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Publication numberUS1210255 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1916
Filing dateFeb 13, 1915
Priority dateFeb 13, 1915
Publication numberUS 1210255 A, US 1210255A, US-A-1210255, US1210255 A, US1210255A
InventorsJulius Altschul
Original AssigneeJulius Altschul
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Arch and ankle supporting shoe.
US 1210255 A
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APatented Den. 26,1916( mw @m f f entre Laiasae. i'

To olliwwmt't may concern.'

" Be it known that l, JULiUsl itLTs'oHUL, a citizen of the United States,` residing at Brooklyn, inthe county of Kings and State of New York, have invented new andr useful improvements in Arch and Ankle Supporting Shoes, of which the following is a speciv` made stationary, giving comfort to the wearer, making the shoe easy in use, and effecting a saving in labor and material whereby the complete shoe may be placed on the market at a lower price than shoes of a similar character. n y

further object of the invention is to so construct and arrange the corset in connection with the remainder of the shoe that the stays may be easily removed whenever desirable either for renewal or for replacement by stays of different stiffness or if desired the stays may be permanently removed after the muscles of the foot have become suflieiently strengthened to be self-supporting.

A further object of the invention is to so arrange the corset and combine the same with the upper that the forward portions of the corset may be secured to the body and lining of the shoe by means of the usual eyelet strap inconnection with the eyelets inserted therethrough, thereby avoiding any rubbing and discomfort Ato the wearer.

`With the above and other objects in view, the inventionconsists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement oi' parts,

a portion of the latter being shown liftedtoy illust ate themanner of inserting andremoving the stays. jk

Referring to the drawings 1 designates the ulpper, 2 the counter and 3 the sole of the s loe. f l

speeiacatin olf Letters raient.

,needed for further use.

Fig. 3 is an inside 1 rai-enten nee.. se, iena Application led February 13, 19715. SerialNo. 8,004. i

sra'rns reiterar ori-sien. g f

aULIUs aL'rsci-IUL, or Baoonnrn, nnivronn. i v

el designatesv thel lining to the' youter side of ywhich is stitched thecounter stiifener 5.

, Secured to the insidesurface of the lining ilis a `corset designated generally by 6 and comprising a'fsheet or section 7 of suitable material such as'leather, the same being providedy withr parallel groups ofstitches 8 thereby `forming pockets g 9 in which are placedstays 10 of steel, whale kbone or any suitable material accordingto the stiifness desired. l'lhe stitches alongthe lines 8 eX- tend through the lining `and the pocket fornr ing section 'iso that the body of the corset is thereby secured 'to the lining. lin the pre-r ferred construction, the line of stitchingin'- dicated at ll which secures the counter stiffener 5 to the lining alsorextends through the pocket forming section 7 and further secures the corset as a whole to the lining.

` The eyelet' straps l2 are stitched to both the lining Il and the body section l of the corset and said strapslQ are also secured along their opposite or outer edges to the body of the upper 1,. @When the eyelets 13 are inserted through the upper l, the lining et, and the straps l2, the lateral edges of the corset are thus united to the body of the lshoe and all tendency of the @orsetto creep or shift its position is overcome. The pocketsy 9 are left open at their opposite extremities, the upper ends being left open for the purpose of enabling the stays l0 ,to be inserted and removed as found desirable. The

- of leather or other suitable material stitched y The stays l along the line lil to the lining t. maybe inserted and removed by simply lifting the lower edge of the flap i3 as shown in Fig. 3. rlhis enables stays of any degree of stitfness to be inserted in the pockets and to be removed therefrom when they are notv The corset is not directly yfastened to the sole of the shoe but is held in Xed relation thereto by securing the upper in the usual manner to the sole, the corset as a whole bearing a fixed relation to the upper and to the lining which prel vents any possibility of the shifting of the corset.

The kdevice hereinabove described formsy a practicahcheap and eii'icient arch and ankle support in which the staysare easily removable for the purpose specilied and byreason of the manner in which the corset is secured Vmaking the shoeravailable to the consumer at a lower price kthan shoes of a similar character. By securingthe corset to the eyeilet straps in the manner set forth, all tendency of the corset to shift and Vrub Vagainst Vthe foot and thereby create discomfort to the wearer is entirely avoided. y

It will be noted that the corset proper is so incorporated inthe rear part of the shoe that itis neither nailed, stitched or seWed to the body of the shoe proper nor to the sole of the shoe. This enables the shoe to be economically produced, saving an additional operation in the manufacture of the shoe Where the corset and kshoe are made in accordance with the foregoing description, the

ets, stays inserted in said pockets, and eyelet straps folded around the edges of said lining sheet and flexible body and stitched thereto, the Whole being formed separately fromthe shoe and bei-ng adapted to be secured to the shoe by the usual eyelets.

In. testimony whereof I aiiix my signature .in presence of two witnesses.


f Witnesses:


Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve centseaeh, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington. D CJ

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