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Publication numberUS1196539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1916
Filing dateSep 28, 1915
Priority dateSep 28, 1915
Publication numberUS 1196539 A, US 1196539A, US-A-1196539, US1196539 A, US1196539A
InventorsEdward I Goldberg
Original AssigneeEdward I Goldberg
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US 1196539 A
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Patented Aug. 29, 1916.



Application filed September 28, 1915.

phere which would otherwise be intensely disagreeable or dangerous.

More specifically stated, the invention comprises a casing adapted to .be carried upon a person or in some other convenient position, the casing containing air purifying devices or chemicals, character of the poisons or dangerous atmospheric conditions, and tubular connections being provided between the casing and the mans .mouth .'and nostrils.

-With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the arrangement and combination of parts hereinafter described and claimed, and while the invention is not restricted to the exact details of constructiondisclosed herein, still for the purpose of illustrating a ractical embodiment thereof, reference is ad to the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters designate'the same parts in the several views, and in which-.

Figure 1 is a perspective front view showing the device in operation; Fig. 2 is a similar rear view; Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view of the casing; a is a detail sectional view of .the apparatus adjacept the persons mouth and nose; Fig. 5 is a front elevation corresponding to Fig. 4; Fig. 6

is a horizontal section on the line 66 of Fig. 5; and Fig. 7 is a perspective view of the nose piece. v

, At 10 I show a casing adapted to be closed and sealed, except as otherwise hereinafter specified, by any suitable means and com prising any desired number of interior compartments. This casing may conveniently be carried upon ones back by means of strips 11 and 12. It will be understood.

however, that the position of the casing or manner of supporting or carrying it may be variously determined.

Specification of Letters Patent.

depending upon the Patented Aug. 29, 1916.

Serial No. 53,081.

At 13 I show in the t ip of the casing an a1r inlet and at 14 I show. several outlets for purified air.

Without being unnecessarily limited as to the number of purifying elements of any particular apparatus, the illustration covers two containers 15 and 16 each having a neck 17 and a stopper 18. In each of the necks 1s fitted a guard 19 of tubular tapered form having a restricted mouth at its lot er end. The air inlet 13 leads through ,a tube 20 into the first guard 19, and to the lower end of the tube 20 is secured a flexible tube 21 leading through the restricted mouth of the guard and comparatively close to the bottom of the receptacle 15, the guard protect- 'ing the flexible tube and preventing the' splashing of the liquid into the mouth of the container or receptacle. This tube 21 )eing flexible provides that its free end will always reach approximately to the bottom of the liquid in the container irrespective of the inclination of the casing or position of the wearer. The mouth of the guard 19 is spaced sufficiently from the flexible tube 21 to permit the partially purified air to pass upwardly between the tube and guard whence it is conveyed by means of a tube 22 into the other receptacle down through the guard 19 thereof and flexible tube 21 for a second treatment. The air is thence conveyed upwardly through the neck of the receptacle 16 by means of a tube 23 into the bottom of a filter 24: and thence to the outlets 14.

Flexible tubes 25 lead from the outlets 14 to the nose and mouth piece indicated as a whole at 26. This device includes a nose piece .27 adapted to fit sufficiently snugly over the nostrils and bridge of the nose and having a tubular lower end 28. The nose piece 27 is preferably formedof rubber or similar material adapting it to be fitted in position. The tubular connection 28, however, is of some rigid material and is provided at its lower end with a valve 29 adapted to open downwardly freely to the atmosphere but prevent entrance of air upwardly thereto.

At 30 is indicated a baror plate serving.

is indicated a central horizontal mouth.

.lHlv freely inhale through his mouth, the direc- The ends of the elbow members 3 1 oppo- 25 are provided with valves 32 which lie on opposite sidsof-the site the connections extension 28 between the personslips or within his mouth.

From the construction shown and de-' scribed it follows that the operator can tion of inspiration bein'gthrough the'tubes xflexibletube and preventing the liquid-from meansin the containers 15,

- few illustrations of the device,

25, elbow members 31, and valves 32. The

'exha'latlon may be either from the mouth through 29, or through the nose through the pipe 28 and .valve 29.

Obviously the character of the purifying 16 and 24 may vary greatlyaccording to local conditions,

I andwithout in any manner restricting. the

scope of the invention .1 may state briefly a of the practical adaptations The filter may contain layers of cotton- 33 or other 34 or the like. lhe receptacles 15 and 16' contain liquid 35. sa precaution against ordinary dust, dirt, or smoke,

water. fumes I may use sodium or potassium hydroxid,' j 10% solutionsl hydrochloric ac1d., As a precaution against air poisoned with .chlorin,.bromin, iodi'n, or fluorin, I may use a saturated solutionof sodium thiosulfate, I claim:-"-

an air purifier, the combination of a casing, means to support the casing upon farperson, the casinghaving an air nlet and an air outlet, air purifying .means within the casing comprising a receptacle adapted tof'c'ontain liquid, and, a' tapered tubular guard connected at its larger endto the of the receptacle and extending means-to convey the adapted to depend irrespective of the position of the casing, said guard protecting the splashing into the means to convey theair from the liquid to the" o'utlet, a noseand mouth piec'eheld in place over the nose bythe mouth, and means to conveythe purified air from the outlet to thenose and mouth, piece.

2, Inanair purifier, the combination of a casing having an air-inlet and anair outlet, a receptacle within the casing having a neck and a plug closing the outer end of the time: of, this 'patentmay be obtained for neck, said inlet constituting a the extension 28-,pipe 28 and valve suitable fibrous material and an intermediate layer of charcoal 1 the liquid may- As a guard against sulfuric acid J a guard against 1 ammonia I may use a 5 01 10% solution of -with the nose shield, said mouth of the receptacle,

five cents each, by addressing the wet-mund ne."

tube leading through the plug and through the receptacle neck, a guard fitted in the neck and projecting thence inwardly into the receptacle, said a receptacle being adapted to contain liquid for the purification of the air, a flexible tube connected to the inlet tube and extending thence through the guardadjacent the bot: tom ofthe liquid, and means extending from the heck plug to convey the purified air through the outlet.

In an air purifier. the combination of a casing having an air inlet and an air outlet. a plurality of receptacles within the casing each adapted tocontain a quantity of purifying liquid and each having an upwardly projecting neck closed by a stopper. and each receptacle. having a guard extending inwardly from the neck. said inlet constituting a tube projecting. through one of the stoppers into the guard pertaining to such receptacle, a tube connecting one plug to the other whereby air is conveyed from one receptacle to the other,said tube leading into the guard 0f the second receptacle. a pair of tubes connected respectively to the air inlet and thec'onnecting tube and extending thence throughthe guards into the liquid. a filter. andmeans to convey the purified air from the second receptacle through the filter to the casing outlet.

4. .In an air purifier, the combination with a casing having an inlet and an outlet, and purifying devices within the casing, of a nose and mouth piece comprising a nose shield, a depending tube communicating depending tube having a right angularlydisposed extension adapted to project into the mouth. a holdcr secured to the extension. a mouth inlet carried by the holder, said inlet having a .valve preventing outflow therefrom and said first mentioned tube having at its lower end a valve preventing inflow therethrough, and meansconnecting the outlet of the casing with said mouth inlet.

5. The combination stantially as set forth.



Commissioner of Patents.

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U.S. Classification128/200.11, 128/205.27, 128/206.12
Cooperative ClassificationA61M16/16