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Publication numberUS1191865 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1916
Filing dateApr 19, 1915
Priority dateApr 19, 1915
Publication numberUS 1191865 A, US 1191865A, US-A-1191865, US1191865 A, US1191865A
InventorsFrances W Workman
Original AssigneeFrances W Workman
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US 1191865 A
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VSpecification of Letters Patent. I Patented July 18,1916. i

Application lllefl April 19, 1915. serial No. 22,217.

To all ic/wm t may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANCES W. VVolnr- MANY, acitizen of the United States, reslding at lLos Angeles, in the county of hos Angeles-and State of California, have lnvented new and 'useful Improvements in shoulder straps have a tendency to'slip down on the arm or of the ordinary woven chemise which is often substituted for the knitted garment, but which tends to gather ln bunches beneath the corset, by reason of its not conforming to the body. u

It is a further object to provide an undergarment whichv is formed of a vestportlon of woven or non-elastic fabric and av body 'l'lroken awayto show the constrction. 2 is a vlew of the garment.

portion ofknittedl or elastic fabric with a portionwhichis adapted toconceal the corset, and thereby take the place of a corset cover, and-t0 confineany garment having shoulder straps or any attachment which must be fastenedV to'lithe corset hook and still Worn-next the body under an undergarment.

I rattain these objects by the embodlment vof my invention illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a view illustrating the garment as applied to the body, with parts Fig. Figs. 3 and 4 are details showing the manner in 'which the non-elastic fabric is attached to the elastic fabric, F ig. 3 showing the fullness of the non-elastic fabric at its place of attachment with the woven fabric, and Fig. 4 showing the knittedfabric as' cXpandefl Fig. 5 is a section on the lille 5-5 of Fig. 2. Fig. 6 is a section through the shoulder strap, showing the loop for the brassire or other garment worn under the undcrgarment havinfr shoulder straps.

More specifically7 7, indicates the lower knitted portion of the undcrgarment which is secured to an 4upper portion- 8 of nonelastic fabric such as muslin orv the like.

S) is a portion which is in efl'ect a peplum 60 and forms with the cover.

The body portion 7 may 4comprise a. body and leg portions of a lunion' suit or the body portion of an llndervest, and-is adapted to be placed next the body and conform 'there to.' The Abody portion 7 is attached to. the vest portion 8 at a point immediately below the arms, the vest portion 8 being attached to the body portion so that there isa. full-v 7 nessin the vest Aportion which will permit 4erpansion ofthe knitted fabric.

Shoulder straps' 10 and 11 comprise 'a part of the vest portion 8 vand. due to the fact that they are non-elastic, they will not easilyv slip down over the sholllders as is the case with a garment which is for'vled entirely of i knitted material. A l

The'peplum portion 9 is preferably an inlcgral part ofthevest portion 8. l In other 5 words, tllevest portionvS and peplllm portion 9 form a corset cover to which the body portion 7 is attached. Draw string 12,Aorf` rubber bands are inserted at thevwaist line.

'The garment is placed.upon'therbodyfin 85 the manner in which thefordinary:union sllt or undervest is placed thereon and the corset appliedovcr the portion 7 and llnderneath the -pepluln portion 9. The peplunl portion 9 is then secured over the corset by the draw strings or rubber bands, thus effectively concealing the corset and giving;r the dainty fullness to the outside waist and not requiring an extra garment for Vthis purpose.

YIf a brassire or other garment is won having shoulder straps or attachments to ge fastened to the corset hook, it can be appli d next to.the body and my improved under\. garment placed over it. A tape which is atl tached to the front of the brassire or otheli vest portion 8, a corset x brassire shoulder straps, snapping the female clasp member to the male clasp member lf3, thus forming a loop and preventing the brassire shoulder strapand the garment shoulder strap from having independent movement on the shoulder.

What laim is :f j

1. An ndergarment comprising a corset 4cover portion formed of non-elastic fabric,

an auxiliary body portion secured thereto formed of elastic fabric and hanging loosely under said corset cover portion to form a vest, union suit or other garment intended to be worn next to the'body,fsaid corset cover portion having a fullness with respect to said body portion 'i 2. An undergarmeiit provided with shoul` sire or other garment straps7 afbody portion of knitted fabric secured to said corset cover at the-upperparts thereof.

5. An undergarment, comprising a' corset cover portion formed of non-elastic woven v*fabric and/provided with shoulder straps Vwaist line through which a 1,192 ,ees 4 having loops for garments disposed beneath said undergarment, a body portion formedr of knitted fabric secured at 'its upper por tion to the upper part of said corset cover and provided with anaperture adjacent the garment attachment strap may be passed.

6. An undergarmentrcomprising aA vest portion formed of non-elastic Woven fabric and provided with shoulder straps having loops for brassire or other a' body portion formed of knitted fabric sej cured at its upper portion thereto, the place of 'juncture of said vest and body portion being disposed immediately below the arms of the wearer, and a peplumfportio'n secured to said vest and body portion adjacent their point of juncture. 1

"7..4 An undergarment comprising a vest portion formed of non-elastic Woven Ifabric and provided with shoulder straps having loops for garments disposed beneath said undergarment, a body portionformed of knitted fabric secured at its upper portion` vthereto and provided with an aperture adjacent the waist line through which a gargarment straps,

ment attachment may be passed, the place of juncture foi-,said vest and body portion being disposed immediately below the arms of the, wearer, and a peplum portion secured to said vest-and body portioncadjacent ltheir pointrof juncture.

In 'Witness that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto subscribed myV name this 2nd day of April, 1915.


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U.S. Classification2/110
Cooperative ClassificationA41C3/00