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Publication numberUS1215080 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1917
Filing dateSep 5, 1912
Priority dateSep 5, 1912
Publication numberUS 1215080 A, US 1215080A, US-A-1215080, US1215080 A, US1215080A
InventorsFrederick M Thomson
Original AssigneeFrederick M Thomson
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Detachable shoe-heel.
US 1215080 A
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1. 1 21 @OOO, Patented Feb. 6, 1917 JJ (is g (a w y A Swviwvtoz M mmmwm, l wvhwzowo v m resonates 1a. Trio-arson, or ATLANTA, noose-1a.

nnraoisasnn SHOE-HEEL.

Specification 0t Letters Patent.

Patented i ch h Application filed Segtembez 5:, 191%. Serial No. 718,694.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, FREDERICK M. lnorrson, a citizen of the United States, residing removal of the shoe heel whenever desired for'the purpose of changing'the wear portion of the heel in the case of persons having the habit of wearing one side of the heel more than the other, so that the heels may be transposed or to permit of having the heels made of leather and other heels lnade of rubber that may be interchanged when desired. I

The invention consists of a plate adapted to be secured to the body of theshoe and provided with a recess having inwardly inclined edges and a shoulder adjacent to the outer edge of the plate and another plate adapted to be secured to the removable portion of the heel having its edges beveled to engage the inclined portions of. the edges of the recess in the mating plate and having an offset portion formed thereon adapted to engage the shoulder on the first-meow tioncd plate to hold the heel from acciden tal displacement.

My invention will he described in detail hereinafter and illustrated in the accom-- panying drawings, in which Figure l is a longitudinal sectional view of a shoe showing my improved heel fastener in position thereon;

Fig. 2, a view in perspective of the plate adapted to -he-secure'd to the body of the shoe; i

Fig. 3, a similar view or the plate adapted to he secured to the shoe heel; and

a, a longitudinal sectional view of the plate shown in Fig. 2.

In the drawings similar-reference characters will he used to designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

it indicates a shoe having a piece of leathe or other similar material 1 forming the is oil t heel said piece oi": leather 1 L p with a recessed port-ion 2 in which. is cured a plate 3. The plate 3 shorter than the nigth of the heel and narrower than the width thereofso that when the plate is in position, itis hidden by the sides and rear portion, of the piece of leather 1. The plate 2 is secured to the piece of leather? 1 by means 0? screws or other suitable fastenings secured to the openings :l therein. The under side of the plate 3 is provided with a recess having its walls formed inwardly beveled as shown at 5 and the plate 3 is also provided with a socket 6 having a vertical shoulder ti" and an inclined face 6.

The wear portion of the heel 7 has secured thereto a plate 8 by means or. screws or other suitable fastenings inserted through. openings 9 therein and is provided with an integral tongue 10 having an offset portion forming a projection ll-that is adapted to engage the shoulder 6 of socket 6 when the wear portion 7 of the heel is in position as shown in Fig. l. 12 indicates a lug or projection on the tree terminal of the tongue 10 that is adapted to he en 'ed by the liner or thumb to s lllll the ton ue down w'ardly so that the projection 11 is out of engagement with the-slot (3 when it is desued to remove the wear portion 7 of the heel. The upper surface of the wear portion of the heel is formed. with a recess 13 to permit downward 111m ranent of said tongue 10. The side edges of the plate 5 are beveled as shown at 13 to engage the beveled portions 5 of the walls of the recess l in the-plate 3.

.ln use. it will be apparent that when it is desired to remove the wear portion 7 of the heel from the body of the shoe the spring tongue 10 is flexed downwardly by grasping the lug 12 on the end thereof and the wear portion 7 may he moved forwardly so that the plate 8 is moved from engagement with the recess in the plate 3. In replacing the wear portion 7 in position, it will he apparout that it is only necessary to insert the end of the plate 8 in the recess and move the wear portion 7 in arearward direction. When plate 8 reaches the end of the recess, the offset portion 11, by engaging the shoul.

.der 6 oi socket 6 in. the plate 3 will hold said plate 8 and the wear portion "4' from carried by the shoe and provided in lower-face with a substantially oblong recess extending rearwardly from the front edge of the said lift and terminating short of the rear edge thereof, a detachable heel section, a fixed substantially oblong metallic plate secured to the relatively thick lift and contained wholly within the said recess and arranged in flush relation with the lower face of the said lift, said plate being provided in its lower face with a recess extending inwardly from the front edge of the plate and having inwardly beveled side walls and provided adjacent to its front end With atransverse shoulder extending entirely across the recess and formed by a thickenedportion of the said plate, and a removable plate-secured to the upper face of the detachable sect-ion of the heel and fitting in the recess of the fixed plate and having beveled side edges to slidably interlock with the said side Walls of the recess and split longitudinally near its side edges to provide a relatively wide spring tongue, the latter being angularly bent to form. an upper shoulder to engage theshoulder of the said recess, said tongue being also provided at its front end with an integral finger of less Width than tlie'tong'ue and ex tending upwardly at the front edge of the 1 fixed plate.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


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