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Publication numberUS1197210 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 5, 1916
Filing dateJun 14, 1915
Priority dateJun 14, 1915
Publication numberUS 1197210 A, US 1197210A, US-A-1197210, US1197210 A, US1197210A
InventorsThomas E Jordan
Original AssigneeJiffy Brush Company
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US 1197210 A
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L l 9'?. l U Patent-ed Sept. 5, 1916.


25 f 3% s j 25 IIL ing had to invention.



L19? ,217th ratentea sept. 5i, raie.

Application led .Tune 14, 1915. SerialNo. 33,922.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that l, THOMAS E.v JORDAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Beverly, in the county of Essex and State vof Massachusetts, vhave invented a certainl new and'useful Improvement in Reservoir- Brushes, of whichthe following is al full, clear, and exact description, reference bethe accompanying. drawings. This invention relatesto brushes having provision therein for holding a supplyl of plastic or viscous material together with means for extruding the same into the brush as desired for use. For purposes o-f illustration herein ll have shown a shaving brush equipped with a reservoir adapted to be filled with soap of suitable nature for shaving, though it is'obvious that brushes of many kinds could be equipped in this manner such as glue brushes, marking brushes, etc.

'llhe 'object of the invention is the provision of a reservoir brush adapted to receive and coperate with containers of a Well knowncommercial type; While further o-bjects and advantages of the Ainvention will become apparent as the description proceedS.

Generally speaking my invention may be defined as consisting of the combinations and constructions recited in the claims here- -to annexed and illustrated in certain em bodiments in the drawings accompanying and forming afpart of this application,

wherein: I

Figurel is a perspective view of a complete bruysh constructed in accordance with Fig. 2 is a longitudinal secbrush; Fig. 3'is a perspective view of the soap container or reservoir before application to the brush; Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the removable bottom washer;- Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view through my improved brush showingv a modified form of soap container; Fig. 6 is a perspectveV view of said soap containerpan tially fullr of soap and before application to the brush handle, a portion of the side wall being broken away; and Fig. 7 is a lon itudinal sectional view of another form o my -lDescribng the acters, my improved brush comprises a hollow cylindrical handle 1 formed with an parts byA 'reference charinterior thread 2, preferably of left-hand nature, and .preferably having one end closed as at 3. 'llo the `otherlend of the han dle is aflixed a brush basefl, here shown as a hollow ferrule and secured, in the present instance, vby means of anthread'd gland 5, suiiicient play being left so that the ferrule may be rotated about its longitudinal axis. The outer end ofthe ferrule is preferably slightly tapered as shown at 6, and receives the bristles 7, the-same being secured in place in any suitable or convenient manner.` Inside of this brush base is rigidly mounted a central axial discharge duct 8 whose end projects into the middle of the brush. At

its'rearward end ll have shown 'the duct ,8

as formed with an enlarged internally threaded socket 9 adapted for connection to the soap reservoir hereafter described. This soap reservoir consists of a hollow collapsible tube, but its exact shape land method of use may take any one of several different forms. In the form shown in Figs. 2 and .3 this reservoir 'consists of a cylindrical collapsible tube 12 formed of any suitable material, but preferably of the same lead-and-A tin combination so. widely used for that purpose. The forward end of the tube is provided with aJ threaded nipple 13 adapted to be attached to the socket 9 as shown in Fig. 2, but before such attachment b'eingclosed by the screw cap 14. rllhe opposite end of' the tube is drawn together. and secured in a single dat seam or fold. Preferably the sides of the tube are creased inwardly as shown at 16 so that the length of this fold may not be' greater than the diameter of the tube, and the fold is preferably stiffened by means of a IUI-shaped clip 17 rigidly 'avxed thereto.

Located within the. handle 1 and meshing with the threads thereof is a movable lpiston 20 having its forward face formed with a narrow slot 21 adapted to receive the folded tube-end 17. With this construction it will be seen that the rotation ofthe handle 1 will cause the piston 20 to advance toward the brush, telescoping and crumpling the collapsible tube and ejecting the material therein out through the duct 8. Urdinarily the rotation of the piston 20 will be prevented by vthe rigidity ofthe tube walls, particularly 'considering that while they are smoothvthe tube contents will afford them considerable ,`rigidity, and that as soon as they have beendl members f helical spring 26 which prevents their rela-4 come crumpled this very fact will add greatly to their resistance. However even if the piston should follow the movement of the `handle and so twist the tube the result would be to decrease the capacity of the tube and eject its contents. g

In Figs. 5 and 6 I have illustrated a modified f a pair of orm of container in which rigid end members 13h and i7, respectively,

are connected by a fabric or other iexible wall 24 securely' affixed thereto in. any suitable manner as by constricting wires 25, 25. In this embodiment rI have illustrated the as' connected together by the tive rotation while permitting them to approach each other. In this embodiment I have shown the threaded piston 240a as integrally connected with the end member 17a instead of detachabletherefrom as in Figs.

2 and 4. A

In the embodimentillustrated in Fig. 7 the handle 1 is interiorly smooth and provided at its closed end with a gripping member 30 adapted to receive-the closed endi of a soap tube inserted therein, so thatA when' the two parts of the brush are turned relatively to each other this tube is twisted and the contents thus ejected.

It'will be obviousthar great many changes inaddition to those described could be made without departing from the scope of my invention, wherefore I do not limit myself to the details herein described except as specilically recited in the claims or rendered nec- ."f

essary by the prior art.

Having thus described what I claim 1s: A

1. The combination of a my invention,

base having a discharge duct therein, adapted to receive the neck of a. collapsible tube, a hollow handle 'for inclosing the tube, a coupling between the front end of the'tube and the base, permitting relativerotation thereof,

and means in the handle for ycollapsing the THOMAS E. JORDAN.



the discharge

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International ClassificationB65D83/00, A46B11/02
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