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Publication numberUS1210127 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1916
Filing dateApr 29, 1914
Priority dateApr 29, 1914
Publication numberUS 1210127 A, US 1210127A, US-A-1210127, US1210127 A, US1210127A
InventorsRalph A Wood
Original AssigneeInman Mfg Company Inc
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Paper basket.
US 1210127 A
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R. A. WO0D.



' Patented Dec. 26, 1916.





' Patented Dec. 26,1916.




Patented Dec. 26, 1916.




To cill whom it may concern:

Be it known that .I, RALPH A. Wool), a- 'citizenof the United States, residing at which are commonly employed in the transportation of grapes.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a-basket which can be made from a one-piece blank by automatic machinery whereby the" cost of production will be reduced to a minimum. ,7

A further object. of the invention is to provide a paper basket having an inexpensive handlewhich can be conveniently attached and securely held in upright position.

A further object of the invention is to provide a cover-for the basket, the cover having a transverse crease which acts as a hinge to. permit one end of the cover to be lifted.

Other objects and the features of novelty will be apparent from the following description, 'takenin connection with the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure 1 is a perspective View of a basket embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a perspective view, looking into the'basket, voneend being completed and the portions forming the other endbeing in a' partly folded posh -tion; Fig. 3- is a plan view .of the blank I from which the basket is formed; a'nd-Fi 4 is a vertical transverse section throng the upper portion of the basket and showing{ the arrangement of the handle.

eferring to the-drawings, and particu larly to, Fig. 3, it will be seen that the basket is formed from a blank having the central section 10 which constitutes the bottom of the basket, this section having attached thereto the side sections 11 and 12. The blank is creased at 13 and 14 to permit the sides to be bent into the proper position in forming the basket. The side section'll is providedwith end extensions: 15 and 1.6

and the side.section 12 is similarly provided with end extensions 17 and 18. Portions are out out of the blank to form substantially V-shaped openings 19 and 20 which separate the extensions from the ends of the bottomv section and from each other andform the Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec, 26, 1916, i Application filed April 29, .1914. Serial m. 835,238.

-,tabs 21 and '22 at the opposite ends of the bottom section. By cutting out the material to form the openings 19 and 20, it is possible to. have a basket with'rounded ends and also to provide the ventilation openings 23 at the ends of the bottom. It is. practically impossible to bend paper board along a tensions 15 and 17 are similarly overlapped with the. tab 21 between them and the ends of the extensions 15 and 16 are overlapped -on the inner side of the section 12, as-indicated in Fig. 1. The ends of the extensions 1'1 and 18 are similarly overlapped, but on the outside of the section 11. In order to secure the parts together, I prefer to use asuitable adhesive, such as glue, and submit the overlapped portions' to suflicient pressure to cause them to firmly adhere.

The side :11 has two vertically'alined in 26, these 0 enlngs be' me nt of a han dle. Refei' i'i ng to Fig. 4, it will be seen that the handle comprises the upright portions 27 and 28 -and'the portion 29 which connects the upright portions. The-upright portion27- has a hook30 at its lower end and is bent, as indicated at 31, to

- engage the upper edge of the side 12 in order to secure the .handle to the side 12. The

upright portion 28 is provided with a hook 32 at its lower end and is bent, as shown at:

openings 24, 2 5, and the side 12 has an openl for ,the attachbe readily 33, to engage the upper edge of the side 11. I

The uprlght portion 28 is also provided with an ofiset 34 which is adapted tobe arranged in the opening'25 with the portion ofthe upright between the vofl'set and the hook 32 on the inside of the basket and the portion between the ofiset and the bend 33 on the outside of the basket. 7

' It is intended that the baskets'be manufactured on automatic machinery and for shipment they are nested together, the ban dles being detached. When it is desired to attach a handle, the hook 32 is first pushed through the opening 25 from the outside of the basket to bring the offset 34 into the opening-25. The handle is then turned into the position shown in Fig. 4, the hook 32 the handle is thus securely attached to the basket. It will be seen that the arrangement of the offset 34 in the opening and the hook 32 in the opening 24 holds the handle in an upright position and, further more, downward pressure on either of the uprights will not detach the upright from the basket wall. Furthermore, the connection of the upright 28 to the wall 11 is such that the handle will not be detached by inward pressure on the wall. The handles may be quickly attached when it is desired to use the basket and on account of the peculiar forum of the handle, it is possible to make it on automatic wire forming machinery at a very small cost.

The cover 35 is shaped to correspond with the basket and is provided with notches 36, 37 which engage the handle and thereby secure the cover in position. The cover is creased along the line 38, preferably adjacent the handle, this crease serving as a hinge to permit the portion 39 of the cover to be lifted, so as to give access to the interior of the basket.

The arrangement of the tabs 21,22 between the overlapping extensions which form the ends of the basket constitutes a very firm securing means for the ends of the bottom section and it is unnecessary to provide additional securing means for these parts. The blanks may be cut froma web of material by means of suitable punching dies and the construction of the blank makes it possible to quickly form it into the completed basket, and therefore the cost of manufacture will be comparatively small. By using a material of the proper strength, it has been found that a basket may be produced in this manner which is even stronger than the ordinary wooden grape baskets and is therefore preferable to wooden grape baskets. It is also possible to print the blanks in the course of their manufacture and this is an additional feature which commends the paper basket to users.

McCleery Patent No. 925,938, but my invention is an improvement over all constructions devised heretofore, in that it is provided with suitable ventilating openings at the ends and may be more readily manufactured and at less cost than the former constructions.

basket, the blank being provided with substantially V-sha-pedopenings separating said extensions from the ends of the bottom section and forming tabs projecting from the ends of the bottom section.

2. A blank for paper baskets, comprising a bottom section and sides joined to the bottom section and having end extensions projecting beyond the ends of the bottom section and adapted to be folded into overlapping arrangement to form the ends of the basket, the blank being provided withsubstantially V-shaped openings separating said extensions from the ends of the bottom section and forming tabs projecting from the ends of the bottom section, said extensions being separated from each other by a narrow opening.

3. A blank for paper baskets comprising a bottom section having curved ends and sides joined to the bottom section and having end extensions projecting beyond the ends of the bottom section and adapted to be folded into overlapping arrangement to form the ends of the basket, said sides having handle openings substantially midway between said extensions and the said extensions of each side section, having handle openings corresponding with the opening or openings of the opposite side section In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses I A. W. CRANE, LYLE A. BROWN.

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