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Publication numberUS1216088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1917
Filing dateSep 25, 1915
Priority dateSep 25, 1915
Publication numberUS 1216088 A, US 1216088A, US-A-1216088, US1216088 A, US1216088A
InventorsSabino De Vingo
Original AssigneeSabino De Vingo
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Hair-cut bib.
US 1216088 A
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Patented Feb. 13, 1917.

ATTORNEY SABINO DE vineo, or MOUNT vnnnon, new YORK.


reac es.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SABINO DE VINGo, a subject ofthe King of Italy, residing at Mount Vernon, in the county of Westchester and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Hair-Cut Bibs, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to a new and improved device of the type commonly known as hair cut bibs; and the main object of the invention is to provide a new and improved bib of this character that may be cheaply constructed of a washable material so that they may be used only individually, a clean bib for each person.

Another object of the invention is to pro-' vide an improved bib that is so constructed to fit snugly about the neck of the wearer to prevent the fine hair from falling between the neck and the outer shirt and to fit both above and beneath the upper portion of the large cloth used to cover the wearer to further prevent the hair from falling upon the wearers clothes.

Various other objects and advantages will become apparent during the continuance of the following description.

The above and other objects which will become apparent, are accomplished by such means as are shown in their preferred form in the accompanying drawings, described in the following specification and then more specifically pointed out in the appended claims.

The figure of the drawing is a view in perspective showing my invention as in its preferred embodiment.

In the drawings the numeral 10 designates a neck band that is preferably constructed of elastic material, such as rubber fabric or the like. A pair of bib sections 11 and 12 respectively have their upper ends stitched or otherwise secured to the neck band as at 13. However the upper edge of the bib 12, adjacent one end, is free from the neck band and is folded slightly upon the body of the bib, as at 14. The purpose of this construction is that when the free ends of the neck bands are brought into engagement about the neck of the wearer the free end of the bib 12 may be positioned between the opposite end 'of this bib and the bib 11 so as to form a more efficient connection. The bibs are preferably formed of a cheap washable fabric so that they may be made at a very Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 13, 1917.

Application filed September 25, 1915. Serial No. 52,724.

low cost, approximately the same cost as an ordinary shaving towel.

A plurality of clasping sockets 15 may be positioned on the neck band 10, adjacent one end, while the other end of the neck band may be provided with a plurality of members 16 to enter the sockets. Consequently it will be seen that the neck band may be fitted snugly about the neck of the wearer and be adjusted according to the size thereof.

It will be further understood that the hair cut cloth (not shown) may be positioned between the bibs 11 and 12 so as to effectually prevent any of the loose hair falling, or working its way upon the shirt of the wearer.

From the foregoing it is believed that the advantages and novel features of my invention will be readily understood and therefore further detailed description is deemed unnecessary.

In reducing my invention to practice I find that the form referred to herein as the most practical and preferred embodiment is the most eificient, but realizing that certain conditions will necessarily vary in concurrence with the adoption of my device, I desire to emphasize the fact that various minor changes in the details of construction and in the proportion of parts may be resorted to when required without sacrificing any of the advantages of my invention as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

'1. In a device of the character described, a neck band, means to connect the ends of said neck band, a pair of bib members carried by said neck band and extending approximately the entire length thereof, the upper edge of one of said bib members being free from said neck band adjacent one end to fit between the opposite ends of said bib members when the ends of said neck band are connected;

2. In a device of the character described, an elastic neck band, a pair of bib members having their upper edges fixed to said neck band, said bib members being constructed for interlocking engagement at their ends, and means to connect the ends of said neck band.

3. In a device of the character described, a flexible neck band, means to connect the ends of said neck band and a pair of bib fixed to said neck band and extending apmembers being free adjacentone end to be proximately the entire length thereof, the received between the opposlte ends of said ends of said bib members being adapted for bib members, substantially as described.

interlocking engagement. In testimony whereof I afiix my signature 5- 4. Ir}O a device of the (jharacter described, in presence of two Witnesses: a flexi le :neck band casps on said neck band to connect the ends thereof, a pair of SABINO DE VINGO' bib members formed of a Washable fabric Witnesses: having, their upper edges fixed to said neck LEROY N. MILLS,

10 band, the upper edge of one of said bib JOSEPH J. NANRY.

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