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Publication numberUS1208025 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 12, 1916
Filing dateSep 1, 1916
Priority dateSep 1, 1916
Publication numberUS 1208025 A, US 1208025A, US-A-1208025, US1208025 A, US1208025A
InventorsJohn Smisek
Original AssigneeJohn Smisek
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US 1208025 A
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APPLICATION mm sum1, 191s.

strane ist SAFETYLSOLE.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 12, 19116.

.application filed September 1, 1916 Serial No. 118,055.

To oil whom 'it may concern f l'e it ini-own that lr., JOHN Siiisnn, a cit1- zen. of the United States, residing at North Bergen, in the county of Hudsongand State oi" New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Safety-Soles, i which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in safety soles.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a safety sole that is easy and inexpensive to manufacture and provides a calk carrying member adapted for removable attachment to the sole of a shoe.

A. further object ot the device is the provision oit a plate carried by a shoe provided with struclnout calk members and also calks rei'novably carried thereby adjusted in position.

`With these general objects in view and others that will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter' fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and then claimed.

in the drawing forming a part of this application and in which like designating characters refer to corresponding vparts throughout the several vieivsz-Figure 1 is a side elevation ot' the device operatively positioned upon a shoe, the latter being illustrated by dotted lines. F ig. 2 is a top plan viewot the device detached With the securing strap broken away. Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view taken upon line Ill-H1 ot' Fig. 2, and Fig. 4 is a perspective view ci three different forms of removable calks adapted for employment with the device.

Referring more in detail to the drawing, the device broadly consists of the sheet metal plate of substantially the form of the sole of a shoe, the same being adapted for fitting beneath the sole 11 ot the shoe 12 as illustrated in Fig. 1.

Toe straps 13 are adjustably attached adjacent the toe portion 14 of the plate 10 by means of the Shanks 15 of calks 16 s-lidably arranged Within slots 17 in the said plate and secured in the desired position by means of .locking Washers 1S for Spanner' Wrench openings 19. The straps 13 are adapted to be secured over the toe portion 19 of the shoe 12 by means ot' a suitable-buckle 20.

The upwardly curved rear portion 21 ot the plate l0 is designed for atly engaging the instep portion of the shoe sole 11 and is provided with a strap 22 shit'tably arranged through slots 23 in the plate and retained in position by means ot' a buckle 24, a strap being carried by the strap 22 for passing around the heel portion of the shoe. Elongated calks 26 are provided transversely of the plate 10 as well as oblique calks 27 by being struck out of the said plate during the formation of rectangular openings 27. Square and triangular struck out portions 28 and 29 respectively are also provided in the said plate forming additional calk members projecting from the bottom of the plate.

.Receiving slots 30 are provided in the plate l0 by means of which the shanks 15 of calks such as 16 are retained at the desired adjustments by means ot' locking washers 18. A

cruciformy-shaped slot 31 is provided substantially upon the central portion of the plate 10 corresponding to the ball of the toot adapted to adjustably position a shank 15 of anotherione of said calks. By this arrangement oi.z the slots 31, the calk 16 may be adjusted over the plate 1() to be correctly positioned relative to the ball of a foot when the device is worn on shoes of different sizes. The peripheryni the `forward portion of the plate 10 is vslightly convoluted as at 32 giving such portion a slight concavity for iitting the shoe sole 11.

Any desirable form of calksmay be attached in the manner described to the plate 10 such as those illustrated in Fig. 4 of the drawing, being the conical calk 16, pyramidal calk 33, and the prism-shaped calk 34.

A safety sole is thus arranged 'readily attached to a shoe and normally provided With a plurality of suitably positioned struck out calk members While also adaptable for operatively maintaining a plurality of removable calks.

-What`1 claim as new is A safety *sole comprising a shoe carried 5 plate having calk forming struck out, elongated, triangular and square portions, the

said plate being provided with a cross? shaped slot, alconvoluted indrawn marginal portion, a calk arranged beneath the said plate having a shank adjustably positioned 10 Within the said cross shaped slot and a locking Washer for the said calk.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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