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Publication numberUS120607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1871
Publication numberUS 120607 A, US 120607A, US-A-120607, US120607 A, US120607A
InventorsFrank Alsip
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Improvement in shovel-handles
US 120607 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 120,607, dated November 7, 1871.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK ALsrP, of North McGregor, in the county of Clayton and State of Iowa, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Shovel-Handles; and Ido hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof', which will enable others skilled in the art to make and use the saine, reference being had to the accompanying drawing forniing part of this specification, in which the figure is a perspective view of a shovel illustrating my invention.

My invention has for its object to improve the onstruction of the handles of shovels, spades, forks, Sac., so as to make them more convenient and effective in use; anwd it consists in the combination of a hand-piece with the ordinary handle, as hereinafter more fully described.

A represents the blade or plate, and B the handle of an ordinary shovel7 which are constructcd andconnected with each other in the ordinary manner. C is the hand-piece, the upper end of which is iitted upon and secured by bolts or rivets to the lower part of the handle B,

at or near the upper ends of the straps a ofthe blade A. The hand-piece C projects forward, and its lower end is supported by a brace, D, the outer end of which is securely attached to the lower end of the said hand-piece C, and its lower end is attached to the handle B at or near the upper end of the blade or plate A.

By this construction the forward hand of the person using the tool is very"'greatly relieved of the weight thrown upon it by bearing down upon the upper end of the handle with the other hand to balance or raise the weight upon the shovel. This invention also relieves the person using the tool from the necessity of stooping so low to lift it as he must with the ordinary construction.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The curved hand-piece C, attached directly to the handle B of the shovel at its upper end, and projecting downward, and supported at its lower end by the brace D, as shown and described.

Witnesses: FRANK ALSIP.

J. C. Hoxsm, l?. N. TRAHN. (141)

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Cooperative ClassificationB25G1/00