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Publication numberUS1187031 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1916
Filing dateJun 4, 1915
Priority dateJun 4, 1915
Publication numberUS 1187031 A, US 1187031A, US-A-1187031, US1187031 A, US1187031A
InventorsSamuel D Black, Alonzo G Decker
Original AssigneeSamuel D Black, Alonzo G Decker
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US 1187031 A
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Patented June 13, 1916.


1,1 87,031. Emil- X INVE'NTORJ 1S. DBlack nd a. (Z D S. D. BLACK & A. G. DECKER.



I Patented June 13, 1916.

3 SHEETSSHEET 2- jnucnrow aQDecker;




1,187,031. Patented June 13, 1916.

. 3 SH|ET$SHEET 3- H k 48' f J 7 f 4 i l/ 3% undo 6w I I $.D-(l5lack and ueooao D k 2 i v v 35% 60 e7;

I 6mm,




AIR-COMPRESSOR To all whom it may concern Be it known that we, SAMUEL and ALONZO G. DECKER, citizens .of the United States, residing, respectively, at Baltimore city 'and Orangeville, in the 'county of Baltimore and State of Mary- The present invention embodies also an improved arrangement whereby the carrying handle for the whole plant serves also as an outlet duct for the air..

The said invention embodies also other features which willmore fully appear from the following. description, and which will ,be particularly pointed out in the claims This invention in the specific forms here shown was, designed particularly for use as an air pump. or compressor for inflating pneumatic tires, for 1110110 purpose it has. been found very eiiiclent, but. it may be used for a. variety of other purposes.

In order to more particularly describe the said invention, reference will behad to the accompanylng draw ngs wherein,

of the complete device; Fig. 2, acentral longitudinal section thereof on a. slightly larger scale than Fig. 1; Fig. 3, a section on line 3"3 Fig. 2,'lookingto theleft; Fig. 4, a section on line 4B4 Fig. 2, looking to the left; Fig. 5, a sectionon line 5 5 Figfi. .2,-looking. to the .left; Fig. 6, a fragmentaryhorizontal section to show thexarrangement of the-air filter, theair conducting handle. associated therewith and an arrangement of valves controlling the outlet-of air from the compression cylinder; Fig. 7,j an enlarged detail:sectiononjline 7* 7", "Fig. '6, and:

. -Fig. -8,an enlarged detail'sectional view'of the filter with an automatic. valve.,-in the placeof the. pet-cock shown in-Fig. 7.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed June 4, 1915. Serial No. 32,135.

D. BLACK Referringfirst to Figs, t ftI e'aCf Patented June 13, 1916.

companying drawings, l represents the casing wh1ch is made fast to and supported upon a suitable base 2. In one end of casing 1 fits an annulus 3 which carries a bracket or spider 4 having a bearing 5' in which is'journaled one end of the armature shaft 6 ofan electric motor. The other end of said armature shaft is journaled in a bearing 7 carried in a casing 8 which forms a portion of easing 9 to which reference will be had more particularly later. The armature 10 of said electric motor rotates be tween poles .11 and 12 (see Fig. 5) of a laminated field piece or magnet 13 secured to the interior of easing 1, the field coils 14:

pieces as shown, leaving spaces 16 and 17 for the passage of air, as later described. The field magnet 13 of the motor andthe casing 1 are so shaped, the latter being e and 15 of which are arranged on the pole hexagonal in cross-section as shown, that air spaces 18, 19, 20 and 21 will be formed between said casing and'the motor field mage net, .such. spaces extending longitudinally of the casing. Bracket or spider 4 is open so I as to admit of free passage of air from the outside into casing 1, but is preferably provided with a'protecting cap 22 having a number of perforations 23 for the passage of air therethrough. Casing 1 opens at its .end opposite bracket 1 into the interior of casing 9, the two casings being ,removably connected together by screws '24:. Within casing 9 is located an air compressing cylinder 25, the upper end or head of which is provided with an annular extension or flange 26 which rests upon and is removably a secured to the upper ,side walls of easing 9. Figur 1, 1s a side elevation ofone form The lower end of the compression cylinder rests upon a packing 27 inserted in an an-j nular recess-'28, which surrounds an opening 29 formedfin a web orpartition'30 which.

