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Publication numberUS1194884 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1916
Filing dateJul 7, 1915
Publication numberUS 1194884 A, US 1194884A, US-A-1194884, US1194884 A, US1194884A
InventorsEugbn Sastdow
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Eugbn sastdow
US 1194884 A
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lIllll E. SANDOW.


Patented Aug. 15, 1916.




To all 'zo/wm 'it may concern:

Be it known'lthat I, EUGEN SANDow, a subject of His Majesty the King of Great Britain, and a resident of London, England, have invented a new and useful Improved Physical Exerciser, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to physical exercisers and consists in a form of same which is, or may be combined, or used, with a dollor figure whereby a child playing with same may be caused unconsciously to take physical exercise.

In my United States lPatent of the 5th January, 1915, No. 1,123,570, there is described a device consisting of a doll or ligure having a physical exercising device forming a part of same as the limbs of the doll or figure or some of them.

According to the present invention, however, instead of rendering the limbs of the doll or ligure extensible it is proposed to obtain the same result by applying external extensible (by which is meant also retractile or elastic) parts or members to the doll or figure by providing a jacket, trousers, or other garment, equipment, harness, or the like, adapted to fit an ordinary doll or iigure, said garment, equipment, or the like, having the physical exercising means combined therewith, the exercising means consisting, for example, of extensible sleeves or limb portions to the garments or extensible parts carried by the garment, or other devices applied outside of the doll or iigure as the limbs of a garment or equipment in which latter term is included a harness or other covering for the body of a doll or figure.

It will be understood that a garment or the like constructed as above described is intended to be fitted upon a doll or figure and the latter employed as an exerciser in the manner described in the aforesaid specilication, thus forming a ready means of turning an ordinary doll or play figure into a useful and beneficial unconscious exercising medium for a child.

`Some constructions of garments and devices are illustrated in the accompanying drawing as embodiments of the invention by way of example.

ln this drawing Figure l shows a jacket and trousers carried on the figure of a doll: Fig. 2 shows a portion of a jacket only in a modified form: Fig. 3 is a view of the in- Specicaton of Letters Patent. Patented Aug- 15, 1916,

Application aiea my 7, 1915.

Serial No. 38,459.

side-of a part of a jacket to show another' modification: Fig. l is a view of a belt attachment: Fig. 5 is a view of a harness: and Fig. G is a view of a piece of elastic fabric.

In Fig. l the exerciser comprises a jacket 1 having arms consisting or' coiled springs 2 attached inside the sleeves by sewing them to the fabric of the sleeves at the points 3, 4, of the shoulders and wrists, respectively. The material of said sleeves is either knitted or is so loose, elastic, or full, or is formed in such a manner as to allow the sleeves to stretch with the springs when the latter are pulled. The sleeves in the form shown are longer than the arms A of the ligure so that the latter are not in the way of the ends of the sleeves which have tobe gripped by the child when extending the arms though they may be shorter. To afford a convenient grip in the form shown the sleeve ends are contracted by puckering them as at 5. To strengthen the jacket at the point of-insertien of the sleeves a strap 6 may be sewn at the back inside, as indicated at 6, up to the shoulder points, the front portion being left loose so that it may be strapped upon the chest of the doll before the jacket is buttoned up.

The trousers are formed in the same way, of loose, elastic or full material with the coil springs 7 inside of same secured at S by stitchi-ng to the fabric, and secured at the lower ends by attachment as at 9a by stapling to the upper parts of wooden feet 9 serving as grips for the hands in place of the grips formed by the puckerings 5 on the arms, the trouser legs being longer than the ordinary legs B of the figure, though they may be shorter if the wooden feet are absent.

Fig. 4 shows a belt 10 provided with a buckle 10a which can be placed Linder the arms of the figure as seen in Fig. l and which is also provided with a hook 11 to enable the figure to be hung to a ring or hook in a wall or the like so that the pull upon the sleeve and trouser parts may be eilected against a fixed point.

Fig. 2 shows a jacket 12 simulating a gymnastic coat or acket in which the upper end of a coil spring 22 is secured to the inside of the sleeve as at 13 by stitching and the lower end is secured to a ring 14 carrying a spring grip dumb bell 15, the usual hands of the doll being concealed by the sleeve.

Fig. 3 shows a loose elastic cord 16 hooked at 1T to an eyeleted tab 1S stitched at 1S inside a jacket 19 said cord passing down the sleeve so that it is concealed in same, and terminating in a hand 20.

Fig. 5 shovvs a harness for a doll or figure which is preferably applied outside the clothes. lt consists ot strap 24 which may be placed around the neel; ot the doll so as to rest on the shoulders and a. Waist strap both having buckles Qin and 25a respectively, i'cr tightening same7 the tivo belts being conn nected by stra )s 2G.

The neck strap 124i has tabs 2T, 27, preterably of leather attached to same and through holes in these are passed the ends oi meinbers consisting ot elastic cords 28, 28, which ends are bent over and secured at 2S, the other ends being similarly passed through and secured to eyelets 29, 29, of grip dumb bells 30, 80. rihe Waist strap 25 has similar tabs 3l to Which are attached at 33 members consisting of elastic cordsI 32 the other ends ot Which are attached to looped straps 34, 34E, through Which the :toot be passed such straps having pieces to hold the instep and prevent the foot trom being pushed through too tar. The members 28 and 32 thus represent the respective limp portions ol a garment or garments.

A doll or figure carrying this form of harness may be attached to the Wall by a belt such as that shovfn in Fig. While the child can exercise both its feet and arms by means of the members 32 and L8 or either of same.

1n place of having coiled springs attached inside the t'abric of the sleeves or trouser portions ot dolls clothing such sleeves or trouser portions may be made of a suitable elastic fabric such as shown in Fig. 6 Where the longitudinally arranged threads no are ot rubber and the cross threads 37 ot' stout yarn, a fabric being thus provided Which may be made up in the usual Way into a sleeve or other tubular part which can form part of a garment and be gripped and extended by a child.

As many changes could be made in the above constructions and also many appar-l ently Widely dil'ierent embodiments of the inventions be devised Without departing irom the scope oi" saine it is intended that all matter contained in the above description or shown in the acconuianying drawings shall be inter ireted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

hat I claim is l. A physical exerciser comprising a garment for a doll or ligure and an extensible limp portion to such garment.

Q. A physical exerciser coniprising a garment for a doll or figure and extensible means applied to a limb portion ot such garment.

3. il physical exerciscr comprising a garment for a doll or ligure and an extensible device concealed Within a limb portion oi same.

fle. A physical exereiser comprising means adapted to be fitted over a doll or gure and including an extensible member.

i physical exerciser comprising a garment for a doll or ligure and a tubular part carried by said garment adapted to cover a limb ot the doll or ligure and means carried by such tubular part to render same ex tensible.

n testimony whereof l have hereunto set my hand.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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