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Publication numberUS1203831 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1916
Filing dateJan 6, 1913
Priority dateJan 6, 1913
Publication numberUS 1203831 A, US 1203831A, US-A-1203831, US1203831 A, US1203831A
InventorsJohn H Wittman
Original AssigneeJohn H Wittman
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Convertible box and coaster body for vehicles.
US 1203831 A
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1 203 3 E Patented Nova 7', 1916.

wagons, sleds, and the like,

Jenn H. wrr'riuau, or ToLEDo; OHIO.

convnnrmnn Box enncons'rnn BODY non vnnzonns.

To all whoin it may concern: I

Be it known that I, JOHN H. WITTMAN,

a citizen of the United States, residing at Toledo in the hi0, have invented certain new and use *ful Improvements in Convertible Box and Coaster Bodies for Vehicles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and. use the same.

This invention has reference. to a vehicle body and it relates in particular to bodies for for amusement and also having utility for hauling light loads.

The object of the invention is ,to provide a vehicle box of large capacity for the purpose of hauling material of any kind, and which after the material has been removed, may be instantly converted into a narrow and elevated coaster body, so that the juvenile may conveniently propel. the vehicle by sittingupon the coaster body and pushing the same along with one foot in theiusnal well known manner. Thus the invention embodies the novel combination, arrangement and details hereinafter shown, described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings illustrative of my invention, Figure l is a side elevation showing my improved vehicle body arranged as a box; Fig. 2 is an end elevation of the same; Fig. 3 is a view like Fig. 2 showing the body converted into a coaster; Fig. 4 is a perspective of the body arranged as a box; and Fig. 5 is alike view of the same ar ranged "as a coaster. p

eferring to the details, 1 indicates a Wheeled vehicle having the usual members 2 and 3 for supporting a body. My improved body comprises a longitudinal central floor section 4 fixed upon the members 2 and 3 and having end pieces 5 and 6 firmly secured thereto; movable floor sections 7 and 8 having end pieces 9 and 10 also secured thereto and side pieces 11 connecting the end pieces. The outer ends of pieces 5 and' 6 overlap the inner ends of the pieces 9 and 10, and 12 are bolts through the ieces serving as pivots by which the movable floor sections may e swung upon the pivct "to assume either the position in Fig. 4 or that shown in Fig.

Specification of Letters .Batent.

county of Lucas and State of used by juveniles 'oithe movable sections.

Patented Nov. 2, 1916.

' Application filed January 6, 1913. I Serial' No. 740,440.

5, the body being in the form of a box in the first position and constituting a coaster in the latter.

When assuming the movable floor verted position the form shown in Fig. 5 sections areelevated in inmg material such as ashes, the clothes, when the load and the movable sections over in inverted position, as in Fig; 5, the faces of the movable section will be free from the dust of the ashes, so that the clothes will not be soiled. Furthermore, the load in the box is readily dumped by raising either one lVhen arranged either as a box or coaster body. the movable parts remain firmly in place without hooks or other fastenings, and the operation for converting the body from one formto the other requires but an instant.

What I claim is- 1. A vehicle body having a floor divided longitudinally to present a fixed section and movable sections arranged at opposite sides sections, all of said sections being normally disposed in the same plane to prcvide a floor, and connections between the movable sections and body to permit said movable sections to be swung into a position above the fixed section of the body, said movable sections in said position being disposed in the same plane and in edge contact. 2. A vehicle body including; a fioor, side sections and end sections, the floor including, a fixed central section. and movable outer sections, the movable sections of the floor being secured ,to the side sections of the body, and connections between said connected side section's and movable fioor sections and the endsections of the body to permit the mov able fiooi' sections to be swung to a position above and resting upon the end sections of one body.

A vehicle body including a floor section and movable sides, parts of the floor section being fixed to and movable with the sides, and connections to permit the sides and movable parts of the door section to be swung bodily to position the movable parts of the floor section in a plane above and substantially parallel to their normal positions.

4. 'A vehicle body including a floor section which wouldsoil has been dumped have been swung above the fixed floor section. Thus, should the juvenile be engaged in haulmade nip of e fineil pert and movable parts, and substantially parallel with the fixed part 10 end wells for the body secured to the fixed of the floor section.

part ofthe' floor section, and sicle Walls for In testimony whereof, I hereunto aflix my theibgdyapivotallygonneleted to tlge end Wall? signature, in presence of two witnesses.

an Xe l secure to tie move e )art-s o Y r ,1 v the floor s ctiomflie pivotal connection per- J 011m WITIMAN' mitting the side walls; and movable parts of Witnesses:

the floor section to be swung to position the CARL H. KELLER,

said movable parts of the floor section above GEORGE W". Koxm'rn.

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U.S. Classification296/97.21, 296/66, 280/87.1
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