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Publication numberUS1188328 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1916
Filing dateMar 29, 1916
Priority dateMar 29, 1916
Publication numberUS 1188328 A, US 1188328A, US-A-1188328, US1188328 A, US1188328A
InventorsAntonio Scarpitto
Original AssigneeAntonio Scarpitto
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US 1188328 A
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Patented June 20, 1916.

. www

TTOHNEVS nnirnn s'rnrns graannr lorries;



To all whom 'it may concern.'

Be it'known that I, ANTONIO SoARrH'ro, a citizen of the United States, anda resident of Richmond, in the county of Henrico and State of Virginia, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Grating- Machines, of which the following is a specication,

My invention is' an improvement in grating machines, and has for its object to provide a machine especially adapted for grating horseradish and other pungent materials, wherein a .support is provided for a grating wheel having a discharge :chute bevlow the wheel, and an inner inclosing hood above the'wheel having an opening at one side of the wheel for permitting access thereto, and an outer inclosed hood inclosing the inner hood and having-an opening registering with the opening of the inner hood, and having an outlet at the opposite side, together with exhausting apparatus connected with the outlet to remove the pungent ordors without a'ecting the grated material.- Y

In the-drawings: Figure l is-a perspective view of the'improved machine, Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical 'section, and Fig.

3' is a sectionv on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.:

v The present embodiment of the invention comprises a table 1, having supporting legs 2 and provided with an opening 3 1n which Y is arranged a grating wheel 4, lthe said wheel being secured to the shaft 5, which is journaled in bearings on the table. The outer end of the shaft 5 is provided'with fast and loose pulleys 6 and 7, and a discharge chute 8 is connected with the table below the openin 3.

An inner hoo 9 is connected with the table above the opening 3 Aand inclosing the same, the said hood being curved'- transversely to correspond with the periphery 10 at the front thereof,y to permit access to the wheel. An outer inclosing hood 11 is also provided, the said hood inc v hood, and the front of the hood 11 is open and is normally closedy by a door 12 which'v is hinged ,at -the top of the hood at 13 to" ermit the door tobe opened andA closed. 'e door 12 is'provided wthan 'opening `-14 a its lower edge, registering -wlthftheg and 4throu o ning 10 of theV inner hood, in tige registering openings 1Q vand: 14,A t e BSG material to be osing the inner specification of Letters raient. Patented mw 2U, 916 'Application filed March 29, 191e. sei-m1 No'. 87,583.


The outer inclosing hood is provided grated may be fed vto the with a nipple 15 at the oppo'site'side from the door, and a discharge pipe 16 leads from the nipple tothe-casing 17 of .an eX- haust fan. The discharge pipe 16 opens into the fan `casing 17 axially, and the shaft 18 of the fan is extended at the opposite side from the tube: 16, and is provided with a pulley 19 for connection with a suitable driving shaft 20. This shaft 20 ournaled 1n bearing arms 21, on a :fixed support, and

is provided with pulleys-22 and 23 which are connected by belts 24 and 25with the pulleys 6-7 andv19 respectively. The 'discharge chute 26 ofthe fan casing extends from the said casing to a suitable point of i discharge, as for instance, through the wall of the room wherein the grating machine is arranged, delivering ,outside of the room or building. The table top 1 is extended at the front of the outer'hood or inclosing casing, as shown more particularly in' Fig.

. l, the said extension being atthe opening 14. The tablev 1 is sufficiently elevated to permit a small. car 27, upon which is mounted a suitable" container 28 for the grated.

material," to be placed under the table, the open top of the container being directly below the chute 8. In operation, thermaterial to be grated, as for instance horseradish, is fed through the .openings 10e-14 into contact with the periplzieryof. the rotating wheel. The grated material falls through .the chute 8 into the container A28,' and the pungent odors given out during the grating operation., enter 'the outer inclosing hood 11 and are drawn away and discharged where they will not be o'ensive, by means of the eX- hausting .device 17'. The door 12 gives free 'access to the interior of the casing 11, and of the wheel, and this hood has an opening charge chutey belowthe o ening, an inner hggd inclosin'g the Wheel a ove the opening, an outer hood or casing inclosing'the inner hood,'said hoods having registering, openingsl at one' side .of the table for permittinglm@ los Lisses access 30 the Wheei ami she outer hood having .registering openings at one side foiA pei*- ing an outiet he opposite side from ythe mtting access to the Wheei, and exhausting Openings, exhausting-mechanism connected mechanism connected with the outer hood with she elitista and a common means for :for withdrawing cfknnsiveA odors freni the 's rota'sing the Wheel and foi driving the cxhood. and discharging them away from the 16 hansing mechanism. machine.

2., A grating machine comprising a sup- ANTGN@ SCARPZT. persing tane having an opening, a grat- Witnesses: ing wheel joufnaied in the opening, inner Jg'VAUGH-AN GARY,

le ami` *atei* hoods inciosing the Wheel and hav- CARY Minns.

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U.S. Classification241/68, 451/456, 241/273.3, 99/495
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