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Publication numberUS1212321 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1917
Filing dateApr 5, 1915
Priority dateApr 5, 1915
Publication numberUS 1212321 A, US 1212321A, US-A-1212321, US1212321 A, US1212321A
InventorsAlbert Buchholz
Original AssigneeAlbert Buchholz
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Garbage-can cover.
US 1212321 A
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Paten Jaulfwl'?.

l /6 u, W 7 /6 f5 Ei: /7 es;

- l l' l/ nary cover amasar;

TQ all 'whom z't'may concern:

Be it known that l, ALBERT BUCHHOLZ, a citizen of theUnited States, residing at Miiwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State-of Wisconsin, have invented a new and useful improvement in Garbage-Can Covers, of which the following is a specication My invention relates to receptacles adapted to receive refuse, ashes or garbage and its purpose is to provide a cover for said receptacle adapted to receive said refuse, ashes or garbage.

rllhe object of my invention is to provide a cover for a garbage can having a suitably formed compartment attached to same and providing means in said compartment to receive and admit garbage into a receptacle provided underneath 'said cover, land to prevent insects from entering into said receptacle. 1 attain these objects by the construe tion illustrated in the drawing in which-' Figurel 1I shows a perspective view of a garbage receptacle having a cover provided embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation through said cover and showing the open and closed positions of the garbage recelv'ing device. Fig. 3 shows a front elevation of the garbage receiving device.

Referring to receptacle 2 a suitably formed compartment 3 havin formed thereon an extended horizontal an e 4f which is adapted to be at-A .tached'to t e cover 1 by means of rivets 5.

An opening 4a is provided in the lower end of the compartment 3 and through the cover 1 through which the garbageis dumped into the receptacle `2 placed underneath said cover 1.

The vertical front wall 6 ofthe compartment 3 is formed at its upper end with an inclined front wall 7 having formed at the top edge thereof, at approximatelyl right angles to said inclined front wall 7, a lip 8 extending into the interior of the compartment 3 at the top inclined opening 8a thereof, the underside of said lip 8 providing a stop against which closes the projecting edge 9 of the garbage receiving plate 10, the other ed e of which is attached to and forms a part o the pivoted cover 11 to which said garbage receivingplate 10 is secured onveach side thereof, and closely fitting within the lip 8 thus keeping Fig. 2, 1v secure to anordii 1 adapted to t over a garbage Specication of Letters Patent. Patented J @111 16, 3191?', Application led April 5, 1915. Serial No. 19,395. Y

pivoted cover is lifted by the attached handle lll-and swung back until the edge 9 ,of the receiving plate 10 makes contact with' the lip 8 of the front wall 7.

A hinge rod'l is suitably attached t0 the pivoted cover 11 where same is joined by the receiving plate 10 and extends beyond each side thereof and through the hinge plates 16 secured to the sidewalls 12 of the compartment 3 by the rivets 17. e f

A suitable edge 18 is formed on the pivoted cover 11 which ts over the inclined front wall 7 and the sidewalls 12 of the compartment 3 thus providing a complete closure of the opening to said compartment 3. 1n use the pivoted cover 11 is lifted by -means of the handle la and swung back,

until the edge 9 of the receivin plate 10 meets the lip 8 of the front wall g at which point the material in said cover 11 will overhalance the material in the receiving plate .10 and hold the edge 9 of said receiving plate in contact against the underside of the the compartment 3 closed` toprevent flies and the like from entering within said compartment when saidcover 11 is thus opened. Garbage may then be dumped on the receiving plate 10 which will immediately descend by the added weight and close the cover 11 and dump the garbage through the opening 4a in cover 1, Vinto thereoeptacle 2. Cleanliness and convenience are thussecured by the device.

Having thus described my invention what 1 claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

In a device of theclass described, the combination with a receptaclev and a top therefor provided-with an opening; ofa housing permanently secured to said top and communicating with the opening in the latter, the rear wall of said housing being lower than the front wall thereof, whereby to provide rearwardly inclined upper edges on. said housing, andthe front wall of the housing having its upper portion thereof inclined rearwardly in a plane at substantially right angles to the plane'of the upper edges of the housing, a cover for the housing hinged .to the upper edge of the rear wall of hev latter, a receiving plate formed in` tegral with said cover at its hinged end and extending within the housing in a plane ar' -ranged at an obtuse angle to the plane of the cover proper, an inwardly projecting lip 5\ provided on the uper edge of the front wall of said housing a apted to contact with the receiving plate to limit the outward swinging movement of said cover, side flanges connecting the cover with said receiving 10 plate, whereby to forni substantially a receptacletherebetween and a handle on the outer face of said cover.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aixmy hand in the witnees. V e


MARTIN BLAs'nc, Com Scnnmnnn;

presence of two subscribing

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