divides the casing 9, or theiinterior thereof,

into two compartments 31 and 32, the former of which constitutes an-air, chamber or jacket surrounding the cylinder25. Cylinder 25 is provided with a reciprocating piston 33,preferab ly ofthe hollow typeused' in internal combustion engines, and, except in so far as. itlis closed by-p1st6n33, cyl n der 25 is open at its lower end, Piston 33 is V w connected throu'ghl'rod 34 to a crankpin 35 on .-a -gear--36 .which latter is connected throughf'a "trainof' gears, 37,135 anolj39 to tor and the pump proper is a centrifugal fan 40, having a series of radial blades or vanes 41 extending from one side of an annulus or ring '42 cast on a serles of spokes or webs43. This fan in rotating creates a suction of air through casing 1, in the direction ofthe arrows indicated in Fig. 2, and delivers this air under pressure to the air jacket or chamber 31 through a passage 44 forming. a communication between said jacket and the interior of casing 1. The air thus traversing the interior of casing 1 passes through the spaces 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, as well as between the armature and fields of the motor. A continuous flow of air is maintained through'these spaces, fron the outside, as-long as the fan 40 contin es to rotate, thus supplying a-continuous flow of. cooling air to the armature and fields of the motor. This air is continuously' delivered to chamber 31 and passes out of the same thro'ugh an outlet passage 45. The passage of air from chamber 31 being slower than'the passage of air into the same, an air pressure will be created within said chamber.

Compression cylinder 25 takes in air through a series of openings or ports 46 1 located at such distance from the top of the cylinder that they will be just above the head of the piston .on its extreme down stroke. These ports 46 open into chamber 31. Therefore, the air entering cylinder 25 for compression does so under pressure, whereby a very much more rapid and complete filling of the compression cylinder is effected than in the "case where the vacuum created in the cylinder merely is relied upon to fill the same with air. In the present case, we not only have a vacuum created in the cylinder on the down stroke of the piston, but we also have the pressure of the air from the, fan, both operating to fill the cylinder. With this arrangement the cylinder takes more air perstroke than it would otherwise do, and the efliciency' of the pump is accordin ly. increased. The air leavescylinder 25 tirough an outlet 47 controlled by a spring pressed ball valve 48. The air passes from outlet 47 into a pipe 49 which may be provided with a hand grip 50 which serves as a handle whereby the entire compressor, together with the motor, may be carried about. Flexible tubing 21, or the conducting means for the air, may be at- -tached to pipe 49. An outfit of this kind may be made extremely small and therefore readily portable.

vention very effectively overcomes this difficulty, as has been adequately proven' in actual practice.

It is desirable that the air for inflating pneumatic tires be as free as possible from oily vapor which has a very deleterious effeet on the rubber on the tire. It is one of the objects of the present invention therefore to provide means for filtering the air of such oil as may possibly leak into the compression chamber around the piston rings of the pump. Our improved air filter comprises, among other parts, a hollow casting 52 in which is formed an expansion chamber 53. This casting is bolted or screwed to the top of casing 1, as shown in Fig. 6, and is provided one end of pipe 49, corresponding to pipe 49, and provided, as in the case ofpipe 49, with a hand grip 50 Opposite opening 54, the filter casing is provided with an extensionor nozzle 55 through which passes an outlet orifice 56, and to which nozzle a flexible hose 51 may be connected. Orifice 56 is enlarged slightly at its. end adjacent chamber 52,- and' there receives the open end of a pipe 57 closed at'its other end and extending well into the bore of'pipe 49. This pipe 57 is provided with a series of perforati'ons or orifices 58 which are spaced along longitudinally of said pipe and extend through the upper side thereof. Chamber 53 is provided near its bottom with an outlet opening 59 into which is.

with an opening 54 into which is screwed screwed a pet-cock 60 which may be employed for drawing the oil from chamber 53, and, if desired, a pressure gage 61 may be attached to the chamber 53, as shown in Fig. 7, to indicate the air pressure within said chamber, and therefore the air pressure within the receptacle being inflated.

