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Publication numberUS1206574 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1916
Filing dateJan 17, 1916
Priority dateJan 17, 1916
Publication numberUS 1206574 A, US 1206574A, US-A-1206574, US1206574 A, US1206574A
InventorsFerdinand Miller
Original AssigneeFerdinand Miller
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US 1206574 A
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latented Nov. 28, 1916.



!o aZl w7z0m it may conccrn Be it known that I, FERDINAND M1LLER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Seattle, in the. county et King and State of VVashington, have invented new and useful Improvements in Tree-Scaftolds, of WhlCh the folloaving is a specification.

T his invention relates to improvements in spring boards or foot boards for use in felling trees.

In carrying out the present invention, 1t is my purpose to improve and simplify the general construction of spring boards of the class described and -to provide a spring hoard which may be rapidly and securely attached to the tree, which may be moved to any desired position upon the tree, and whereby the wood chopper Will be supported safely and securely so that the tree may be felled.

It is also my purpose to provide a sPring board Wherein by means of coperating spurs that are carried by one end of the board and adapted to penetrate the tree, and a chain surrounding the. tree and having the ends thereof seeured to the board adjacent to the spurs, the board will be securely held to the tree and prevented from accidental displacement therefrom.

TVith the above and other objeets in view, the invention eonsists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts hercinater set forth in and falling within the scope of the claim. v

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the'board, showing the application of the same to the tree. Fig. 2 is a botto1n plan view thereof. Fig. 3 is an end Vieux Fig. 4 is a crosssectional view through the board.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, l designates a platf'orn1 of necessary length and width and constructed of any suitable materiaL Fastened to the under side of the platform 1 at one end thereof and projecting outuardly beyond such end are spurs 2 spaced apart and preterably disposed at the opposite sides of the longitudinal medial line of the platfor1n. Fastened to the under surface of the platform 1 adjacent to the transverse conter line of the platform and between sucl1 center line and the spurs is a braee ar1n projecting downwardl tro1n the platform and toWard thespur end thereof and having the lower end thereof formed to provide a spur 4. Also secured Specification of Letters Patent.

Application fi1ed January 17, 1916.

Patented Nov. 28, 1916.

Serial No. 72,527.

to the under surface of the platforrn 1 adthe brace arn1 3 and secured to each other and to such end of the arm by means of a boit 6.

7 designates a cross bai fastened to the under surface of the platform adjacent .to the center member of the yoke 5 and having the opposite ends thereof projecting beyond the respective side edges of the plat form and formed with an eye 8 and hook 9 respectively and engaged in the eye'8 is one end of a chain 10 adapted to encircle the tree and having the links at the opposite end thereof designed to interchangeably engage the bock 9 to hold the chain about the tree.

In practice, When it is desired to apply the spring board to the tree. t,he spurs 2 are driven into the trunk of the tree and the board held at an upward angle to the horizontal and the chain swung about the tree and connected with the hook 9. The spring board is now swungr downwardly t0 a substantially horizontal position and in the downward movement of the spring board the spurs 2 are drawn into the tree under the action of the chain, while the spur 4: on

the lower end of the brace arrn penetrates the tree below the spurs 2 andat a point centrally of the spurs 2 so that when the weight of a man is on the spring board the spur 4: will be driven into the tree and cooperate with the spurs 9Jand the chain to hold the spring board to the tree. VVhen it is desired to change the position of the spring board, the latter is swung upwardly,

thereby putting slack in the chain 10 and pronged end of the platform and having the extremities thereof projecting beyond the immediately adjacent to said cross bar and first-mentoned spurs and depending therefrom and secured to the spur end of sad arm. 15 In testimony whereof I affiX my Signature in presence of two witnesses.




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Cooperative ClassificationA01M31/02