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Publication numberUS1196252 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1916
Filing dateMay 19, 1914
Priority dateMay 19, 1914
Publication numberUS 1196252 A, US 1196252A, US-A-1196252, US1196252 A, US1196252A
InventorsOle S Le Grand
Original AssigneeOle S Le Grand
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Chisel and punch holder.
US 1196252 A
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' i as v quickly interchanged in the handle.

With the above and other objects in view TILE S. LE GRAND, (035 ISLOLTAAG, MINNEfiQTAr entrant art-n run-on riotnnn,

4 To all whom it may mm;

, tion of the invention, such as will enable 10,

Be it known that T, -@LE S. Ln GRAND, a citizen of the United States, residing at Rollag, in the county of Clay, State of Minnesota, have invented certain new and use ful Improvements in Chisel and Punch Holders; and Tide hereby declare thefollowing to be a full, clear, and exact descripothers skilled in the artto which it appertains to make and use the same. f This invention relates to tool holders and has special reference to'a chisel and punch holder designed to hold cold chisels and punches so that they can be struck by a hammer without fear. of injuring the hand of the operator.

The princlpal object of the invention is vice of this description which may be readily manufactured at a low cost. f f Another object of the invention'is to pro vide a tool holder or: handlearranged to set at right angles to the tool, said handle-being also arranged so that the tools may be j the inventionc'onsists in general. of certain novel details of construction and combination of parts hereinafter fully described,

illustrated in the accompanying drawings,

and specifically'claimed. In the accompanying drawings, like'characters' of reference indicate like parts inthe several views, and Figure -1 is a top plan view of the device. Fig. 2 is aside 'elevation of the device. Fig. 3is a longitudinal section on the line 3-3 of-Fig. 1. Fig.4 1 is a detailsection'al view taken vertically 40 J In carrying out the objects of the inven tion there is provided a .hollow-handle 10 I having on each side thereof an elongated"- slot 11. At thefforwardend of this'hollow, handle is a'j head '12 which isv provided with 'a centrally. disposed opening 13. "11h thisv opening areycertain "guideways." 14= =.and-' at? the forward iend of the; opening is a ribi'15 which is arranged .to' codperate withiaribthrough the'upper end of the device.

16 ona guide'head17 formed,on a "pl-un or 18 movablefin the hollowgot the {hen le-.- Surrounding' thea-plunger is a. spring 19 ,nieaasa. I trecifiwtiwetmttewtetwt Patented Aug. ea, rare.

\ .t.pplicationilledllday19,1914l. senainmeaaeaa which normally urges said plunger forward, sald spring bearing against. a tractor bar 19 which projects through the slot 11. It is to be noted that the rib 16 is arcuate 31; is also the rib 1,5 The punch or chisel shown at 20 is provided with a groove 21 intermediate its ends and when the punch or chisel is inserted in the tool holder this grooveis grasped between the ribs and 16 and held centrally of the tool by reason of the guide head 17 fitting in the slot or guide portion 14 of said head. It will be obvious that by merely retracting the plunger 18 the tool may be released from the head when engaged therewith and another tool put in place. It will be also obvious till ' that the hand is held well away from the invention to the exact form herein shown 7 and described, but it is wished to include all such as come properly within the scope claimed.

4 Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new, is

therewith, said head having alined openings, a spring-pressed plunger-rod operating' in the handle and having one end extending into the head, and a second head carried by the extendedend of the plunger, each of said heads having a rib formed thereon and arranged in confronting relation for yieldably engaging a tool at diasupported in the openings. In testimony whereof, ll

ture, in the presence of'two witnesses.

' =Witne sse;. I i l Aseow,

i one s. Leena.

A tool holder comprising a hollow handle, a head." on the handle and communicating metrically opposite points when the tool is a my signa-

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U.S. Classification81/487, D08/47, 269/254.00R, 30/168, 81/480, 125/40, 30/167
Cooperative ClassificationB25B9/00