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Publication numberUS1207456 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1916
Filing dateOct 25, 1915
Priority dateOct 25, 1915
Publication numberUS 1207456 A, US 1207456A, US-A-1207456, US1207456 A, US1207456A
InventorsBartholomew H Whelan
Original AssigneeBartholomew H Whelan
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US 1207456 A
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1 297,456. Patented Dec. 5, 1916.


Y 3255 f4/,0 fM//T /06 a u 4 5 l B. H. WHELAN.


APPLICATION FILED 061.25, 1915. A t 1,207,456. Patented Dec. 5,1916.

' 2 EEEE Ts-sHEET 2.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 5, 1916.

Application led October 25, 1915. Serial No. 57,845.

To all 'whom zt may concern:

Be it known that I, BAnTHoLoMEW H. WHELAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Roslindale, Boston, in the county -of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented new and useful Improvements in Leaf-Holders, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to leaf holders, and more particularly to the class of hand .operated music leaf holders.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a leaf holder wherein the sheets of the music are separately held withinframes which can be swung from left to right by hand for the successful turning of the sheets of music, the frames being designed to hold the sheet music smooth and prevent the dropping thereof from the device.

Another object of theV invention is the provision of a leaf holder of this character wherein any number of sheets of music can be held therein and successfully turned with dispatch.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a leaf holder of this character wherein the construction thereof is novel in form so that' the sheets of musiccan be swingingly supported for the reading thereof, the holder being readily portable and can be conveniently placed upon a piano, organ, or other support.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a leaf holder of this character which is eXtremel simple in construction, reliable and e cient in operation, strong, durable, and inexpensive in manufacture. Y'

With these and other objects in View, the invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a front elevation of a leaf holder constructed in accordance with the invention. Fig- 2 is an edge elevation thereof. `Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the music leaf turning frame and shaft therefor detached from the support of the leaf holder. Fi 4 is a sectional view on the line 4-4 o Fig. 1. Fig. 5 is a sectional view on the line 5-5 of Fig. 1. Fig. 6 is a top plan view.

Similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout ,the several views in the drawings.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the leaf holder comprises a support A lwhich includes a base 10 from which rises a vertical back or upright 11 suitably fixed there to centrally of the same at 'the rear edge l thereof, while mounted on the base forwardly of theback or upright 11 is a socketedboss 12 forming a bearing, and fixed to the upright or back 11 near the upper end thereof is a double armed spring clip 13, the arms of which are formed with the resilient jaws 14, and in the socket in the boss or bearing 12 and detachably engaged between the jaws 14 of the clip 13 is a vertical shaft 15 for swinginglv supportin the music leaf turning frames hereinafter ully described.

Each music leaf turning frame comprises a frame-like section 16 having an open center 17, the frame-like section being formed at its inner edge with a guide groove or channel 18 which opens throughv the top edge of the said section for receiving a sheet of music 19, it being understood of course that a plurality of these frame-like sections are employed for supporting the music sheets. Loosely surrounding the shaft 15 are collars 20 formed with ear eX- tensions 21 which are fixed to the frame-like sections 16 for swingingly connecting the same to the shaft for the turning of the music leaves or sheets 19, which are turned by hand from left to right, or vice versa.

Mounted on the frame-like sections at the outer longitudinal edges thereof are finger tabs 22 which permit the hand swinging thereof, while formed in the upper edges of the said sections are finger notches 23 which permit the convenient engagement of the sheets of music 19 for the removal thereof from the section when the occasion requires. Passed transversely through the shaft 15 beyond the collars loosely surrounding the same are cross pins 24 which prevent displacement of the collars 20 longitudinally thereon.

Mounted on the base 10 and rising therefrom is an inverted U-shaped bail 25 which forms a stop for limiting the swinging movement of the frame sections 16 when being turned from left to right or vice versa. The ,base 10 has fitted therein suitable screws lor other fasteners 26 for the detachable securing of the same upon a music rack the socketed boss and between the fingers a plurality of leaf supports, loop members, each formed from a single strap having their ends, fixed to the supports and loosely embracing the shaft, and cross pins engaged transversely 'in the shaft at the points bevond the outermost loop members to form hearings therefor.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.



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U.S. Classification40/533, 84/486
Cooperative ClassificationG09F11/06