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Publication numberUS1189544 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1916
Filing dateMay 21, 1912
Priority dateMay 21, 1912
Publication numberUS 1189544 A, US 1189544A, US-A-1189544, US1189544 A, US1189544A
InventorsAlbert Delmer Cowden
Original AssigneeAlbert Delmer Cowden
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Manifold express way-bill.
US 1189544 A
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Y 1,189,544. Pzfxtmlted July 4, 1916.

V1* ,IH-"m Consignee Destination Jahn Dae a, C0 Expre w.BSypb n IDafe k shipper nmPm. Arf imag valu@ weight i Frm Advanced C011 ect Prepaid repaid Beyond Te s l V13 Recelved weve described shipmnt n dans im l W'B'cerk No.

dicated hereon b office S90/vp to be forwarded w a3 promptly as pssble subject tu Me spip Tomant Ping fulesand condtians pasted ai (he com ,si

PnjS varlous offices.


Appiication meal/ray 21, 1912. serial No. $96,862.

. provision of a method whereby a Way bill,

shippingr receipt and package label may be made at one writing with the use of one carbon sheet., one sheet 'being so arrangcdthat it'may be dividedto form a shipping receipt and also a package label to be pasted-on the package, the other ,sheet to be left vintact showing the combined information indicatedinthe shipping receipt and a package label and used as a way hill to accompany the shipment toits destination, and 'if desired, hy the use of -an eXtra carbonsheet another complete copyof the transaction may gbe 'made and :retained as' Van, office record, the package label' portion of the duplicate-.or triplicate sheets to provide a space where vthe shipper. may indicate whether he desires the shipment to' be forwarded paidl or collect, he lilling in the word paid or collect and signingT his name.-

By the shipper showing",r .his indication as to paid -or collect and signinfr his naine while the papers are Vall intact, tne 'package label, (which .is toh be pasted on the packVv age) way bill and ollice copy will each show the shippers desire as to whether the shipment is to go paid or colle-ct thus preventingthe collection of charges from the consignee when same have already been paid by shipper.

By the use of different colored sheets, the

Vpaid and collect feature may further be speiflcat-ion of Letters Pate t sra'rns Param orifice.; A


VPatented In the drawings-Eignre l is a' plan view of the sheet which is to be divided to form a shipping receipt. to be handed the-ship'- per) and a package label (to be detache'ed and pasted on the package). plan view oi' the portion -to be used as way bill from which labelmust not bedetached.`

Fig. 3 is .a perspective view of a tabletin the form 1n winch the present Way bill may be presented foruse.'


Referring to the drawings, the'numerald designates the top sheetor flap', 2 the intermediate one, and 3 the bottom sheet or'flap, the three being disposed one above the other with carbon interposed betweenthefrespe tive-sheets i and 2,2 and 3, or the backs of sheet .l and sheetvl may be carbonized Each sheet 1 and 3 is divided (they being alike). as at 4, to 'provide the shipping` ceipt 5 and the package label '6, the-indie tionv upon each of these being identical and disposed in lines so thatthe manual marit-4 ing within the respective squares or spaces .vill be man ifolded from sheet 1,to sheet-F3 and also in the spaces upon sheet?. I

The respective vlabels 6 are to be detached upon the line 4 and Aoinevor the other thereof v cateA at Si glance thezsymbol or number, the date of reception, where from and where to,

the` railroad or expressfcompany by whichl i it is shipped, the number of 'the way bill clerk and whether the package is forwarded prepaid or aeollecil the shipper signing the. label to indicate the sanction as' to whether the package shipped prepaid, or collect1 Y In order to prevent confusion and topr'o-v vide another check, the 'package label can ried b v' sheet l may he made of a different color than the label carried'by sheet 3, thus permitting one to be a. p repaidf While the" other is a collect label. Y

lt will lthus be noted that on the package label there is alplace provided for the. shipper to denote whether the package Shall be sent paid or"oollect and that such indie-ation, being Yplaced upon the package, will also denote to the receiver whether or not the package has already been paid for, and thus prevent the error of double charge which is often the case, and which all coinpanies are desirous of preventing. By having the shipper sign the label at the end of' way bill, all the papers being intact, an indication will be made upon three copies of the Way bill and' thus serve as a cheek to theelerk handlingthe Way bill relative to the charges' being paid or collect 'Y VYith thisisystem of wayjbilling and label` ih'g, it willibe seen that at one operation two copies of the. Way bill, 'two package labels,

vindicating whether the package 'is prepaid or sent fcollct, and a:sl1ipping receipt are made-at a-single operation, thus reducing the'work of the shipping clerk from-the ljgavxfiting of several diiferentpapera as is the 'present practice, and also providing a means .information will@ provide three checks on each 'of the'sheets, that is the'date, the`, sym bol and the" amoint of charges either pie pai-dx or4 collect Bythis means the days Work may be arranged alphabetical-Uf in; stead of numerifeally'fas is the present case andthus relievithe' billing clerksof nurnbering the way bills consecutively.

' From the foregoing description, it will be seen-that the present invention provides for aplurality-of shipping blanks arranged in sets, eacliset including" a :f shipperfs; receipt,

'my in the presence of two Witnesses.

way bill' and a record blank, andv for the i signature of the carriers receivingagent, the like imprints and spaces of the respec-V tive blanks being similarly located tobe in registration when the blanks are superposed, therebeing interposed between'. the blanks carbon, so that when the shippers receipt is written upon, thel `Writing oftheaget Will be transferred upon all of the blanks.

What is claimed is:

A Shippingway bin bnikg'mid a blank-e3 rest thereon and including 'a receipt'.- and'4 label detachably connected, the way bill4 50i'- blank being' adapted to'receive imprints of. the matter writtenupon the receipt` and label, theireceipt and way bill" blank hav"-v ing superposd spaces and accompanying legends for the entry of'the names of the eonsignee and shipper, the place of destination, data identifying the shipment, financial data relative to the shipment, and for the Y signature of the carriersreceiving agent,' the label and way bill blank having superposed spaces and accompanying vlegends-for the .entry of vthe way bill symbol and the date of Ashipment,the label andwalybill blank` having superposed spaces designated Frornan T031 In testimony claim thelforegoing own, I have hereto .lalliXed-mysignature F. E. HoizsLnY,

R. P. FkEmrAN!

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