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Publication numberUS1210475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1917
Filing dateSep 27, 1915
Priority dateSep 27, 1915
Publication numberUS 1210475 A, US 1210475A, US-A-1210475, US1210475 A, US1210475A
InventorsJames P Hooper
Original AssigneeJames P Hooper
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US 1210475 A
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Patented J an. 2, 1917.

ml: mum's Psrsns m. Maw LIYMO wAsmNamN'. u. g



rai ers;

Specification of LettersP'atent.

Applicationfi1ed September 27, 1915. Serial No; 52,812..

To all whome't mayconcern:

Beit known that I-,-JAMns P. HoornR,--. a citizen of the- United. States, residing at Baltimore, in the State of Maryland; have invented certain new and useful! Improvements in Gun-Slingaof which the follow-- ing: is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements-in 1 gun slings and has particular-referenceito an improved sling'and the manner of attachingthe same towa gun wherebyrthe slingmay ber-drawmtaut orielonga'tedztoform a.

loop withoutthe: .useof bucklesor tongues:

to penetrate thestrap of which the-sling is formed The obj ect? of. the inve'ntionis r to provide an; improved arrangement of gun sling which: latter is formed of a: flexible strap,

preferably of woven webbing and to provide an improved" mode ofv'a-ttaching, thez-sling strap to thespacedapart fixed'links oneof which-is usually provided on the barrel and the other on the stock of the gun,-; SO'zthiLt without disturbing the relation of the two links with respect" to eachother, the stretches of webbing between the two fixed linksmay be lengthened" to producelooptherein, or shortened to draw the same taut,

and to effect this adjustment without perforating the webbing to receive a buckle tongue 01' providing a toothed buckle to penetrate such webbing, both of which means would more or less weaken the sling. With these, and other objects in view, the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein,-

Figure 1, shows a gun in side elevation, to which my improved sling is attached. Fig. 2, illustrates the same in inverted or bottom lan. Fig. 3, also shows the gun and illustrates the attached sling adjusted to form a loop whereby to enable the gun to be slung over the shoulder. Fig. 4:, shows a face view of a grip frame which is pivotally attached to one end of the sling web. Fig. 5, illustrates the same in edge view. Fig. 6, shows an edge view of a hook device that is attached to the other end of the sling web, and Fig. 7, illustrates the fiat side or face of the same.

Referring to the drawing the numeral 8, designates the stock of a gun; 9, the barrel thereof; 10 a link pivotally attached to the under side of the stock and 11, a pivoted link carried by a clip 12, that embraces the barrel. Thelinks 10 and 11 respectively maybe attached to the gun :at. points somewhat difierent from that shown, but: when attached, have a fixed relation withrespect to each other. The sling is formed of a flexible-strap preferably of woven webbing 13, and at one end is provided with a metal clip 14, to which a, grip frame'15, is pivotally connected. This grip frame' inthe present instance is provided with three cross-bars 16, 1-7 and 18 respectively,the clip": 14:,- inthis instance being'pivotally attachedto said bar 18. The other: end of the sling strap or webbing is provided with a hook-plate 19,; and a spring tongue 20, to" close; the mouth of the ho0k,it being observed: that boththe plate-19,, andsaid: tongue 20', are of'substantially thesame width as thesling strap orwebbing-in order that the end of the strap to: which said hook plate and tongue-are attached-may be-passed through either ofthe links 10 M11, on the gunto enable the sling tobe attached or detached whilesaid plate anditongue are attached tothe webbing-end; This is-desirable, because it avoids the necessity of first threading the strap or webbing throu'gh the gunlinks 'and afterward riveting the plate and tongue, or the grip frame thereto, which would obviously be exceedingly inconvenient in replacing a worn or broken sling by a new one. It will also be noted that the hook plate and tongue have a width and thickness with respect to the width and length of the slots 21 and 22, of the grip frame, to permit them to pass through said slots and facilitate threading of the sling while said plate and tongue are attached thereto.

In attaching the sling to a gun that end of the strap to which the hook plate 19, and the tongue 20, are attached will first be passed, say from the outer side through the link 10, on the gun stock; said end is then drawn through the link 10, and carried to link 11, and passed through the latter link from the inner to the outer side; the hook plate and web attached thereto is next passed under bar 16, of the grip frame and out through slot 21; then around bar 17 back through slot 22, and then drawn toward and secured to the bar of the link 10, through which it was first passed. In securing the hook plate 19, to the link 10, through which it was first passed, it is passed thereunder from the outer side,the tongue 20,

rateneea Jan. 2; ref-7. I

yielding to permit the engagement and then snapping in place again to secure the hook, in engagement with said first-named link. When the sling is thus attached, the threading thereof through the grip frame 15, will produce sufficient friction to prevent slipping, and to either tighten or loosen the strap it is onlynecessary' to grasp the grip frame 15, and draw it, in this instance, to-' Ward the barrel-end of the gun to efi'ect a tightening, or draw it in a reverse direction to produce a loop as shown in Fig. 8, without disturbing the relative relation of the fixed links 10 or 11.

Obviously, the reason for providing the loop by elongating the strap between the fixed links is to enable the gun to be slung over the shoulder for conveniently carrying the same,the adjustment of the strap being easily effected and without the use of injurious buckle-tongues or pointed teeth that would scratch or cut the threads of the strap if the latter be 'formed of a woven webbing. c

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is,

l. The combination with a gun having two spaced-apart links attached thereto said links having a definite spaced relation with respect to each other on the gun, of an imperforate strap having one end detachably secured to one of the spaced gun-links and threaded through both of said links to form at least two complete stretches between the spaced links and means at the other end of the strap for slidably engaging one: of said stretches of the strap.

2. The combination with a gun having two definitely spaced-apart links thereon, of an imperforate strap provided at one end with a coupling of a width and thickness to pass through said definitely spaced links,

said coupling detachably engaging one-of said links andthe imperforate strap having at least two complete stretches between said links, and means at the other end of said strap for slidably engaging one of said-com pete stretches of imperforate strap.

3. The combination with two definitely spaced-apart links, of an imperforate strap; a slotted frame attached to'one end of the imperfo-rate strap; a coupling device tached to the other end of the strap,said

coupling device 'beingof a width and thickness to enable it to pass through both links and also to pass through the slots in said slotted frame and said coupling device detachably engaging one of said links, and the strap being'threaded through the two definitely spaced links to provide at least two stretches between the links, and the slotted frame fri'ctionally engaging one of said Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner oi Patents,

Washington, D. G.

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