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Publication numberUS1189779 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1916
Filing dateApr 19, 1915
Priority dateApr 19, 1915
Publication numberUS 1189779 A, US 1189779A, US-A-1189779, US1189779 A, US1189779A
InventorsWalter A Becker
Original AssigneeWalter A Becker, Russell Dow S
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Combination feed-hopper and poultry-food carton.
US 1189779 A
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1,189,779. PatentedJuly l, 1916.

fly. 2. I





Application filed April 19, 1915. Serial No. 22,345.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, WALTER A. BECKER, a citizen of the United States, residing at North Chattanooga, in the county of Hamilton and State of Tennessee, have invented a new and useful Combination Feed-Hopper and Poultry-Food Carton, of which the following is a specification.

The object of my invention is to provide a device which maybe stamped from a single blank and folded to form a poultryfood carton, and which may be readily converted by the user to a poultry feed hopper, thus increasing the usefulness of the device by reason of its convenience and comparatively small cost of manufacture.

I attain the. objects of my invention by the mechanism illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a blank showing the form of the device before it isfolded for use; Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the device as a feedhopper; Fig. 3 is a section taken on an approximate vertical median line through Fig. 2; and Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the device as a shipping carton.

Like characters of reference indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, I provide a blank such as illustrated in Fig. 1, having a side a, a front 6, a side a integrally formed with the back and front, and a back 0, having an edge strip a adapted to be glued to side a when the blank is folded into box form.

On the top portion of the blank I provide a cover flap j having an inwardly folding edge flap h. I also provide side top flaps X Integral with back 0 is a suspending flap m, having an aperture 01., to permit of suspending the device from a nail when in use as a feed hopper. Flap,m is provided with a tongue is, adapted to be inserted in a slot k provided in cover flap 9', when the device is folded in carton form for shipping purposes.

On the lower portion of the blank, .1 provide an integral base 10, forming an extension of back a, and having spaced slots 2 Integral with base '11 is an upturned flap portion u, having notched ears 7", adapted to engage in slots 7'' insides n. and a respectively, as illustrated. When the deviceis employed as a carton, extended portions 79 and p conceal the hopper, side flaps 8 en- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 4, 1916.

' gage in apertures left by folding in flaps e,

e, and flaps b engage in slots 6 as illustrated in Fig. 4. A central tongue 0 engages in slots 12 as illustrated in Figs. 2 and't.

In order that the device may operate as a feed hopper, flap 03 on front 5 is pressed inwardly to an inclined position, portion d is bent horizontally, and tongue 9 is inserted through slots 9 in back a, as indicated in Fig. 3, the hook form of the tongue serving to lock it in place.

The carton folds to make a box by gluing edge strip a to side a Flaps e are then folded inward. Portion d is then pressed into inclined position, portion d bent into horizontal position, and tongue 9 inserted first through the upper and then back through lower slots, indicated by 9 its hook shape serving to effect a locking of the device in place. Tongue O is folded forward and upward, and engaged in slots 6 as illustrated in Fig. 4. Side extension flaps X are folded inward, overlapping base w, tongues a being inserted in slots 2 in base w, to secure them in place, and hooked tongues f are inserted in slots fflthus locking the bottom of the carton into engagement as illustrated.

When used as a shipping carton, flaps s are inserted into apertures left by the turnin of flaps e, and flaps b are inserted in slots 6 Top flap j is folded so that its edge flap 71. may be inserted into the carton, suspending fiap m is folded forward and its tongue is engaged in slot H, as illustrated in Fig. 4.

To convert the device from a poultry food carton into a feed hopper, flaps b are pulled out from slots 6 and portions of the device exterior to the scored or perforated lines 0 and O are torn off, leaving the bottom portion of the device open for feeding purposes, while it is retained in the desired position by the engagement of the central tongue 0 in slots 6 and by the locking of hooked tongues f in slots 7. To hang up, pull out flap m, from slot 7c ,-and sus; pend the device from a nail which may be inserted through aperture 11..

The device may be manufactured solely as a feed-hopper, the same blank being emthen folded inward on the lines 0 (instead of being detached), as illustrated in Fig. 3,

lwinging portion 1) into contact with 2 which serves to lock it in place, by pressing against edge indicated by p in Fig. 1; the device otherwise being arranged as heretofore described.

The blank from which the device is constructed may be stamped out of cardboard or metal and the cardboard may be plain or paraflined, either inside, outside, or both.

What 1 claim is:

1. A combination feed hopper and poultr v-food carton formed from a single blank having front, side and back portions, cover flaps, base flaps and a lower flap portion normally forming a portion of the front of the carton and adapted to be disengaged from its normal position and bent inwardly toward the back of the carton and having means for retaining it in engagement with the back of the carton with its main bottom edge spaced apart therefrom to provide a passage for the downwardfiow of feed narrower than the main body of the carton, whereby the device maybe converted into a poultry food carton' A combination feed hopper and poultry-food carton formed from a single blank comprising integral front, side and back portions, cover and suspending flap portions, base flap, hooked tongue extension portions adapted to lock the blank incarton form,

readily detachable side portions adapted to be torn off to convert the device into a feed hopper, and a tongue inclined flap portion 5 adapted to lock into the back of the carton to retard the downward flow of feed into the feed hopper, substantially as set forth.

3. A feed hopper formed from a single blank and comprising front, side and back 40 portions, a cover portion integral with the front, asuspending flap integral with the back, a tongued feed hopper flap integral with the front and adapted to be bent inwardly toward the back of the carton to af ford a narrow passage between the bottom edge thereof and the back of the carton and having a. tongue to engage in slotted portions of the back, side extension flaps having inwardly bendable tongues, a base having a hooked tongue engageable in slotted portions of the front of the blank, and having hooked tongues engageable in slotted portions of the sides of the blank, and portionsadjaeeut the central tongue adapted to be detached from engagement with the tongue and to be folded inward to lock against the tongues of the inwardly folded side extension flaps, substantially as shown and described.


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