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Publication numberUS1206051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1916
Filing dateAug 12, 1916
Priority dateAug 12, 1916
Publication numberUS 1206051 A, US 1206051A, US-A-1206051, US1206051 A, US1206051A
InventorsJeptha Columbus Tatum
Original AssigneeJeptha Columbus Tatum
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US 1206051 A
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Patented 1510x 128. 1916.

'30 hestmode I'haveso-fardevised for the pracseutedin the bottom of? the fixedeup 4: he:


1,2oo;051. j se menme n 'Patente lNov.28,1916; ,A ncauonmeamgm12,1e16, Scriel-No.114,i3.-

To, ellrwhom it may comm; tecle in which the movable friction member 1 Be it known that l, Jerri C; Tuner, 3 or plunger .S'is'adaptedto reciprocate 'and citizen of the United States of .kynericai reljy its frigtion with the stationary cup 4, to siding at Richland, in the county of Stew-.- generate hea tto Warm the feetof the wearer art and State of Georgia. hnveimtented new I of the shoe. The plunger 8' is cylindrical end useful Improvements in'Shoc-Hecls, of and preferablyof comparatively .thin steel, which the following is :i speci'liol tion. and in orderthat-it may'hc distended when,

The presentinvention relates to improve required it is formed with a'series of kerfs merits in shoe heels. and is. designed to'peror Q'- n ing w f' p to near the 641 10 feet and improve the-construction of the b o Qitlhe pl nger. 'Th' plupgeris olsoi shoe heel shown in my allowed ,application formed n'ithm ..series of diametrically arfor patent Ser. No. 94,706,-filed May 1,1916, anged c i b'o es'or lugs 10, '0. of a j In said application for patent ,a'shoe heel is edge shape "and wider at the lower and provided n'ith a. movable friction member than at theupper end. 7o for generating heat in .the heel of the sh The cup or plunger. 8 is open at both ends,

o that th f t f th wearer may b but a bottom plate 11 is provided to close warmed, the friction being generated by the the lower end of the cylindrical member, action of-the wearer in walking, and is formed with an annular flange or The present invention c nt m l te a dif. shoulder 12 to lit up under the lower edge 7.5

2o ferent' and improved form of movable or ofthe plunger. This bottom plate is also friction member, and 9,150 embodies novel providadwith a perforated and screw means for increasing the friction between threaded central boss 13 in'whinh' the screwthe movable and the stationary friction 14k is threaded :ind by means of the head 15 m mb 59 th t as th v bl e b which is countersunk in the head 16 of the 25 wears, the weer noayhe taken up 'andthe conic-til or tapered shell 17 5 the plunger bodyfriction preserved. I 8, the hottoni plate: ll end the shell 16am In. the accompanying drawings I have held together, to form the 'mm'nhle friction illustrated this novel 'Form oi the invention member. The friction member is resiliently constructed and" arranged aceording'tothe. supported-by the coiled spring 1 8 which is v86 tioel application of the principles of thein tween it and vthe bottom plate 11, m1 i. will ventlon. f he noted that the. dished formation 01" the Figure 1 is o verticah'central' sectional plate permits of then se of l-lOIlgGI spire-l view of a hoe hgelequipped with 'n'iy'novel spring than if the plate were flet., th1.1s in- 90 3!) device. Fig. 2 is a top plan view oi thedesuring greater resiliency for the plunge! or vice, detached from the heel. Fig. 3 is omovable-friction member. horizontal sectional View on .line- 3-3 of In order to ventilate the heel for sum- Fig". 1. Fig. lis a top plan view of the mer use. I-provide an opening 19' at the movable frictionmemheig detached. Fig. 5 front face of the heel which closed bye 9-5 40 is a top plan view-"of the removable bottom spring plate 29 pivoted in the heel at 21. of the movable friction member. Thisv plate mail he turned to open position i For purposes of iilustrationl haveindh when desired to ventilate the heel and cool cated a portion of a shoe as 1', and the heel the air in the hollow heel. 2 is of usual leather formation, butit will he It will readily he understood. that the no 0 l5 understood that heels. of otherlnaterial-may tion of walking operates to warm the air in he used in conr'iection with. my'i-nventiomil' the shoe. for as the shoe heel is placed on being essential that a socket 01'' hole 3 be pro.--' the ground. the heel of the wearer forces vided in the heel. the movable member "or" plunger down .Withinthe Hole 3 the stationary friction v against the tension of the spring. '18 which 5-6 memherl is settled, andco'm pri'ses emet-allic' is compressed, .and then when the weight' cup shaped o'reylindrical memher open at of the walker istransferred to his other the top and formed with an annular pr'ojectfoot and the shoe heel raised oil the ground, ing flange 5, perforated z t-.6, 6, to receive th spring lifts the, movable membem-ond .the nails; or other fastenings'? by which the inasmuch as the exterior surfnoe ol" the 1L 55. stationary 'lrictionmember or cup is fiesmovable member is in ,close frictional rontenecl-in the heel 2-. This cup forms a reoeptact with the interior wall of the fixedrup of friction member 4, heat is generated and rying the friction between said member and the interior of the shoe is warmed.

Thel plunger is preferably made of thin steel, the wearer of the shoe Walks.

although other materials may be used if decup, said member adapted to reciprocate as A hollow shoe heel having a fixed cup,

sired, and as before stated the wear on the a resiliently supported reciprocable memouter surface of: the plunger may be taken up by turning the screw 1% to force the conical member 17 into the cylinder 8 in order to spread its walls. In this manner also the friction may be regulated between the two friction members and a greater or lesser friction may be attained as desired.

From the above description taken in connection with my drau-ings it will be readily apparent that I have provided an improved device which \\\'ill fullil the conditions and .t'unctio'ns of a comparatively perfect -loot warmer of this character.

What I claim is 1. A hollow shoe heel having a cup fixed thereiina resiliently supported reeiprocable member in the cup in frictional engagement rith the walls of the cup, and means for vaber including a slotted body portion in frietional contact with the walls of the cup, and means for varyin the friction between said body portion an described.

3...=L shoe heel having a fixed cup, a resiliently supported reciprocable member including a metallic, slotted body portion in frictional contact withthe cup and in s with inclined faces integral with'said b0 y portion, an inverted, frusto-conical shell closing the upper end of the body portion, a. bottom plate for said portion, and a screw connecting these portions whereby the frietion between the body of the member and the cup may be varied.

In testimony whereof, I affix my signature:


the cup, for the purpose

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