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Publication numberUS1201550 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1916
Filing dateSep 22, 1915
Priority dateSep 22, 1915
Publication numberUS 1201550 A, US 1201550A, US-A-1201550, US1201550 A, US1201550A
InventorsFrederick W Brush
Original AssigneeFrederick W Brush
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US 1201550 A
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Patented Oct. 17, 1916.




This invention relates to appliances for the use of dentists in illuminating the interior of the human mouth. 1

The invention is embodied in a flash light includingan ordinary dry battery as the illuminating means, the light being adapted to be inser in the mouth with convenlence -to both the atient and the operator, and

alsoadaptedito support a mirror in the mouth in position to reflect the rays of the lamp and illuminate surfaces m'the mouth which are inaccessible to direct rays, the mirror being adapted to reflect the illuminated surfaces to the eye of the operator.

The invention consists in the improvements which I will now proceed to describe and claim.

Of the accompanying drawings formmg a part of this specification: Figure 1 represents a view partly in longitudinal section and partly in elevation of a dental flash light embodying my invention, provided with a reflector; Fig. 2 represents a side view of the battery, and one of its terminals disconnected therefrom; Fig. 3 represents a side view of the incandescent lamp; Fig. 4 represents a perspective view of the mirrorholding device; Fig. 5 represents a perspective View of the mirror. I

The same reference characters indicate the same or similar parts in all the views.-

In the drawings, 12 represents a tubular container of any suitable thin sheet metal,

such as brass or copper. The inner end of Specification of Letters Patent. Patented 0 1;, 17', 1916.

Application filed September 22, 1915. Serial No. 52,004.

dry battery 18, the general construction of which is the same as employed in so-called flashlights. The periphery of the battery 1s surfaced with insulating material 18, which insulates the battery from the contamer. The battery has a terminal 19 at ltsputcr end, and a terminal extension 19 which projects into the extension 12 and is adapted to make electrical contact with the lamp terminal 17, the extension 19 being 1n effect a rod forming an extended or elongated battery terminal, although preferably separable from the battery, as shown by Fig. 2. The extendedterminal 19 is insulated from the casing extension 12 bya surfacing of insulating material 19*.

The container is provided with means for closing and breaking the circuit through the lamp, said means, as here shown, comprising a screw-thread connection at 13 between the head 13 and the casing, and a resilient contact spring 20 attached to the head and arranged to bear on a terminal 19* at the inner end of the battery. Rotation of the head 13 in one direction causes the spring 20 to contact with the terminal 19 and close the circuit. The circuit is broken by a rotation 'of the head in the opposite direction separating the spring 20 from the terminal 19".

It will be understood that one side of the circuit includes the metallic wall of the container and its extension. The closing of the circuit of course renders the lamp filament incandescent.

- The container may be provided with a mirror 26, which is detachably engaged with I the reduced extension 12 and is adapted to ternally threaded socket 30 adapted to receive the shank portion 28. The socket piece is provided with spring clips 31 adapted to embrace the reduced extension 12 of the container and thus secure the socket piece and mirror to the extension.

It will be seen that by turning the head 13 in one direction the circuit is closed and the lamp filament rendered incandescent, and that by turning the head in the opposite direction the circuit is broken, rendering the lamp inoperative. The heat radiated from the lamp warms the mirror and prevents condensation of moisture from the patients breath thereon.

The elongated terminal 19 enables a battery of ordinary length to be employed, and while said terminal may be permanently secured to the battery as a fixed part thereof, it is preferably separable from the battery and formed as a loose connecting rod extending from the ordinary battery terminal 19 to the lamp terminal 17 the battery being removable independently, leaving said rod in place in the casing.

It will be seen therefore that an ordinary battery having the usual terminals 19 and 19 may be employed, said battery being readily obtainable as an article of manufacbeing used to illuminate the interior of the mouth.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. A flash-light comprising a tubular battery container having a reduced tubular extension at one end, the extremity of which is provided with an annular flange and an internal screw thread, an incandescent lamp having a plug portion engaging said screw thread and having its bulb seated against said flange, a battery within said container and insulated therefrom, an insulated rod located within said tubular extension and electrically connecting said lamp and said battery, and means for making and breaking the circuit of the lamp.

2. A flash-light comprising a tubular battery container having a reduced tubular extension at one end, the extremity of which is provided with an annular flange, an incandescent lamp engaged with the outer end of said extension and having its bulb seatedagainst said flange, a battery within said container and insulated therefrom, an insulated rod located within said tubular extension and electrically connecting said lamp and said battery, means for making and breaking the circuit of the lamp, in combination with a socket piece having spring clips adapted to embrace said tubular extension back of said flange, anda mirror attached to said socket piece and positioned in front of said lamp.

In testimony whereof I have aflixed my signature.


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