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Publication numberUS1206074 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1916
Filing dateOct 31, 1915
Priority dateOct 31, 1915
Publication numberUS 1206074 A, US 1206074A, US-A-1206074, US1206074 A, US1206074A
InventorsAlois Zwiener, William A Bryner
Original AssigneeAlois Zwiener, William A Bryner
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US 1206074 A
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throughout the enti fitter-ini A. Burners, citizens o; the TT L'- 1 f "1 1` Linnen metes. teeming et P Jtshurgh, in

.7 l toe county oi hegheny and. @tete oit iennt new non use...LA which the Voi .ving is spechieotion.

This invention reietes to improvements in key hooks7 anni has reference more perticuieriy to hooks adapted to he seeiineti to e -aannent.

'he prim-ery object of this inventief` is t provide e hey hook on which o suitahie hey ring muy be support/eci end whereby the eccidentei dispiecement et.I seiri ring from th hook'is prevented, es Weii es the accident rspiecenient of the hook from the garment. ,Another object of this invention is to provide a device 'for the purpose set forth, troniv which the Weerer may reeiijv inici conveniently remove the key ring when desii-ing to use the keys attached thereto.

A further object of this invention is to provide en erticieo'the character set forth,

n being secured in which shell he capable ot piece Without the employment of any eX- treneous means. Further objects of the invention are to provide o. device for the purpose set forth, which is simple in its construction and arrangement easy to piece in position, convenient and etti lent in its use, and inexpensive to manufacture. In the drawing, forming e part of this specification and wherein iike reference characters denote corresponding parts several views, Figure l is e perspectivevienr of e device iu'eccordence 'with this invention. Fig. 2 is e iongituciinei section therethrough. 3 is e. roer elevation. Fig. e is o. front eievetion. 5 is e; perspective vieiv or" e. inociii'ied rerin in accordance with this invention.

The erticie, in the preferred form, is mede from e strip oi sheet nietei, preterahiy one that is resii-ieut, and is by appropriate machinery to the proper form, and comprises' en eiongeted member l, provideffi with oent over engi portiers 2 enti 3, bent over on the.

'The portion adjacent provided with e. 'tongue le. ivh eh hy stomping out e length o the purpose, and projects inwardly Werd so that seid tongue i cornes with the eionfgeteri member i et o.

fin positionine` the hey hooi: i of the garment to which the device is to be secured. is inserted between the enti portion the elongated member i; this prooeciure being eiiecteoi by fexing t 1e en )ortion eivny troni the eiongetei1 1` i i niemeer i,

. the evice is pushed town over seid geo nient eiigagiged7 thereby conipieting ett-:ichnient oi: the device.

As soon es the device is positioned on the gonne/nt 'the end portion 3 springs inv/ard and forces the tongue the garment, when the'key hooks tend to siide upwardy on the garment.

To ciisengege the device from the gierinent, the enti portion 53 is forced :troni the elongated member l, so that there is enough clearance between the tongue the eiongeted member l to permit the gernient to pese therebetween.

The end portion 2., adjacent its emi is bent inwardly and downward, forming; e hook shaped portion gagement of the ring 8. indicated in dotted Iines in l. rthe hook shaped portion i', being in cont-ect with elongated member 1, es shovvn et 9, the ziccidentei' dispiacernentot-the ring 8is prevented.

As en exemple of its use. the device een 1oe piaceri upon the trousers'hnn. end remein there untii the seme are changed hy the Wee-rer. With the cie-vice inounteci upon the trousers henri, it is un exceedingiy oper ion to (iisenggun'e the ring 3, when it is tiesired to use the keys; th' ring is simply brough to the position over the hook shaped portion i', es indicated in dottefi lines Fie'. l, pushed cioivnwerdiy, between hook shaped portion 7 end the elongated member l, thereby becoming; diseng'n fieri shown into the tebric ot Wviil be thoroughly eifeotive for lie purpose hooi; onned from a Strip of Sheet metal Y and beni; to provide an elongated intermediate portion and a front and rear portiony said front portion arranged forward of the forward face of the intermediate portion a nd. oonneeted by curved bena with the-lower erniinus of Said intermediate portion` Said front portion ineiuling a curved part abuting against the forward face of the intermediate portion, said rear portion depending Afrom the upper terminus oi said intermediate porion and oonnecwl tlierewiili by a curved bend, and said ,rear portion having a curved part abuzting again@ die roar race of le intermediate porion, said. from; and rear portions of less lengli than the length or' the intermedia'-e portion.

As ay new article of manufacture ay hook formed from a strip of sheetmetal and bent to provide an elongated intermediate portion and a front and rear porion, said front portion arranged forward of the forward. face of the intermediate Qortion and Connected by curved bend with :he lower terminus of Said. intermediate portion, Said front portion including a curved part abril;- ing against the forward face of.; ille intermediate portion, said rear portion depending from the upper terminus of said intermediateportion and conneeted therewith by a Curved. bend, and Said rear portion having' a curved nari; abutting against the r ar face of the intermedia@ portion, said from; and` rear port-ions of less length than the length of the intermediate portion, said curved part of said rear portion poeitioned above the lower terminus of Said rear portion.

In testin'iony whereof We affix our signatures in presence of two y'itnessea LOIS ZWENER. -LLAM A. BRYNER. f'ibnesses t 'JENME Jonas, W. M. Woon.

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U.S. Classification24/3.6, D03/207, 224/666, 24/343, 24/3.12
Cooperative ClassificationA44B15/002, A45F5/02
European ClassificationA44B15/00B