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Publication numberUS1216527 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1917
Filing dateJun 12, 1916
Priority dateJun 12, 1916
Publication numberUS 1216527 A, US 1216527A, US-A-1216527, US1216527 A, US1216527A
InventorsGeorge B Weldon, Frank B Rambo
Original AssigneeGeorge B Weldon, Frank B Rambo
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US 1216527 A
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e. B. wELuoN e F. B. RAMBO.



Patented Feb. 20, 1917.

Y wvl-:mons

rms co., Punta-uma.. wnsumcvmn. n



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed .T une 12, 1916. Serial No. 103,178.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, GEORGE B. WnLDoN and FRANK B. RAMBO, residents of Pittsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented anew and useful Improvement in Pliers, of which the following is a specication.

This invention relates to pliers having removable working faces so that a single tool can be adapted for various purposes.

The object of the invention is to provide pliers of the kind described in which the working faces can be readily and quickly removed and replaced, but nevertheless are held securely in position while using the tool and without the use of separate locking or securing means.

The invention comprises the construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

ln the drawings, Figure 1 is a plan view of the pliers with the removable faces in placa-.and showing the tool closed; Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the tool opened to its extreme position to permit the removal and insertion of the removable faces; Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3 3, Fig. 1, without the removable working face; Fig.` 4 is a plan view of one of the removable faces; and Fig-5 shows a modified form of removable face.

The body of the pliers may be of the usual construction, and comprises the two handle members 1 and 2 pivotally connected at 3 and each provided with a jaw portion, marked 4 and 5 respectively. Each of the jaw portions is provided with a dovetailed groove 6 extending transversely thereof and preferably entirely across the same, and adapted to receive a correspondingly shaped projection 7 on the jaw face or insert 8. The jaw faces or inserts are assembled on and removed from the jaw portions by merely sliding the projections 7 laterally into and out of the grooves 6.

In order to hold the jaw faces in place when the tool is being used, and without the use of separate fastening means, each'of the jaw members is cut away. on its knuckle portion, as at 9, but not entirely across its width, leaving a flange 10 on the outer face of each knuckle member, and which flanges, when the two members of the pliers are assembled, form between them a groove, as shown in Fig. 3. Each jaw face or insert 8 is provided at its inner end with a projection 11 of reduced width adapted to enter into the groove between the flanges 10, and to'be held by said flanges 10 against lateral displacement. rlhe flanges 10 terminate at 12, at the edges of the plier body, so that ratentea net. 2o, ieiv.

when the pliers are opened to their extrei'ne open position, as shown in Fig. 2, an open space 13 is left on each side of the pliers opposite the projections 11 on the jaw faces, and thus permitting said jaw faces or in serts to be inserted and removed. It will be understood that one of said inserts is removed laterally toward one side of the pliers andthe other is removed laterally toward the other side of the pliers. Each jaw portion 4 and 5, at its knuckle end is cut away, as at 14, in order to make room for the flange 10` on the other member.

When it is desired to insert a jaw face, the pliers are opened to their fullest extent, in which position the space 13 at the end of the flange 10 will permit the jaw face to be slid laterally into place, the dovetailed pro jection 7 entering the dovetailed groove 6, and the projection 11 on the inner end of said jaw face entering through the space 13. In all other positions of the jaw members the flanges 10 prevent displacement of the jaw faces or inserts laterally, and consequently said jaw faces or inserts are held against accidental loss or displacement during the ordinary use of the tool.

Any number of removable jaw faces or inserts, with any desired contour of face, may be provided. Figs. 1 and 5 show two forms of such removable jaw faces, but obviously any desired form of working face may be provided on the inserts 8, and a tool will be accompanied by a number of such faces or inserts, all of which may be interchanged at will in the manner above described and therefore greatly widen the uses to which a single pair of pliers can be put.

The tool described is very simple and coinpaot. There are no eXtra parts to be lost or to get out of adjustment, it being only necessary in assembling the device to open the working jaws to the fullest extent, when the removable faces can be readily slid into or out of position, and when the pliers are in use it is evident that the removable faces are securely locked in place so as to prevent their getting out of proper adjustment, and at the same time this locking meansis such as to permit `the easy and ready removal or insertion Vof the Working faces. v

1 What We claim is z- 1. In a device of the character'described, a jaW end having a dovetailed groove in the face thereof extending across said face and adapted to receive an undercut 'projection on a removable jaw' face, whereby the removable javv face maybe positioned therein Vby Y sliding it laterally into place, and a flange YVi5 on the other jaw` member outside the dovetailed groove for holding the removable face inposition. Y '7.

vE2. In a device of the-character described,

. a jaw end, a dovetailedgroove extending across the face of said jaW-end andV adapted to have an undercut projection on-the removv able jaW face positionedY therein -by lateral kmovement'V of the :javv face, anda groove in i' the knuckle faceatthe base ofthe j aw end for receiving a projection on the end of the f removable face vto llock the removable face -inp'ositio'nl pliers,ra Apair of pivotedv 3.'.In'a pair-fof members having ljaw ends, a dovetailed Ygroove extending across the faceV of veachij avvV Yend"and-adapted to receive an undercut pro# jection onpa removable jaw face, a flange on Y so "the knuckle portionof each member,"the tvvo flanges forming bet-WeenV them a groove,-and a cutaway portion at the end of 'eachl a'nge adapted uponf'full opening of the jaw ends vtoadmit ofi-thc passage by lateral movement I Coples -of thisrpatent may be obtained of a vprojection on theend of each of the removable faces into the groove between the flanges, the flanges acting to prevent the removal of the jawfaces in any other position of the j avvs.

4. A pair of pliers comprisinga pair of `pivoted members having jaw ends, a dove- 'tailed groove 1n each jaw end extending v transversely across the face thereof, a flange Y along lthe edge of-each knuckle portion and forming a groove therebetween, said flanges terminating at such point that When the pliers-are fully open an opening is yprovided at each side of the pliers, a removable face on each jaw end having an undercut projection cooperating with its dovetailed groove andan end Lprojection cooperating with the groove between the flanges on the knuckle portions to be thereby locked in place.

In testimony whereof, We have hereunto GEORGE B. VVELDON. FRANK B. RAMBO.

Y set our hands.



for -vve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of lllatents,

. Washingtomncl

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