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Publication numberUS1200158 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1916
Filing dateSep 24, 1915
Priority dateSep 24, 1915
Publication numberUS 1200158 A, US 1200158A, US-A-1200158, US1200158 A, US1200158A
InventorsRoy Barrett
Original AssigneeJ D Miller, W J Werely, Roy Barrett
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US 1200158 A
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1,200,158. Patented Oct. 3,1916.

Ti4' I I I:

I 1. {:11 II H H 1' I:





Application filed September 24, 1915. Serial No. 52,373.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROY BARRETT, of

Palmyra, in the county of Wayne, State of New York, have invented a new and useful 5 Tool-Holder, which improvement is. fully described in the. following specification and shown in the accompanying drawings.

My invention relates to tool holders, and more particularly to that class adapted for use in holding tools such as cold chisels, stone cutters, chisels, etc., for the purpose of obviating the danger of injury to the users hand when hammer blows are applied to the tools.

It has for its primary object to provide a holder consisting of a gripping member for gripping the tool and a handle adjustable with relation to the gripping member to occupy different angular positions as occasionmay require.

whereby the gripping member may be readily detached from the handle.

Another object is to form the handle so that the tool can be adjusted to a position in which it lies within the handle.

To these and other ends the invention consists in certain parts and combinations of arts all of which will be hereinafter described, the novel features being pointed out in the appended claims.

. In the drawings: Figure 1 is a side elevation of a tool holder constructed in accordance with my invention shown as applied to 5 a'cold chisel; Fig. 2 is a plan view thereof;

Fig. 3 ,is a transverse sectional view on the I line 3-3 of Fig. 1; and Fig. 4 is a side elevation showing the tool adjusted to occupy a position within the handle.

to the jaw by means of which the tool can so be directed. j

' In the drawings in which one embodiment" of my invention is shown, A represents the gripping member, constructed of a strip of fiat spring -metal doubled .upon

5 itself, the two arms or jaws being bowed A further object is to provide means;

In using tools such ascold chisels, stone outwardly at their middle points 1 and agam at thelr outer ends 2 providing middle and end sockets within which the tool C spring material, somewhat heavier than that of which the gripping member is composed, bent into a substantial U-shape with the Specification of Letters Ifatent. Patented Oct. 3, 191 6 parallel arms 3 engaging at their outer ends outside of the gripping member A. In

or in other words about an axis at right angles to the length of the tool, to occupy dlflerent angular positions, the friction order to allow a relative adjustment of the I caused by the spring action of the two parts holding them in adjusted position. The parts may be adjusted to the position shown in Fig. 4 in which the tool occupies a position partially within the handle, or between the arms 3; In case it is desired, the

tool could 'be removed from the socket 2 and'inserted within the socket 1 in which case it wouldbe entirely concealed within .the handle.

The spring of the arms of the gripping member A causes them to exert an outward pressure upon the inner sides of the handle arms 3 when the toolis inserted. This outward pressure augments the inward pres-' cheap, simple and efficient tool holder that.-

is notsusceptible to injury, and is capable of ready application.

What I claim as my lnventionand desire to secure by Letters Patent is: 1. In a tool holder, the combination with. a. gripping-member formed of relatively from one side length of a tool held by the gripping mem-- ber.

2; In a tool holder, the combination with a gripping member formed of two spring gripping arms relatively movable and providing an opening between them extending receiving a tool between its ends to expose the upper end for impact by a hammer or the like, of a handle pivotally adjustable on said gripping members to turn aboutan axis at an angle to the length of a tool held by the gripping member.

3. In'a tool holder, a gripping member formed of two relatively movable jaws, and a handle formed of two relatively movable arms each of which is pivotally connected independently of the other to one of the jaws at such point as to hold the jaws closed with a yielding pressure.

4. In a ,tool holder, a gripping member formed oftwo spring arms, and a handle formed of two relatlvely movable spring of the arms to the other for arms each of which is pivoted independently of the other to one of thespring arms of the gripping member at such points that the spring arms of the gripping member are held together by 'the spring arms of the handle. v

5. In a tool holder, a gripping member formed of spring metal doubled on itself to provide two jaws, and a handle formed of spring metal and doubled on itself to provide two spring arms each of which is pivoted independently of the other to one of the jaws of the gripping member at such points that the spring arms of the gripping member are held together by the spring arms of the handle.

6. In a tool holder, the combination with a gripping member consisting of a strip of spring material doubled upon; itself and each arm bowed outwardly at its middle point and its outer end to form middle and end sockets between them, of a handle embodying two arms pivoted at their ends to the arms of the jaw at their middle points, the jaw being adjustable about the pivot so that a tool inserted in the middle socket 0ccupies a position between and in line with the arms of the handle.


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Cooperative ClassificationB25B9/00