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Publication numberUS1189625 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1916
Filing dateJan 28, 1916
Priority dateJan 28, 1916
Publication numberUS 1189625 A, US 1189625A, US-A-1189625, US1189625 A, US1189625A
InventorsFloyd Troutman Romberger
Original AssigneeFloyd Troutman Romberger
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Internal-combustion engine.
US 1189625 A
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S14/vento@ .jccted beyond the jacket 1l screvvlhreeded lenge 15', receiving e cop INTERNAL-COMBUSTXON ENGIN Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed January 2Q, 1916. Serial No. 743,784

To all whom 'it may concern:

lie it known hnl; l, FLOYD T. Romernonn, n citizen of 'the United States,1esiding at Elizehethville, in the county of Dauphin and State or Pennsylvania: have invented certain new und useful improvements in internal-Combustion Engines, of which the following is e specication.

lily invention relates to improvements in. internal combustion engines of the type ernbodying' c rolufiuhle vulve or vulves, for conn trolling,l the entrance und discharge Aof gas into and out of the cylinders thereof.

An importent object; of the invention is to provide en engine of the above mentioned cherecter, so constructed, that the leal-:ege of pressure heliveen or eboull the rotatable velveylrom the cylinder, is prevented.

fr. urher object of the inveniion is to provide en engine of theeloove mentioned cherecier, which is simple in construction, and highly ellicient in operation.

Other objects end advantages vention will be epperent during of the following description.

lin the accompanying drawings forming e pero of this specifica-tion and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout ehe seine, Figure 1 is n central vertical sectional View through a cylinder of im engine embodying the invent-ion, und, Fig. 2 is zvverticul sectional view teken on line clof Fig. 1. .y

ln the drawings, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown e preferred embodinient or' my inventiom the numeral 1Q.

of 'the in `the course designates the cylinders of an internal com-5).

hslion engine, provided with n Water jacket 1l, as is customary. Mounted to reciproeste within these cylinders are pistons 12. Extending horizontally above the cylinders are cylindrical valve cesings 13, having Water jackets lll, in free cornmhnicetion with the jacket 1l.

heedill, provided. with n stuffing cox 14. The opposite end of the casing 13 is proin the `form of e 16. The vnlve ousings 14 have inlet and exh'eusl ports 15 and 16 communicating with the upper end of the cylinder, es shown.

In Figs. 1 and 2, e pair of intermedlnte '.'vsubstantielly cylindrical sleeves 30 and 31 Une end of this double'V Wellen tubulin' 'voire casing hns i tubular.

are arranged Within 1he volvo casing 13 and have pores 32 end 33, in regisreeion with the ports and l, es shown. These iiclser mediate sleeves may renie-in eielionery or may be moved, eufeh es turned heck end forth or rotated Each intermediate sleeve is split longiiudinelly, es shown es 34%, end is circumferenlzielly resilient: ivherehy iii is contractilole and expensihle. These sleeves have their longitudinally splitporlione erranged to breek joins. yNlcuinied eo rotelle within the inner sleeve 31 is e, inliuler valve 35 having e port 36 edepfed for regisrezion with the ports 32 and 33 :isk is obvious. The valve 3l is driven by e sprocket wheel fili receiving rotation from sprechen chain 37. The inner and outer sleeves end 31 are held against longilmlinul displacement oy the tubular heed 13 und lihe oep lll. rlfhe valve projects "chrough the stelling box le', as shown.

ln the operai-ion of the engine7 il; is olvious that one valve 1i" will conferol llic in let of gases into the cylinder 10 and the other valve the outlet of gases therefrom. It is obvious that `he invention is in no sense restricted to the employment of l-Wo valves for this pin-posons one vulve may he provided with pores in n. suitable manner lo serve the function of both valves.

The operation of ell other forme of the engine vere"believed to he obvious in view of 1che foregoing descripion.

ll; is lo he understood eheh lie forni of my vinvention herewith shown end described is `to be teken es n referred example ol? the saune., end/hnl venons changes in the shape, size und arrangement oi" peres may loc resorted to withou departing from he spirit1 'of ehe invention or the scope of the smhjoined claim.

Having thus described he invenion, li claim:

An engine o the chemisier described, comprising n cylinder heving subsieneially cylindrical double. welled vulve casing pro vided with e port communicating will; the interior of Jhe cylinder, seid vulve casing being provided el@ one end wih s, tubular head carrying o smiling hex and as ils opposite end with e scroivihrended flange; a. cup carried hy the hangs; e. pair of cylindricul longilnidiilull1 spill. resilient sleeves mounted one withln the olhcr with their lonu gtudinally split portions arranged to break n testimony whereof I ax my signature joint ang disposed Within tle lvalve Casing in presence of Vtwo Witnesses. and con ned between the rtu u ar head and cap; a tubular valve mounted Within the FLOYD TROUIMAN ROMBERGER M' D' inner sleeve and projecting outwardly Witnesses:

through the' tubular head and stufng box; ISAIAH S. DANIEL,

and means to rotate the Valve. RAY K. BUFFINGTON.

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U.S. Classification123/190.2
Cooperative ClassificationF01L7/026