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Publication numberUS1188199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1916
Filing dateMar 25, 1915
Priority dateMar 25, 1915
Publication numberUS 1188199 A, US 1188199A, US-A-1188199, US1188199 A, US1188199A
InventorsJerome A Paquette
Original AssigneeJerome A Paquette
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US 1188199 A
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'CIGARETTE CASE.4 'APPL'lcATIou/rnfen maiis. 191s..

Patented June 20, 1916.




I mesmo.

Specification of Letters IPatent.

Pateiited June 20, 1916.

Application filed March 25, 1915. Serial No. 16,886.

To ZZ -zciom t may concern Be it known that l. limoni". A. PAQUETTE, vcitizen'of the llnited States, residing at St.

Louis, State of Missouri, have invented cer- 'tain new and useful Improvements in Cig-- arette-Cases, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming apart hereof. l

My invent-ion has relation to improvements in cigarette cases; and it consists in the novel features of consti-notion more fully set forth in the specilication andl A pointed out in the claim.

The object of my invention is toprovide a cigarette case from which the cigarettes may be discharged one at a time by a proper manipulation of the movable sectionscom- `prising the case.'

A further object is to provide a case which shall be simple, positive in its action, light, and durable; and rone possessing other advantages better apparent from a detailed description of .theinvention in connection with the accompanying` drawings, in

which- Figure 1 is a plan of the case withl parts broken away to expose the interior; Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the 'sections of the j case moved the necessary degree to effect the discharge of the terminal cigarette of the series confined in the case; Fig. tom end view of thecase looking uptoward Fig. l. parts being broken away; Fig. 4 is a view of the delivery end of the case, being a projection of Fig. l turned one-hundred and eighty (180) degrees; Fig. 5 is atransverse section on the line 5-5 of Fig. 1 showl ing the case preparatory to effecting adischargeI of a cigarette; and Fig. 6 1s' an inside l plan view of the holder member or that 4which carries the cigarettes, the retracting spring being severed at va point intermediate itslength. v QH Referring to the drawings, l represents a box-like holder or container having an ,outer wall a, an inner abbreviated opposite parallel wall b, side -walls c, 0, a bottom -wall d, and an upper lip or flange e, one end of which is. removed or cut away so as to'leave a free passage-way or recess i for the discharge of the cigarette fm.' To the bottom of the inside' of the wall c is riveted or otherwise secured one end of a strip 2, which carries a pin p at point removed 'a suitable distance from the rivetedfend of the strip, said pin having coupled thereto the inner end of a coiled contracting spring. 4.- whose outer end issecured to the upper terminal wall h. of the sliding lid or cover the wall h being provided with amarginal lip or flange t, which, together with the flange u of one of the side walls fw' of the lid, and the abbreviated flange u of the opposite sidewall w of the lid, serves to form: a telescoping connection ybetween the lid andthe holder. Any equivalent con.-

struction for effecting such telescoping or movable connection however is "contemplated by my invention. The upper wall li of the lid is provided with an opening O opposite the recess r' for the free passage of the terminal cigarette of the series conined Ois equivalent supporting member 5 normally engaging the bottom wall l of the holder or -in th'e case. The base of the wall w of the 'i lid, opposite the discharge opening provided with a lip, tongue or platform or` container when the container is closed, that is to say, when the members 1 and '3 are.

drawn together under the action ofthe contracting spring 4. To readily slide the lid along the holder, the latter is preferably provided'with a thumbbearing '6, andthe lid with a finger bearing 7 as shown, the arrows in Fig. 5 indicating the relative movement to which l.the members 1 and 3 are'subjected to effect the discharge of a cigarette.

Secured 'by the same rivet 8 which secures the strip 2 to the wall c of the holder, is the adjacent end 'of a spring arm 9 whose opposite end is riveted to the outer end of a similar Spring arm 10 diverging there'' from, the inner end of the last arm being secured to the adjacentterminal of a bearing strip or followerll, said follower being A normally disposed in parallelism with the* side walls of the case, whereas the spring arms 9,-10, are normally divergent, spreading apart toward the bottom-of the case.

