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Publication numberUS1187325 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1916
Filing dateOct 5, 1915
Priority dateOct 5, 1915
Publication numberUS 1187325 A, US 1187325A, US-A-1187325, US1187325 A, US1187325A
InventorsJohn H Ivey
Original AssigneeJohn H Ivey
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Mail-box support.
US 1187325 A
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MAIL BOX SUPPORT. APPLaATloN man ocT. 5. 1915.

Patented June l3, 1.916"


` APPLICATION FILED ocT. 5. I9I5. 1,187,325. I f V PIIIenIedJune 13, 1916.

2 SHEETS-SHEET 2l 12e streamlined@ casema Bewit knownvthat 1,@ donn lvEY,

' citizen offithe `United `States', residing at State i .of Georgia, `'fh'ave inventedy certain new andwuseful Improvements in Mail-Box i Supports ,and I do herebyjdeclare `the fol-` `ll-gl'o'wing[to lbea full'," clear,1;and exact dehable `others "skilled in `theart lto. which it This invention has forhits primary object j" to providelna novel `and elicient mail box support embodying such` `novel features of fconstructionyasslto permit .of @a fwide range i .of yadjustment otthe box holder. I

f `Withtlr ndiother objectsinyiew, the` "inventionconsists in the `noyel construction, iarrangementmand `formation1 of parts as @will belfhereinatter, specifically described,` f claimed and; illustrated in 1g the i. accompanying`.drawings,in;fwhich: j .n

iguref 1 `represents afsiderelevation` of `the,imprmrecl mailbox support, Fig. 2 Irep- .resents` a{top fplan.view` thereof, Fig. 3 represents @la perspective view,\partly broken a way,.lof the mail boxholderadjusted in a ditierent position. from that `illustrated in Fig. 2,1and "Fighe `represents a ffragmental side eleration,` partlyfin section, of the supi porting post andthe adjacent; portions of the supporting arms of the support.

; lReferring to fthe"` drawings in detail,

nate" corresponding parts throughout `the fw severalgviews, the numeralq `indicates a` j supportingpost of adequate'. height having fone end pointed, aslatf, to `facilitate insertion ofthefpostin the `earthfff `The upper Qfand medial portion of the post5` `is formed `with i a plurality ot longitudinellyr alined recessesB "adapted to `r ece`ive locking screws `:[itted in apertures .formedg in` collars 10, 'adjustablyymounted .upon `the post 5. A

.,pair `of sleeves 111 are `rotatably mounted Vspaced u relation upon `thepost 5, are

."sleeve;` is provided withjaf pair of spaced "parallel" ears] 13Tl receiving fal `pivot pin or nboltwlfLQOne section A115 of; an extensible l brace, de' signated1 .generallyl by the numeral `16, is;pivotallyfsecured `tolth bolt" 111 and the; upperf end of the otheusection 17 is pivotallyffsecured 1at18 `to thejouter section "551 19aot the extensible mail box` holding arm, y designatedi tgenerallyi by y the c numeral 20,

1. Specication of Letters Patent.

Washington, in` the county:` of `"Wilkes and kscription of 'the invention, such as i Awill enwhereinsimilar .reference numerals desig-A "supporteduponi thefcollarslO and each fern orion;

ms n; runs?` os wasnmo'ron, erneuern.


i Patented J une 13, 1916.`

" appusnbnfmea amber 5, 1915; serial n0 '54,`2as.

justed position. i IThe sections 19 and 20 ot"l the arnr are also formed with slots 24C receiving the threaded Shanks of bolts 2 5 on which are fitted nuts 26` adapted tofsecure the sections 19 and 20 in adjusted position.

The supporting arm also includes an outer pivoted arm 28, which is pivotally yand including also'a Vsection 2 0 associated secured at 29,.to the outer extremity of the 'section 19, whereby the outer arm sections` 28 `may be swung upon a vertical axis, indicated at 29.

A pair of stop members 30 are secured to the outer extremities offa pair of lateral extensions .31 formed uponthe oi1ter`piv.` oted arm section 28 adjacent the pivotal axis 29 thereof, and are formed in their upper ends with internally screwthreaded apertures receiving set screws 32. A bolt 33 lis secured in an aperture formed adjacent ,the outer end' of the outer arm section 428 and is received within longitudinal'slots `311 formed in a pair of clamping members 35, Ihaving angular upwardly directed outer extremities 36 formed with internally screw threaded apertures in which are ted set'screws 37. l

When it is desired to support awmail box of the type in which the drawer thereof `is arranged in one end, the mail box, as. indicated by the dotted lines in Fig. 2, and

designated by the numeral 4:0, is disposed` longitudinally upon the outer pivoted arm section 28; The inner extremity ofthe box 40; is engagedwith the stop members 30 and the angular ends 36 offthe'clamping members 435 are engagedwith the sides of the box. Subsequcntlyjo adjusting fand securing the clamping members `35 by the bolts, the set: screws 37 are advanced so as to firmly engage the side walls of the 'boxand `thus secure the latter iniposition.

vWhenA it is desired to support a mail box of the type in which the door fis arranged in one of the side walls,` the mailbox, as illustrated in dotted lines in Fig.` 3, and

designated by the numeral Lthis positioned transversely upon the outer pivoted arm section 28 and the side wall thereof is enlin `adjusted position, sleeves Agaged with vthe st'op members 30. The

. quently adjusted so as to firmly clamp the box in operative position. It is also clearly evident that by properly adjusting the eX- tensible inner portion of the arm 2O and the brace 16, the angular position of the mail box may be varied, as desired.

What I claim is:

1. A mail box support including a post, a pairof collars adjustably mounted on said-post, means for securing said collars rotatably mounted upon said post. and supported upon said collars7 an arm pivotally secured to the upper sleeve, and a bracing member pivotally secured to the lower sleeve and pivotally secured at its upper end to said arm.

2. A mail box including a post, an arm including an inner extensible member pivotally secured to said post, andan outer non-extensible member. pivotally secured to the outer'extreniity of the extensible member, and a brace pivotally secured at its lower end to said post and at its upper end adjacent the pivotal connection between the extensible and non-extensible members of M. H. BARNETT, R. O BARKSDALEl

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U.S. Classification248/145, 258/23
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/1216