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Publication numberUS1199048 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1916
Filing dateMay 15, 1916
Priority dateMay 15, 1916
Publication numberUS 1199048 A, US 1199048A, US-A-1199048, US1199048 A, US1199048A
InventorsAlfred B Breeze
Original AssigneeAlfred B Breeze
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Drag-link device.
US 1199048 A
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APPLICATION min MAY 15. |916.

Patented Sept. 26, 1916.


Witwe (Inez/neg Vlcvito at thi3 joint where the tule is -inii'mn Ystirring mfrENT oFF-ion.



.rau-.n masqu .1916.

1.199.048. specificato of Letters Patent.

' I Appndaaon ined May i5, 19m. sei-iai No. 97,495.

To alt u.: iff-m. t3/nay conrern .i

lie ,it known vthat I, Aman-iu B. BREEZE, Va citizoi'i of tlievUnited Statenj and residing at "incinnati, in the county oi" l-lan'iilton and Stat-- of Ohio. have invented al'u'ew and useful Improvement in l)'r.rg {-Linl l De ices, of which the follmx'ilrjg Specilieation is` aA full disclosure.

A invention.relates to an impro-vcd drag link device and more pa'rtiiznlarly, to the means .f'(- i".-;um orting the socket, hearingY piete for a knuckle joint in the (nd of a steel tube. -lerctofore it lhas: heen customary toprovide ancnlarged tube 01nd for this purpose, as a ineans of providing a :shoulder or scat for the. Ainner socket piece. This le quired splicing a larger tui e end on a Smaller tube, or :rs-waging process, or olertric .vclcling7 or boring 'operations7 making the job undulyA :expensive and weakeningA the lnrged to form the Shoulder abut-nient.

'.lho ohject of lnyninvntion is to enable the use of -a singlel piece.. tube, preforaliily of uniform. diameter, the seat for the inuor hearing' piece boing formed .integral 'with the tobtl upon a uniform (ilianietersection of the l'.n l e,:.|.nd to forni Seats of this f zllzuzuztoi" by a. convcniontandV inexpensive im-;tliml. producing a Stronger and better apparu-'ng doi/ice as nell.' f

The features of 'the invention are more fully set forth inthed'escription of the ai:` (rompan-ying lxawirigzs,l forming' a part of lthis specification, in which Figure l 'sin longitudinal i of one und of thedi-ag link. Fig. 2- is a bottoni plan View. l"ig.-3 '1S an end View. Figi-t Fig. 5 is :L

. tion on .lino .5--. Fig. Figi. Gif, a. longitudinal section o one und o the draf;

link showing' the position and forni ofdif:

and punch usc-d duringr the sl'ululdor forming opefatioli.v Y

Only orlo-end of the sieoi ti is shown, wliirhi itv may be assumed is of 'uniform diai'i'ieter throughout. lu the sho'uh'har forming pro( .i circumferential, tuhcffitting die 1, (ses, Fig. Gf; is thrust into the ltube end 2, the porigiluiry of the die formed with 'twofor nun'o iimiwuf 3, into which recess a shear l` 'portion of tho tube metal is, to llo displaced, th(l rirenn'or ent-ially fitting; diel prenait-ing the iislic from lvl-.inguA distorted under tlu: puurliiu and the dio i'occsseS duiinitcly .iiztrrauiuo tuo tongues to a pointwlii .hers stru/:k down'lfroni tlie'tubegwhich forniing process will lie understood .inconnection -with Fig. (i, Showing the punch 4.- in position. The tube metal above the die recessis .alieared forwardly toward the end of thisl tulle to forni :i'tongue 5,the rear und` .beingni'm-sci'eri-.d and constitutingfthe bending Vgaine. in practice, theshearingand punch! m51 constitutes a single' opemtion'. I' have shown three of such tongues.. the counter- 'Sunk front ends of which constitute the siats or shoulders '6, within the tube, and two or more of such seats may be .formed as-dcA sired. i C* lVllile my invention' is not"limitedto this manner of, -forniing Seats b vvto'olfas itiiuayA oliviouslvv lio a hand inc thod, there are ail- Vinit-ages in this die"v andfpunoh operation readily api :u'erit7 to-\ vitz,"th'e tm'fgjl'ie are all pushed inward tothe-Samb 'i' rfreeo that the sont.`A are uniform". the tube is iiot''lifto'rted.' ferred= to punch" in' "thev front-'ends .of' the The inner bi'uf-ingpieco cin'pi e# the loir:- aiuniforential boss 8 having"adlanmter {ittingr a oirrle vtangentiall-ly'de rolatisely to the 'inner odge-S'J of the". indica ed in dotted linesl 9,-Fig. l. and as showrjif'n Fig. l, so that. this boss Supl portizdhy thv inner 'sont Sli'rfaoe inf :L position r-.mmcntrio to tho tube, The Socket hearing prdper, 1l), integral with boda 8, is rircular, and of a. dianietrto lit the normal diameter of the tube, itamarginal periphorji' 1i, dfined ly the sinalhr diazs'ietr-.r boss S, boing; hold fndwise against the seats, where.- liy tho boga is sup1iorteil.conientricall y on seats axial and'radial to the tube. That is to any, the ends of the tongues forni one Set of +4 for the socket piece. in a. plane. liamelzrimil to the; tube, and the inner surfaces of these tongueli form seats for the lsoss 8 in a transverse direction. `The, other' hearing piene 12 has tli'e stub rod 13, and n screw plug. 1,11; engaging the tube` screw threads 15 is provided with a. boss 14. A. rolled springr ll sin-marais: thcvstuh 13 and hogs 14; to pres the socket pisco inward.- The plugr 14 is hold to adjusted position by :M -:ins of otto: -pin 17' paing through oats` as the bcrox o E of the plug and the pppd.

site ends passing through orifices in the outer end of the tube.

The tube is formed with the opening 19 for the steering gear rod 20 on the inner end of which is the. ball or knuckle :21, having bearings on the right and left hand socket pieces.

It will be seen that this makes a very strong and simple device for Securely and concentrically supporting the socket pieces and that it is produced by a very cheap and efficient method.

Any strain in an axial direction on the inner socket piece will be resisted in the same direction by the seats, the tongues forming the seats being,r prevented from moving inwardly because the inner edges of the tongues vrest upon the periphery of the boss H, as shown in Fig. 1.

Ordinary steel tubes can be employed and they can be fitted up very rapidly at a minimum` cost.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. A drag link device comprising a tube 8. A drag link device comprising a tube of uniform diameter formed with socket piece seats struck inwardly from and integral with the tube, and a socket piece held against said seats. f

i. A drag link device comprising a tube of uniform diameter having integral members struck inwardly from the tube, a socket hearing piece having a circumferential boss fitting between the inner edges of Said members, and a larger diameter socket portion hearing endwse against the ends of said men'ibers.

5. A drag link device comprising a tube having inwardly struck tongues forming axial seats and diametrvical seats within the tube, and a socket piece, one portion of which is held against the diametrical seats, and another portion is Aheld between the axial seats formed by said tongues.

A drag link device comprising a tube indentured near one end to constitute a seat for a. member to be inserted into the tube end, the tube portions upon opposite sides of said indenture being of the same diameter. and a socket piece concentrically held within saidl tube end and against said indenture.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name, as attested by the two subscribing witnesses.


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