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Publication numberUS1190002 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1916
Filing dateMay 19, 1915
Priority dateMay 19, 1915
Publication numberUS 1190002 A, US 1190002A, US-A-1190002, US1190002 A, US1190002A
InventorsJoseph Picuri
Original AssigneeJoseph Picuri
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US 1190002 A
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Patented July 4, 1916.



.x gi,... p l




Application filed May 19, 1915. seriaiNo. 29,114.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH PICURI, a citizen of the United States, Vresiding at Jersey City, in the county of Hudson and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Building- Columns; and I do hereby declare the following to be a. full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable l others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

ployed in building constructions, and the primary object of the 4invention is to provide a building column which is constructed of a steel or analogous metal shell reinforced or filled with concrete, and to provide a novel form of construction for connecting the columns in series for preventing accidental displacement of one column with respect to another.

lVith the foregoing and other objects in view this invention consists in such novel of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described, lillustrated in the accompanying drawings and claimed.

In describing the invention in detail reference will be hadV to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters designate like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which Figure 1 is a. vertical section through a building column constructed in accordance with this invention, Fig. 2 is atop plan view of one of the caps of the column, and Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 1 designates the outer shell of the column, which may be constructed of a steel tube, pipe or similar structure. The tube or shell 1 has a foundation cap 2 positioned beneath its lower end. The foundation cap 2 is provided with an annular boss 3 formed upon its upper edge, the inner surface of which forms a vertical wall, at 4,

theI shell 1 rests. The lower end 0f the shell l rests upon a transversely extending shoul-V The cap 2 is Specification of Letters vPatent.

'21 is positioned centrally within Patented July 4, 1916.

upon the bottom or' lower ledge of the cap 2, and is braced by ribs or braces 8, which are secured to the upper surface of the flange and extend upwardly therefrom,

engaging the upper -sleeve 11 has annular ribs 13 formed there- This linvention relates to columns em,-

shell has been filled with concrete or a filler of similar' nature.

The cap 11 has two ing wings 14 and 15,

The wings 14 and 15 are provided for supporting the ends of girders which maybe employed in the` construction of the building wherein the columns are used. An inwardly extending flange 17 is formed within the sleeve 11, and it is provided for reinforcing the cap as well as preventing the accidental displacement ofthe connecting structure 20. Y

he connecting structure 20 includes a sleeve or shell 21, which is. constructed of any desired kind of metal, and has its lower end flared, as is shown at 22.

1, and it h centrally place by a plurality of bars 24, which are positioned between the outer surface of the sleeve 23 and the innerl surface of the sleeve 21.

The bars 21 are .positioned screw threadably inserted in the sleeve 23, at spaced intervals along the length of the same.

The shell 1 has a reinforcing sleeve 30 mounted centrally within its lower end, within which sleeve is mounted a sleeve 31, which is of smaller diameter than the sleeve and 31, by bolts 33, which extend blocks 32, and inner ends screw threadably seated in the sleeve 31. The sleeves 30 and l are positioned at the lower end of the shell l and project outwardly therefrom, into the cap 2, for securely connecting the cap and the shell, when they are illed with Concrete or similar li'ller. The sleeve 32 has its lower end positioned in communication with an opening 35, which is formed in the bottom oi'. the cap 2. The upper ends ot' the sleeves 30 and 31 are 'flare-d, as is shown at 3G, for preventing the longitudinal movement within the shell.

The sleeve 23 is provided tor insertion.

into a sleeve l0, which is carried by a shell ll, ot' a second section ot' the column. The sleeve -lO is positioned centrally within n sleeve 4i, the lower end oi' which receives the upper end oi' the sleeve 2l, when the shell ll is mounted upon the upper end ot the cap 10. The sleeve l() is connected to, and held in place within the sleeve l2, by metallic bars el, which have bolts extendingtherethrough, and into the sleeve l0. The sleeves '2l and project up wardly into the sleeves -lO and sl-EZ, for connecting the section of the column which is formed by the shell ll, to the section oi the column which is formed by the shell l, and when the shells and various tubes or sleeves are illed with Concrete, or similar illing material, e compact column is formed, in which the various sections are securely connected, against accidental displacement with respect to each other, by the hardening o'l the filler within the tubes, und its engagement with the various liared ends, and the both heads oit the various tubes and sleeves, and also with the annular ribs which are 'formed in the cap.

ln reducing the invention to practice, certain minor .features of construction, combination and arrangement ot parts may necessitate alteration, to which the patentee is Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the entitled, provided such alterations are coinprehended within the scope ezt what is claimed.

A building column comprising` s cup, a shell carried by said cap, reinforcing means secured to the cip und extending upwardly within said shell, a cap carried by the upper end of the shell und provided with a. Central opening, wings formed on the second mentioned cop, a shell positioned on the second mentioned cap, a cylindrical sleeve extending through the second :mentioned cap into both of the shells and provided with its lower end 'Iiared, an inner sleeve positioned within said sleeve sind extending above the upper end thereof, bars positioned between said sleeves and the upper ends thereof terminating in a horizontal plane with the upper end ot the iirst mentioned sleeve, bolts extending through the lirst mentioned sleeve and bars threaded to the inner sleeve, ,a sleeve surrounding the upper end or' the first mentioned sleeve and resting upon the second mentioned cap, an inner sleeve surrounding the upper end ot the irst mentioned innervsleeve, bars positioned between the sleeve resting upon the second mentioned cap and the second mentioned inner sleeve, bolts extending through the sleeve resting upon the second inentioned cap and the second mentioned bars and threaded to the second mentioned inner sleeve, and concrete within the` shells and sleeves to form a continuous column.

ln testimony whereof l ailix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



GAUDENZIO F. Fneixzzi, Armeno LAvAoNiNo.

Commissioner of retenu,

Washington, D. C.

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