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Publication numberUS1216679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1917
Filing dateAug 13, 1915
Priority dateAug 13, 1915
Publication numberUS 1216679 A, US 1216679A, US-A-1216679, US1216679 A, US1216679A
InventorsGeorge A Foster
Original AssigneeGeorge A Foster
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Device for preventing snoring.
US 1216679 A
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Patented Feb 20. 1917.



7 '0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Gnonen A. FOSTER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the CO1 fig Cook and State of Illinois, have invent d? certain new and useful Improvements in Devices for Preventing Snoring, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a device for preventing and overcoming the sn ring habit. 'It is well-known that snoring results from breathing through the mouth during sleep and that this disagreeable habit may be prevented by holding the mouth and lips tightly closed.

It is the object of my invention to provide a simple, eflicient and inexpensive device, which is readily adjustable and may be worn without discomfort, whereby the wearer is prevented from unconsciously dropping the lower jaw during sleep and the lips are held firmly together so that snoring is prevented.

Other objects and advantages of my inventionwill be apparent as it is better understood by reference'to the following specification when read in connection with the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective illustrating my Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective of the device; Fig. 3 is. a vertical section device, and

Fig. 4.- is a side elevation of a slightly different form of my invention. Referring to Figs. 1 to 3 of the drawings, 1 indicates a bandage, preferably of a suitabletextile material of a conformation adapted to fit snugly over the mouth and chin. of the wearer as indicated in Fig. 1.

thfiiugh the A head strap 2 andaneck strap 3, each provided with buckles 4, or other suitable fastening means, allow the bandagdll'to be adjustably secured over the mouth and chin. The head strap .2 holds the lower'por tionf 5, of the bandage 1 snugly under the chin of the wearer and preventsthe'lower jaw from dropping while the neck strap 3 holds the upper portionfi of the bandage 1 closely over the mouth. The upper portion 60f the bandage 1 is provided with a strip 7 of rubber or other suitable material secured thereto and adapted to press v Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed August 13,1915.

Patented Feb. 20, 1917..

Serial No. 45,280.

the lips of the wearer closely together so that breathing through the teeth, which is a particularly disagreeable form of snoring, is effectively prevented. As will be readily understood from the foregoingdescription,"

when the bandage 1 has been secured in.

position the mouth and lips are held in the bandage 9 while the neck strap 8 is connected to the bandage 8, the straps 2 and 3 being provided with the buckles 4 or other suitable fastening means. The bandage 8 is provided with loops 10 at either end thereof through which the ends of the bandage J or the straps 2 pass so that the bandage 9 is prevented from movement in i one direction with respect to the bandage 9, while it is freely mowible in another direction. This form of my invention provides.

a greater degree of adjustability of the device to conform to the face of the particular person using it.

It is apparent that I have devised a'simple and inexpensive means, whereby snoring may be effectually prevented and by the use of the device for a relatively short time the habit may be entirely overcome.

It will be apparent that various changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the inventlon or sacrificing any of its material advantages, the form hereinbefore disclosed being merely a preferred embodiment thereof.

' I claim: Y

1.. In a device for preventing snoring, the

combination of textile means encircling the chin and covering the mouth of the wearer, an imperforate rubber lining on the mouth textile mouth ba ndage, an imperforate rubthe latter is permitted in one (lirection with berlining on said mouth bandage to firmly respect to the former.

.hold the lips of the wearer in closed posi- GEORGE FOSTER Hnn, adjustable straps for holding said bandage in operative position, and loops on WVitnesses:

said x'nouizh bandage to receive the straps of WM. 0. BELT,

said chin bapdage whereby adjustment of W. T. WESTERBERG.

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U.S. Classification128/848, 602/902
Cooperative ClassificationY10S602/902, A61F5/566