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Publication numberUS1203943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1916
Filing dateFeb 2, 1916
Priority dateFeb 2, 1916
Publication numberUS 1203943 A, US 1203943A, US-A-1203943, US1203943 A, US1203943A
InventorsElmer G Ware
Original AssigneeElmer G Ware
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Spark-plug protector and cleaner.
US 1203943 A
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ELMER G. WARE, or Bissen, ARIZONA. t


To all whom it may concern y Be it known that I, ELMER G. WARE, a citizen ofthe United States, and a resident of Bisbee, in the county of Cochise and State of Arizona, have invented a new and Improved Spark-Plug Protector and Cleaner, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

My invention has for an object to provide a device applicable to a spark plug when the latter is not in use and adapted to engage the threaded cylindrical portion of the spark plug, and form a fluid-tight bearing against the shoulder at the base of the said threaded portion, the said device forming a reservoir for gasolene, alcohol, or like liquid, the device thereby serving, when applled to the plug, toy remove any carbon, dirt, etc., adhering to the plug and forming at the same time a protector for the electrodes.

The invention will be particularly eX- plained in the specific description following.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification in which similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts in all lthe views.

Figure 1 is a side elevation partly insection of a protector and cleaner formed in accordance with my invention, showing the same applied to a spark plug; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the said protector and cleaner; Fig. 3 is a side elevation showing a modified form of protector and cleaner adapted to receive two spark plugs; Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section of the device shown in Fig. 3, the dotted lines indicating two spark plugs.

Referring more particularly to Figs. ll and 2, my improved device consists of a hollow body 10 having internal threads 11 at one end adapted to engage the threaded cylindrical portion A of a spark plug B. The opposite end 12 of the body 10 is closed and the device has a length between the threaded portion 11 and the end 12 to constitute a reservoir for holding asolene, alcohol, a carbon remover, or the li e. When the body Specication of Letters Patent.

Application led February 2, 1916. Serial No. 75,752.

Patented Nov. "Z, 1916t 10 is screwed tightly on the plug B the open end thereof will form a Huid-tight contact with the shoulder C of the spark plug at the base -of the threaded portion A. Thus the device will serve to protect the electrodes of the spark .plug and serve to thoroughly clean the plug and remove any carbon thereon. The body 10 has-a wrench hold 13 formed thereon, here shown as hexagonal, to receive an ordinary wrench for turning the body in securing it to the plug B or removing it therefrom.

In the forms shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the hollow body 10a has both ends open and is formed with internal threads 11EL at each end. At an intermediate zone on the hollow body 10a, a wrench-hold 13 is formed, here shown as hexagonal to receive a wrench sim- -ilar to the wrench-hold 13.

In using the device as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, a spark plug B is screwed into each end of the body 10EL until the ends of the body come respectively to a bearing against the shoulders .of the respective plugs. Thus, one plug seals each end of the body 10a. The length of the body between the threaded portions 11a is suilicient to constitute a reservoir for the cleaning liquid which thus acts upon both plugs.

Having thus described my invention I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. A protector and cleaner for spark plugs, including a hollow body open at both ends. each end being interiorly threaded, the threads being of a length and character to take directly onto the threaded portion of a spark plug, the end edges being adapted to make a fluid-tight contact with the shoulder at' the threaded portionof the spark plug, said body constituting a chamber Jfor a cleaning` liquid between the said threaded portions.

2. A protectorl and cleaner for spark plugs, including a hollow body open at both ends, each end being interiorlythreaded, the threads being of a length and character to take directly onto the threaded portion of a spark plug, the end edges being adapted to make n Huid-tight contact with the shoul- In testimony whereof I have signed my der nt the threaded portion of the spark name to this specification in the presence of plug, sind body constituting n chamber for two subscribing Witnesses.

a cleaning liquid between the said threaded ELMER G. WARE. 5 portions, the body furthermore having ex- Witnesses:

teriorly thereon a zone forming a Wrench- J. D. TAYLOR,

hold intermediate the ends of the body. M. S. WILSON.

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U.S. Classification206/211, 206/327
Cooperative ClassificationB65D81/22