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Publication numberUS1193202 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1916
Publication numberUS 1193202 A, US 1193202A, US-A-1193202, US1193202 A, US1193202A
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xshower a attachment
US 1193202 A
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APPLICATION FILED FEB. T. 19%6- 1,1 93,302. Patented Aug. 1, 1916.

ATTORN EV sition shown in Fig. 7 to either a position I, sage 26 therethrough and ally disposed passage 27 wherein water is supplied botlrto the spray nozzle and to the shower ring 22 or to the latter. alone, according to the direction of movement of 'said part 13, the latter being provided with a straight diametrical pasalso with a radicates at itsin ne'r end with said passage 26.

permits the wa ter to'drain' 'from' t'he superlV hen in its closed position thewalve 13 osed parts through the-hose 24 and spray 'nq'zlfif i 1Wimra full head of water is admitted to 15- 'th'e l i'nder 14- bythe opening ofvalve' 13, the pressure ofthe water acts'upon 'thepis- "-'ton'fl'{3 carried by -'tub'e'15, which normally occupies the lmes nr'Fi'g. '20

" shown in said figure.

positior'i indicated by dotted 3, and said 'piston and-tube are thereby elevated-to the 'fullline position Asis obvious, the u fw'ard' movement" 'o'f-v the tube '15 may e thereagain st aset-screw 28' mounted adjacent to-the upper end of the cylinder, said -set-screw"also serving to maintain said tube in "adj u'sted' position.

It' will be noted that the automatic elevation of the tube: 15,'as aforesa-id, is dile to the'fact that the discharge of'fiivater'through the'shower ring 22' is-pre'vented by allowing the latter to"irem'a 1n-in its? suspended posi- =t'ion,"indicz ited in dotted lines in Fig. ,1,

ii-herein" the passage of water, through the langemire 20 is cut off. Said hinge valveis of thattypeWv-herin is employed 'a pair of similar p'ivotally connected members having-fiat engag ng-facesforming a ground 'joint, one of said faces-beingadapted for,

r'otaryanovementnpontheother, and said faces:are 'previ ded with:ports adapted to be broughtinto'and-out 0 respectively permitting and cutting off com m'u'nication bet-ween said members. In the present case a pair of'ports 29 in the face of the movable member of the valve are adapted to be' carried -into register with similar ports 30 provided in. the contacting :face of the stationary member of the valve when'thetubular ring-carrying arm 31 oo- (:upies its-extended or horizontal position.

- Z'The pivot pin '35 connecting the members of -said hinge valve preferably has wings 36 on itsouter end whereby it may be adjusted to frictional] y securcf said members against I A dial 32 is preferably provided'at the outer end of the control valve 13, the same which communiing and closing said valv registration for having indicated thereon the position to which an indicator 33 carr1ed by the operating stem 34 must be turned to cause the valve to perform its various functions.

\Vhile I have described in detail a preferred form'ofmy invention, it is to be understood that variouschanges may be made in the form and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit or scope of the-invention as defined in the appended claims i lV-ha't is claimed is- 1.- The combination with a bath cock, of an upright-tube coupled'to said cock, an'upright cylinder connected to the *upper' end of said tube, a pipe-of materially less diame- ,ra-atically elevatable underv the pressureof water admitted to the. cylinder whensaid ring occupies suspended position. i. .1 2. In a showerattachment' for bathtubs,

one arm connected to' respectively open-' the combinationwith-an upright cylinder andmeans connecting said cylinder vwith a .bath Cook, of a pipe partially disposed within and having vertical movement with re-i spect to said cylinder 'a piston disposed about the lower end of said pipe and preventing withdrawal of said pipefron rsaid cylinder,the upper end of said pipe extending above the top of said cylinder, a shower ring, a hinge valve connecting said shower a ing to the upper-end of said pipe, saidring being adapted to be swung from a suspended to a horizontal position, and vice versa,

- respectively opening and closing-said valve,

said piston and superposed connected parts being automatically elevatedunder the pressure of water admitted to the cylinder when said ring occupies suspended position.

In testimony whereof, I allix my signature in presence of two subscribing witnesses. V



H. E. Dt NLAP, W. F. KE F

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U.S. Classification70/203
Cooperative ClassificationB60R25/005