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Publication numberUS1209726 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1916
Filing dateMay 26, 1916
Priority dateMay 26, 1916
Publication numberUS 1209726 A, US 1209726A, US-A-1209726, US1209726 A, US1209726A
InventorsPaul J Krueger
Original AssigneePaul J Krueger
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US 1209726 A
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APPLICATION f||.D MAv 26, Isle.

1,209,726. Patented Dec. 26,1916.

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m: Nouns urns m, rnannmm. maman-1.5, u' *f n rain FFIC.



Application filed May 26, 1916.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, PAUL J. Karmann, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Blue Island, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements .in Recoil-Pads, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to improvements in recoil pads for re arms of the shoulder type, and is designed to provide a device to be attached to the butt end of the stock of a gun to act as a cushion at the end of the stock of the gun, to absorb shocks of recoil when the gun is fired, in order to prevent injury or discomfort to the gunner.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a device of this character which is comparatively inexpensive in cost, durable and eflicient, and applicable with facility for attachment to existing guns so that the device is equally desirable for use in connection with new or old guns.

The invention consists in certain novel combinations and arrangements with the butt end of the stock of the gun by which a pneumatic cushion is retained to perform the functions of the described device.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention con structed according to the best mode I have so far devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention.

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the butt end of the stock of a gun equipped with my recoil cushion or pad. Fig. 2 is an end view of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a longitudinally, central sectional view of Fig. 1.

In the preferred embodimentaof my invention as illustrated in the drawings I have utilized the butt end 1 of the usual stock of a gun and the butt plate generally attached at the extremity of the stock.

The cushion pad is of simple construction and includes an outer metallic open end casing 3, preferably of aluminum, formed with a bottom or base plate 4, and an overhanging or projecting liange 5 which is perforated at convenient points to receive the screws 6 by which the pad is attached to the Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 26, 1916.

serial No. 100,024.

gun stock 1. The casing ity will be seen conforms to the shape of the stock of the gun at its extremity, and the pad, of course, as a whole, also conforms to the shape of the gun stock. In connection with the outer casing 3 I utilize a second or inner casing 7 also of metal and of somewhat similar outline and form to the outer casing. This casing is also open at its outer end, but at its inner end is provided with a ring or flange 8, parallel with the base plate 4 of the outer casing 3, and the two casings 3 and 7 are connected together by means of several screws 9 passing through the base plate 4 of the outer casing and the flange 8 of the inner casing.

For comfort and convenience a covering 10 is provided for the inner casing, which is preferably of leather and closes the open end of the inner casing. The leather cover fits snugly in the casing 3 and is secured to the inner casing by means of pins or other fastening devices as 11, and forms a closed chamber 12 in conjunction with the ange of the inner casing and the bottom plate of the outer casing.

The chamber or space 12 is provided to accommodate the rubber or other pneumatic tube 13, which has a filling valve 14, and may be placed in the chamber through the opening 15 formed by the iiange of the inner casing. This pneumatic tube, in connection with the leather, forms the cushion or pad to absorb the shocks of recoil when the gun is red, and it will be readily understood that the pad is placed against the shoulder of the gunner when firing.

In assembling the parts, the pneumatic tube is first passed through the opening 15 to its chamber with the valve in position to protrude through the openings shown in the ange and base plate. The tube is then inflated by means of the valve, and the device is then attached to the gun stock by means of the screws 6, and is in position to receive and absorb shocks from recoil when held against the shoulder of the gunner.

What I claim is 1. The combination with a gun stock of an outer metallic casing secured thereto and open at its outer end, an inner casing having a, flexible cover closing its outer open end, and av pneumatic tube inclosed between the inner casing and its exible covering.

2. The combination With a gun stock, of an outer metallic open end casing 'provided with a flange and perforated for screws to secure it to the gun stock7 an inner casing secured to the outer casing and provided with a. eXible cover, a pneumatic tube between n flanged portion of the inner casing and the fiexible cover, and said inner casing having an opening for passage of the tube.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents.

Washington, D. C. A

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U.S. Classification42/74
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/08