The cigarettes are interposed betweenthe follower strip .1l vand the oppdsing wall c of the holder, which wall by the way is abbreviated so as to terminate at the free edge ofthe wall b, thereby leaving an opening A for 4ready access `to the terminal cigarette of thel series', so that said'cigarette may be lifted andinitially adjusted over the platform .5 fois purposesl of ejection when thel case is subsequently operated. This'initial 1 adjustment is sometimes necessary, especially when the" case is first iilled with cigarettes and before -any have been discharged;

The operation is substantially as follows: By sliding the lid 3 suiiiciently to cause the flange u to clear the l.wall (tof the holder,

the latter may be withdrawn from undert'helflange u and sufficiently separated from thellid -(remainingconnected thereto how-1 ever by the spring 4 which readily stretches when the members 1 and 3 are thus sepa,- rated) topermit the holder to'be lled with cigarettes. p These are placedv in suicient number between the follower strip 1l and the opposing wall the advancing springs or members 9, l0, closing or contracting, to

a degree dependingon the number of cigarettes charged into the case. 'When properly charged, the lid and holder are reassembled by inserting first one side ofthe holder'behind the'fiange u of the lid, and then passing the opposite side behind the tiangeu, and when subsequently released,v the spring it will automatically draw the holder into the lid, or what amounts to thesame thing, willA draw.v the lid over the holder, andclose the case. To make sure that .the rstv cigarette of the `series is over the platform 5, the smoker in first filling the case .inserts 'his iinger through the slot or opening A (pro vided for the accommodation. of the platl form 5)- and raises thel end cigarette if necessary sufficiently to insure its being directly over said platform when the holder. and .lid

are assembled in the manner described. The case is' now charged for dispensing the cigarettes one at a time. rlhe smoker by seizing the case between his thumb and forefnger (Fig. 5) and separating the lidV from the holder, that-is tosay, sliding-the lid to open position along the holder. (Fig. Q) causes the cigarette which' is directly over the platform 5 to become separated .from the main body of cigarettes stored in the holder 1, the

.cigarette thus separated (Fig. 2) being di- 'rectly in line with the recess r and the discharging opening O. yVhen the lid .and holder are allowed to vcontract or close` (under the contracting action of the spring t) the main Acharge of cigarettes are pushed back in the case toward the top wall of the'lid; but so returning to their original position, they force .the cigarette which is.

on the platform 5, out of the'opening O, sufficiently to permit the protrudingend of the cigarette thus projected, to be seized by the smoker, and Withdrawn completely from ythe case. This being done, theV next suc` ceeding cigarette of the series is forced into position overthe platforml 5 by the feed or dilating action of the advancing springs 9,' 10, and like its predecessor is now in posi,

gtionto l be discharged or projected from the case in the same manuel'. "The friction between the main body of clgarettes''and the' cigaretteion the'platform y5 isisufficient to,

cause said cigarette to befpushed out of the l 6 ca'sevwhen the members 1 and, 3 are drawn back to thelr normally closed or contracted j position.

The' specific manner here shown 'for effecting the telescopic connectionbetween the holder and lid;l or the specific springs here illustrated for restoring or contracting the memberswhen once dilated or expanded, or for advancing. or, feeding the charge of cigarettes; or thelv speciic follower' here-shown,

.and other details shown and described need not be adhered to, as the' deviceis susceptible fof many changes- .without .departing from the nature or spirit of my invention.

Obviously the invention vis not to be considered as'restricted to dispensing cigarettes, butmay beapplied to other articles. The l*lid or cover need not -ofv course absolutely lconceal the contents of the package from view, the term lid or cover beinghereused'to designate any member complementary to the holder .proper to form'therewith a complete case.

Having described my invention what I claim is: I

A cigarette dispensing case'comprising a holder having anv outer Wall, an inner abbreviated wall, bounding side Walls', a bottom wall, an upper inwardlyturn`ed lip, a

lid having an upperl flanged Wall, and sideA flanged .walls for receiving the holder, an inwardly bent platform at ,one end of one of the side walls of the lid adapted to rest on the bottom of-theholder to receive-in succession the cigarettes charged into the holder, the top Wall of the lid having a dischargey opening opposite the'- platform, a

lcoiled contracting spring having its ends respectively coupledto the top wall of the lid atthe end removed from the discharge opening, and to the adjacent iside wall of the holder, a feed or advancing-'spring in 'theholder having a pair of diverging varms one `ofwhichiss'ecured to the side Wallof the Jos. A. "Mlonnn':

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