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Publication numberUS1206753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1916
Filing dateNov 2, 1915
Priority dateNov 2, 1915
Publication numberUS 1206753 A, US 1206753A, US-A-1206753, US1206753 A, US1206753A
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Artificial hand.
US 1206753 A
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@tentati Nw 28, 39H5.

cured, tothe shoulder support. Also included in said cord are turn-buckle devices v29 for regulating the effective length of the cord.

30 represents a link attached to the stump socket 1 near its upper end and through which the cord passes, as shown in Figi. The main function of the link-38J is fto prevent the. cord pressing against zoat sleeve when the arm is fiexed, although the link may be made to contribute to the action of the hand. e.

Slis a loop extending upwardly from the movable finger 15 for the purpose of ref ceiving the end of a small article in coperation with the two fingers between which thearticle is grasped. In Fig. 3, for example, I indicate by broken lines P a pencil extending through the loop 31 and held by the fingers in the recess 17, which has been found convenient for similar and other purposes. y

In operation, when the wearer straightens his arm a tension is appliedthrough the cord 24; and the bell-crank lever 19 to turn the latter about its fulerum 20 resulting in the raising of the roller 22l against the underside of' the movable finger 15, and the opening movement of the same With respect to the rigid finger 14. Such opening movement of the movable finger is attained in opposition to the spring 18.

As the roller 22 is elevated and being constrained by the levers, the roller will be carried rearwardly or toward the fulcrum 16 of the movable finger whereby it is evident that the effective power of the levers is greatest at the beginning of the opening movement and gradually diminishes as the roller approaches the fulcrum 16 of the movable finger. By reasonA ofv such devices, the wearer can open the fingers with less fatigue and hold them in their open positions with relatively little effort bythe wearer. The levers 19 also serve as guides to prevent any lateral movement of the finger 15 to relieve the pinf i6 of undue strains.

` 12 being page toward the inner. edge the peripheral surface lof the knob, as 1S The purpose of the knob 12 is mainly to coperate with the fingers to enable a person to accomplish various actions which are otherwise not readily performed as, for example, in turning a door-knob, the knob 12 of the hand is pressed against the (iper-knob while the shank of the same is gr. sped between the finger ends 141 and 151; the knob thus held in frictional engagement with the door-knob enables it tobeI turned by a rotary movement of the persons arm.

The knob 12 may also be used to advantage in turning the pages of a book or newspaper by traversing the upper corner of a thereof with moeras oftentimes done with a finger tip of a 'natural hand.

The invention is of simple and inexpensive construction and is exceedingly usefuly to a person needing an artificial hand. What i claim,'is- 1. An artificial hand comprising a socket adapted to be secured to an arm stump, a

post connected with and extending forwardly from said socket, a finger rigidly connected to said post at one side of the latthe latter.

2. An artificial hand comprising a socketl adapted to be secured to an arm stump, a plate rotatably connected to the outer end of saidsocket, means to lock said plate in selected rotary positions, a post rigidly connected to said plate, a finger rigidly connccted to said post at one side of the latter, a movable finger complementary to the rigid finger and hingedly connected thereto, a

springv tending to yieldingly hold said movable finger in closed relations with the rigid finger, a. cord fastened at one end to the shoulder of the wearer, and a bell-crank lever fulcrumed to the rigid finger and con-v nected to said cord to be operated thereby to raise said movable fingerv by a sliding engagement with the latter.

3. An artificial hand comprising a socket adapted to be secured to an arm stump, a knob carried by said socket in axial alinelment therewith, a finger carried by said socket in offset relations with the axis of the socket, a second finger hingedly connected to the first named finger, means for yieldingly holding the fingers in closed position, and devices operable from the wearers shoulder for actuating the fingers in opposition to said means.

4r. An artificial hand comprising a socket adapted to be secured to an arm stump, a pair of hingedly connected fingers connected to said socket for revoluble movements about iet the axis thereof, alrecess provided in the outer extremity of oneof said fingers, a looped projection provided on one of said fingers to coperate with the aforesaid recess ir holding an article grasped between the fingers, a spring tending to retain said fingers in closed relations, a lever fulcrumed to one of said fingers, and means operable from thev wearers shoulder for actuating said lever to engage and eventually move the other finger into open position.

5. An artificial hand comprising a socket' adapted to be secured to an arm stump, a post extending forwardly from said socket,


.a ngex' dspoe to one sida Gf said pms and rigidy connected thereto, a second iin gel hingedy @unnamed ai', its wat and to she rear end 01'? h, rigid 'nger, a lever engageable with the second named nger and fuin emlmed to tha rigid x'ngaz in advance of said hinge Connection, and a cord operabe from the wearers shoulder for actuating said lever to @Heet the relative movements of the ngers.

Signed at Seattle, VJashingon, this 7th day of October, i915.


@peiling Witnesses Pimm BARNES E. ?mmsmm

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