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Publication numberUS1197657 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1916
Filing dateJan 11, 1916
Priority dateJan 11, 1916
Publication numberUS 1197657 A, US 1197657A, US-A-1197657, US1197657 A, US1197657A
InventorsMichege Oiiofino
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Bath-tub appliance.
US 1197657 A
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APPLscATioN man JAN. H, 1.915.

' in dotted lines.

unirse srnfrns entre.nai ernten.


BATH-TUB nrricieiven.

larly to a chair foi use in conjunction With a bath-tub as an aid to bathing, and the objects of my inventionare: first, to provide a comfortable seat or support whereby a person using a tub for bathing purposes may remove a part of the body from the Water as desired While remaining in a sitting position, thus avoiding the necessity of standing up in a slippery tub; second, to provide means to facilitate bathing the lower extremities of a person While taking a bath; third, to provide a collapsible or' fcldable support to be used in conjunction With a bath-tub and which can be compactly folded so that it may be conveniently stored. l

For the purpose of illustrating my invention, l have shown in the accompanying drawings one forni thereof which is at present preferred by me, since the same has been found in practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, although it is to be understood that the various instrumentalities of which my invention. consists can be variously arranged and organized and that my invention is not limited to the precise arrangement and organization of the instrumentalities as herein shown and described.

Similar numerals of ieferenee indicate corresponding parts.

Figure l represents a perspective of a bath-tub chair embodying my invention, the same being shown in (perative position within a tub. Fig. 2 re] resents a plan of the chair frame, the seat beingindicated Fig. 3 represents a side elevation of the chair. l? g. 4 represents a front elevation of tho sami. Fig. i represents the chair in folded condition, and Fig. 6 represents a modificaion.l The device of my invention comprehends broadly a seat or supporting surface, and a frame. preferably capable of being col- Specication of Letters Patent.

parts are exposed and readily lapsed, for maintaining the seat .in operativepositionwithin a bath-tub when required. i i

' l designates the seat body of the 'chair i Patented Sept. i12, 31916. l.Application :Sled January 11, 1916. Serielrlo. 71,400. i i

which li'nay be of any suitable or desired i' shape to suit requirements, though injthe present instance, it is.provided with an opening 2 extending'through the seat as will be apparent-."fgAs here shown the open- 1ng-2 is in the nature of a relativel large recess formed in the front-edge of t e seat so that only certain parts of the body rest directly upon the seat and washing. of this .character is furthermore advantageous and-desirable in hospital 'Work for irrigating Work, douches or the like. The

the remaining I. i y accessible forv A. seat Aformed with an opening seat body 1, as heie shown, is fXedly sec iIIed to a suitable frame of metal-having side parts 3 projecting to the rear of the seat and terminating respectively in hooks 4f, the

general contour of which is 'designed to,

conform to the configuration 'of the. edge of the tub with which the device is used.

ln order to avoid marring or scratching the surface of the tub, I preferably provide shields 5 of rubber or material serving the same'purpose which may be slipped over the hooks as Will be understood. j

6 designates the legs of the chair, of-Which able feet 7 of rubber or material of a suitable nature to avoid scratching of the painted or enameled surface and to prevent sliplping of the chair. T he legs 6 are preferably raced against side thrust by the bridge members 8 or the like, While the side bars 9 and 10 control the bracing of the legs when the latter are swung to supporting or operative position. It will 'be noted that each pair of side bars is pivoted together at l1 while the opposite ends are respectively pivoted to the frame 2 and the legs 6. By this construction, itwill be evident that one side bar of each side may be reversed'and turned to lie adjacent its component member, thus bringing the legs 6 to a folded position substantially parallel to the bottom of the seat and in close proximity thereto. Thus the device may be folded into a very compact condition when not inuse and conveniently put away until required. If desired, it may be S5 I prefer to employ tivo,.both being pivoted y to the frame 2 at the front and having suitbe ,netecighat these are preferably reveisely ,bentandi-extended rearwardly as shown at ee?. me

13 et sebstentiaily'tiie center line of the seat A being eeiineeted tegethei' ny rivets 14C ev like esifiiezfnng ineens and inaily ein the rear' ber 15 Q' ne fmnie, thuepeviding a. stieng and Subetantinlsuppoi' fer te eee; Pieper. t will fmther be seen'thet *me i-earimid e15- tensions 13 are of Suitable contour *be e0nform Vto the, recess or opening 2 and consequently the frame does not interfere or ei struct 'che said opening 2.

4 When the device is not in use, it is nsueiy oided into compact form and stei'ed in :L convenient place and when needed .it can be quickly and readily mede operative by low' ering the legs 6 to proper Supporting posi' tion en setting 'the pivoied bi'ecbars 9 and 10. 1n this condition. it is, placed in the tub with. the hook extension arms 4 seating upon the edge of the tub, thereby ineuiing e. stable and effective support for any one using the,


It will new be apparent that l have devieed e. vComplete unitary device of simple construction and adapted to beieeetively einpoyed in Connection with. :iA badi-*pub 1. A chair er bagnine@ eompiising a. seme body hm'i e. bounding enige ei? subsentieiy curved/Wimmer provided. iiih e. feietively deep r/eeeefs .er opening ne firent supper ng the ronpai sei. eet body in norme position. and aepte -e be eide; into @lese proximity te seid Seat in innpere, tive pesitien, rigid bieee members connecting seid legs, coiepsibe between the seet body .and each ieg; :ind `eratensiete members pieieeting et ne rem. ei' saidvgeet ieey psevidec with ineens Le the u bethftub te iigidiy supL oriy seid. Seat body the reel'.

2. A chair foi* eeen-mbe comprising a. seat body having e reietively een recess 0.1: opening et the imm part, ineii frame ferire ing e, support fer Seid @eet bea. y., seid freine being shaped o eeve Said opening unebstrueted, e paie et? legs pvete ne seid frame, one et eithei' side ei seid opening, rigid brace members connecting Seid eoliensible brace bersvbetween seid leg enti seid frame n1id,exte'sion membeisi-ermed en integrei part of Seideee; body and pr: vided with ineens for engaging theedge of e. bein tub for supporting the reel' peri; of Said See?, body. v Y 'ln testimony whereof? have benennt@ signed my name.


Witnesses: 'y i M. Binaries :ROBERT M. Benn.

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