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Publication numberUS1191458 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1916
Filing dateOct 12, 1914
Priority dateOct 12, 1914
Publication numberUS 1191458 A, US 1191458A, US-A-1191458, US1191458 A, US1191458A
InventorsLoren R Phillips
Original AssigneeLoren R Phillips
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US 1191458 A
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Patented July 18, 1916.

Inventor Witnesses Attorneys LOREN R. PHILLIIS, OF FRUITA, COLORADO.


Specification of Letters Patent. Patented July 18, 1916.

Application filed October 12, 1914. Serial No. 866,286.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LOREN R. PHILLIPS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Fruita, in the county of lVIesa and-State of Colorado, have invented a new and useful Fire-Kindlenof which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to an im' provement in a fire kindler, one object of the invention, being theprovision of a tubular device constructed from a plurality of sheets of inflammable material, such as paper, the inner edges of the sheets being abruptly bent to project within or span the longitudinal opening so as to provide a primary or initial lighting or igniting means, the longitudinal opening constituting a flue or draft to assist or cause the acceleration in the burning of the same.

A further object of the present invention, is the provision of a tubular fire kindler which is cut transversely intermediate of its ends so that the same may be bent in opposite directions with a connecting portion forming the supporting member or hinge between the sections and also constituting a means to assist in supporting the fuel to be ignited.

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed can be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawingsFigure 1 is a perspective view of a single tubular fire kindler embodying the present invention. Fig. 2 is a similar view showing two of such tubular members adhesively or otherwise connected together. Fig. 3 is a perspective view of three of such tubular members bent or separated intermediate of their ends to illustrate the position of the kindler when in kindling position. Fig. 4 is a cross section through one of the tubular members in its bent position.

Referring to the drawings, the numeral 1 designates the kindler proper which is composed of a plurality of sheets 2 of inflammable material, rolled so that the inner primary igniting terminals 3 are projected within the central opening 4 of the tube, such ends being separated and bent abruptly so as to provide longitudinally of said opening, such means as will permit of the ready igniting of the sheets 2 from the interior, so that the opening 4 will constitute a draft and flame directing means as the tube burns from I the interior toward the exterior where it is 'connected fixedly by an adhesive as at 5.

In practice, the kindlers 1 are employed singly, or in sets of twos and threes in which latter cases, they are adhesively or otherwise attached together at 6 so that they may be handled as a unit.

Each kindler is provided with a slot 7, this being accomplished preferably by cutting, said slot terminating to provide the connecting portion 8 which permits each kindler to be separated, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, so that the portion 8 constitutes a hinging element for the sections and also a supporting means for the upper ends thereof when the lower ends, as illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4, rest upon the grate so that fuel may be piled upon the cut ends of the kindlers.

In practice, it has been found preferable to construct the present kindlers from discarded or old newspapersin which the terminals 3 are preferably the fold while the outer free ends are attached at 5, the complete kindler being surrounded by a single sheet which insures the kindler against unwrapping or unfolding.

In use, the kindler is bent from the position as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, to assume the position as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the end presenting the hinge connection 8 being disposed upwardly with the lower ends resting upon the grate. Fuel is now placed upon the upper ends of the tubes and the ends 3 of each tube are ignited from below.

It will be noted that the hinging portion 8 provides a means for bringing the sections of the tube into close proximityso that a greater mass of kindling material may be assembled in a given space. It also permits of 'a plurality of tubes which when folded and standing vertically are capable of standing alone and of supporting'the fuel until the kindler is nearly consumed. This hinging element also makes it possible to use varying numbers according to the size of the grate.

Where it is desirable to rapidly ignite the present kindler, loose paper or other inflammable material is placed upon the grate below the kindlers or where it is impractical to use paper for starting the portions 3 of one of the sections may be pulled outwardly from the tube to produce loose ends to be bent around beneath the other sections.

What is claimed is:

1. A fire kindler comprising a tubular roll of inflammable material, having its inner end extended With the opening of the roll to provide an initial igniter, and the roll being provided With a transverse slot between its ends to form a hinge connection between the sections thereof.

2. r A fire kindler comprising a plurality of tubular rolls of inflammable material and their inner ends projecting Within the openin'gs of said rolls to provide initial igniters,

' said roll's being secured together side by side and having alining slots at the same side providing sections connected by hinge por- -tions, vvhereby said sections can be swung relative to one another.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as 20 Copies of this patencvmay be obtained for five cents each,: by addressing the Commissioner'of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification44/532, 44/521, 44/531
Cooperative ClassificationC10L11/04