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Publication numberUS1209051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1916
Filing dateSep 27, 1915
Priority dateSep 27, 1915
Publication numberUS 1209051 A, US 1209051A, US-A-1209051, US1209051 A, US1209051A
InventorsFrancesca C Shotwell
Original AssigneeFrancesca C Shotwell
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Collapsible funnel.
US 1209051 A
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1,209,051. Patented Dec. 19,1916.

gmenfoc described and illustrated in the accompanymnncnsca c. SHOTWELL, or MONROE, LOUISIANA.


Application filed September 27, 1915. Serial No. 52,854.

Ouachitaand State ofLouisiana', have invented a Collapsible Funnel, of which the following is a specification.

My invention is an'improvement in col-' lapsible funnels adapted for' conducting various materials, the same being formed of vmetallic springs and covering-which allow it to be folded up and stored in a small.

metal container and which automatically opens up when partly released from the con tainer. The container, which also acts as a discharge tube, has a screw cap; the dia- 'phragm of'the cap may be of thinmetal,

either with or without perforations or .ve

fine meshes according to use intended. The details of construction, arrangement,

and combination of parts are as hereinafter ing drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of the funnel in opened position, ready for use. Fig. f

2 is a perspective'view of the funnel in collapsed position. Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the same. Fig. 4 is a fragment view of the lower part of the funnel. Fig. 5 is a view of the cap when used for filtering.

1 represents the springs which are formed with a loop (2) at the bottom and held together with a clamping sleeve (3).

4 indicates the water proof material forming the cone of the funnel, which may be fastened to the springs by any suitable in place, and can be removed at any time to be cleaned. The diaphragm of the straining'cap (9) has perforations (10) for es- Specification of Letters Patent.

the metal'container in which COLLAPSIBLE FUNNEL.

I Patented Dec. 19, 1916 for filling gasolene tank.

By the construction and combination of parts above described, I produce a funnel that can be collapsed and stored in a very small space and automatically opened and ready for use, and which, complete, is especially adapted to and intended for use in connection with automobile radiators and gasolene tanks and can be made as part thereof or separately fitted in and attached thereto, so as not to be in any manner in the way and at all times ready for use.

' When used for filling automobile radiators or gasolene tanks, it becomes permanent and fixed, therefore not liable to be mislaid or lost; it renders the filling easier, ob-

viates spilling of liquids on the machine and estops the admission of dirt or refuse of any kind into the radiator 0r gasolene tank, thereby secu-ringcleanliness and preventing rust and other injury to the machine.

'I do not wish to limit myself to the use of the funnel in connection with automobile radiators and gasolene tanks, but intend it for any other purpose for which it may be found useful.

' What I claim is: I

A: portable collapsible funnel comprising a tubular container having a laterally projecting flange at itsupper part adapted to reston the upper side of an opening through which the funnel is directed, a removably disposedstrainer insaid container, an outwardly flaring telescoping part of flexible material forming the upper part of the funnel and springarms adapted to'hold [said part in expanded position when the funnel is open, one of said arms being provided with an extension whereby said flexible part may be easily withdrawn from said container.


'Witnesses: i


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U.S. Classification210/239, 220/86.1, 210/474, 141/337, 237/78.00R
Cooperative ClassificationB01D29/0027