine filled with cigarettes is replaced inthe portion 9 of the case, the said stops 22 are forced away from the sides of. the magazine/15 by the engagementof a- U-shaped memberv 23 with Vpockets 24 of the resilient extensions carried by the cover 10 (see Figs. 2, 3 and`5), thus rettes toward-the' cover 10. Thismovement of the tablel with lthe cigarettes brings the upper cigarette into engagement with a Agrip 25 ,carried by said cover, said grip be` said catches 12 being controlled' by buttons V7ing'formedoftwo hinged members carried 13 provided on each side of-the main por'- tion 9. (seeFig. 1). The lbottonif` of thev mainportion 9 ofthe case is partly cut out, as shown at 14, through where a cigarette magazine 1 5 can be inserted or removed lfrom the main' portion 9 of the case'.` The by the cover and springs 26 secured tothe cover and-tending to A force said members permitting the table- 17 to force the cigato'wardeach other, theirmovement toward eachother being limited so thatthe said grip earmot'be closed more than. whatis shown in Fig. 4, but it is self-evident that it can vopen enough to-admita cigarette therebetween. The distance of -this grip 'from the magazine is such that when .one cigarette is engaged by said grip 25' the follow-V ing lcigarette .is slightly below the stops 22 and, therefore, when' said cover 10 is opene d,\vv the cigarette following the one engaged by .B y .Furthermore, when the cover 10 is returned the grip will remain in the magazine, due to the disengagement of the Ufshaped member 23 from the pockets 24 of said stops 22, thus causing said'stops to'engage the following cigarette and prevent the movement of the table 17 in the magazine.

The cover 10, at the ffree end is partly fout away, as shown at 26, so as topresent` the end of a cigarette carried by the grip o 25, as best-shown `in Fig. 21, whereby the cigarette can be picked up directly. by the lips and pulled out of the grip 25. A cap 27 is pivotally mounted ona portion 9 of the case so as to cover said cut-away end of the cover when the said cover closes the portion 9 of the case. The other end of said cigarette engaged by the grip is disposed adjacent a wick 23 projecting from a fuel receptacle 29, which receptacle is provided in said main portion 9- of the case. A plug is provided in the bottom of the portion 9, forming the fuelv inlet to said receptacle 9 of the case adjacent thehinge 11.V The` ratchet is provided with a clutch ace 36.en gaged by asimilar face 37- through the medium or a coil'spring 38 mounted on the aXle 33. Said :tace 37 is provided with an arm 39, at the end of which a -slot 40is provided, and which slot is engaged by a bar 41 carried by the cover ,10; When the cap 27 is swung to disengagethe coverlO and the butl Jtons 13 are'pressed toward each other, the catches 12 release the cover 10 and permit the resilient memberon the hinge 11 to force the cover away from the portion 9 of the case. This movement being rapid causes a sparking betweenv the ratchet 32 Vand the member 35, lsetting the Wick/28 onireas the tubular'member normally incl/losing the same unco/vers the said wick. The burning wick remains stationaryl while the moving cover brings the cigarette which is engaged by the 'grip 25 over said burning wick, thus lighting said cigarette, which can ,then be pulled out or thegrip 25 by engaging the projecting end of the cigarette with the lips. When the ,cover is brought to its norl mal, closed position, the tubular member 31 will extinguish the fia-me. Thereturn movement or the cover willv not rotate the ratchet 32, due to the clutch structure as described.

toits closed' position, the Ushaped member 23 will engage the pockets 24 of the stops 22'andior`ce them apart so as to permit the table 17 to; force the; cigarette toward the The opening of the cover and thereby engage another cigarette in the grip 25, making it ready for the next action.

The member is ypreferably mounted in a socket 42, in which socket a resilient member 43 is provided which forces said member 35 into engagement with the ratchet 32. A

plug 44 is provided in the portion 9 of the, case which closes the socket42 and through where the resilient member 43 and the -member 3.5` are inserted. f

It will be seen that withl a lc ase as described, a cigarette can be .presented to the lips, lighted ready` for use, without handling. That is, the entire operation can be performed by the same hand which holds the case by simply swinging the cap 27 away from the cover 10 and then pressing the buttons 13, thus presenting a lighted cigarette ready to be picked up by thelips.

Having thus described my invention, l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

` 1. The combination of a cigarette case having a cover with a lighter. said case and cover having coacting means adapted to ignite' the'lighter when the cover is opened, said cover having means adapted to pick up a cigarette from the case when opening the cover, exposing one end thereof, while the other end of the cigarette is presente-dto the flame of the lighter. f f Y 2. A cigarette case having a cover; means lon saidcover adapted to pick up a cigarette from the] case; and means in said case to light one end of said `picked-up cigarette when the cover-is opened, said cover being adapted /to expose the other end of the cigarette substantially pose set forth.

3. A cigarette case'havingI a cover; a cigarette magazine removably associated with the case; means in said magazine for feeding cigarettes to'the cover; a lighter in said case adapted to be lightedwhen said Y covergis raised from the case; means in said cover adapted to pick up va cigarette from. the magazine; and .res1l1ent means for rais as and for theppurf I f 105r y ing the cover whereby the same presents one.

whereby the feeding means of the magazine is controlled; a lighter insaid case adapted to bev lighted when .said cover is raised; means in/ said cover adapted to pick upc/a cigarette fromthe magazine; and control lable resilient means for raising Said. cover fromvthe case whereby `-a cigarette picked up by the eoverhas one end presented. to the 1" lighter and the exposed f'ree to be cigarette magazine removably associated' withthe case; a table in the magazine adapted to support the cigarettes; means for moving the table toward the cover whereby the cigarettes are fed thereto; stops carried by said magazine preventing the feeding of cigarettes tol said cover; means carried by the cover controlling said stops whereby cigarettes are yfed to said' cover only when the same is closed; means carried by said cover adapted torreceive and retain a cigarette; a lighter in said case adapted to be lighted when said cover is raised; and controllable resilient means for raising said cover whereby a cigarette picked up by the cover has one end-presented to the lighter and the other end eX- y posed free to be picked-up.

G. A cigarette case having a cover; a clgarette magazine removably associated with the case; means 1n said magazlne for feeding cigarettes to the cove'r; resilient;v

Stops on said magazine normally preventing the feeding of cigarettes to the cover; a U-A shaped mem-ber carried by the lcover adapt-A ed to engage said resilient stops when said cover is closed, thereby permitting the feeding of cigarettes to the cover; a grip carried by said cover and adapted to receive a cigarette fed by the means from the magazine; a lighter in said case adapted to be lighted when said cover is raised; and controllable resilient means for raising' said cover whereby the cigarette engaged by the grip has one end presented to the other end exposed free to be picked up.

7. A cigarette case having a hinged cover, l

the nnhinged end of which is partly cut away; a cup associated with said case adapted to normally mask the cut-away end of said cover; a cigarette magazine removably associated with the case; means in said magazine operable by said cover whereby the cigarettes are fed to the cover; means in said coveradapted to pick up a cigarette from the magazine; a lighter in said case adapted to be lit when said cover is raised; and operable resilient means for raising said cover from the case whereby a cigarette picked up by the cover has one end presented to the lighter and the other end exposed at the cut-away end of said cover.

8. A case for cigarettes, a cover therefor, means for normally hol-ding said cover in closed position, means lfor releasing said cover, means for opening the Same, and means for removing a cigarette bodily from said case-whensaid cover is opened.

9. A case for cigarettes, a cover therefor,V

to ignition position adjacent said lamp inv the opening of said cover.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribingl witnesses.



EiaMArIUErJv DoBRowsKv.` l

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