If desired, there may be substituted for the pet-cock 60 an automatic valve, as shown in Fig. 8. This valve comprises, among ment of nut 65, valve 62 may be set to open when the air pressure in chamber 53 reaches a predetermined amount, thereby rendering the over inflation of pneumatic tires, for

I the opening of valve 6:2,- it will carry the 1tively connected to said pump to drive the vey the pumped air from said pump, and a oil which has accumulated in chamber 53 cleansing or. self emptying.

The air from the pump traverses pipe 49 as indicatedby the arrows, Fig. 6, entering pipe'57 through perforations 58. The oil belng heavier than the-air will gravitate to the bottom of pipe 49 and pass into the filter chamber ,53. Also oil will gravitate directly in said chamber from such oil car-- rying air as is contained therein.

Further changes and modifications of the specific construction -here shown and described may be made .within the scope of to drive the same, a fan located between said motor and pump and connected to said motor to be drlven thereby, a casing inclosing said motor, fan and cylinder and arranged to act as an 'air confining means whereby .said fan creates a draft of air passing over parts of-sald motor and said cylinder to coolthe same.

2. Air compressing mechanism, comprismg a pump having a compression cylinder, a casing around saidcylinder with a space between the inner Walls thereof and the exterior of said cylinderconstituting an air chamber'or jacket, an electric motor operasame, a casing for said motor, connected to the casing around said cylinder, with an' opening forthe passage-ofiair from the intenor of said motor casing into the chamber surrounding said cylinder, and a fan located between said motor and air chamber and arranged to draw a1r,ove1 the motor elements within 'the motor casing and deliver air to said -chamber surrounding said cylinder. 5 3, Air compressing mechanism, comprismg a pump having a compression cylinder, a casing around said cylinder with a space between the inner walls thereof and the ex-. tenor of said cylinder constituting an air chamberor jacket, an electric motor operatively connected to-said pump -to drive the same, a casing surrounding the fields and armature .ofsaid motor and an opening for the passage ofair into the chamber surrounding said cylinder, there being passages said casing as well as between the motor 'armature and fields,-the casing-for said cylinder being detachably secured to one end of said motor-casing, and a fan located betweenmsaid motor and the air chamber surrounding said compression cylinder and ar-. with it, thereby renderingthe filter self within the motor casing and deliver air tosaid chamber surrounding said cylinder.

ranged to draw air through said air spaces 4. Air compressing mechanism, comprising a. punip having a compression, cylinder, a casing around said cylinder with a space between the inner walls thereof and the exterior of 'said cylinder constituting an air chamber or jacket, said cylinder being provided with air intake, ports opening into said chamber, and said chamber being provided with an outlet for air contained therein, an electric motor operatively 'connected to said pump to drive the same, a casing surrounding the electro-magnetic elements of said motor and an opening for the passage of air into the chamber surrounding said cylinder, and a fan located between said motor and said air chamber and arranged to draw air through said motor casing over the said motor elements and" deliver air under pressure tosaid chamber surrounding said cylinder.

5. Air compressing mechanism, comprising a pump and a casing therefor, a motor and a casing therefor, driving connection between said pump and motor, the pump casing extending above the motor casing and connected thereto, an air outlet from said pump, a substantially horizontal pipe above said motor casing and connected to the pump casing above the motor casing and communicating with said air outlet to consupport for the end ofsaid pipe opposite its pump connection secured to said motor casing, said pipe forming a handle for lifting said motor andpump together.

6. Air compressing mechanism, compr1 s ing a pump, a motor connected to drive sald pump, a casing for "the motor and a casing for the pump, connected together, an air -filter mountedon said motor casing, a handle connected to said filter and to the pump casing and having'a duct forming a communication from the air outlet of said pump to said filter.

In testimony whereof we aflix ou'r signatures in presence of two witnesses.

Witnesses Jnnn J.'SANTRY,

'lnnononn E. STRAUS. v

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