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Publication numberUS1216707 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1917
Filing dateSep 14, 1916
Priority dateSep 14, 1916
Publication numberUS 1216707 A, US 1216707A, US-A-1216707, US1216707 A, US1216707A
InventorsClaude N Lawson
Original AssigneeClaude N Lawson
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Combination canoe back-rest and life-preserver.
US 1216707 A
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MPL10/11101111151) sLP1.14, 1916.

' 1,216,707. Patented Feb. 20, 1917.

' position against the cross bar To-all whom t may 'Chautauqua and State tive view of the 510 Y Th tion back-rest and life preserver vwhich cornoraUDnivQLwsoN', oroELoRoiv,iirnWYoRkif Vveoivnsrlvrmfolv Canon nAcK-Iinsr Alvi;

Specification of LettersPatent.. v .Patntedleb. 20, k19217. A implicati@ filed SeitniherlflQlelG-.g l'

Oncem ,i Be it known that 1, CLAunnN. LAvvsomy acitizen of the UnitedStates, residing at the village of Celoron, in the county of invented certain new and useful-Improvements in Combination Canoe Bacl-RestsV and LifefPreservers, of which .the following, taken in connection with theV accompanying' drawings, is a specification.

The invention Vrelates to a combined backrestand'life preserver for use incanoes and similar boats; and the object of the inven-y tion is to provide a simple upholstered backrest, filling the same with "buoyant material and providing the same with a strong cir#V cular rim which ts'rmly within the canoe holding against'the cross barV Aand cleats, being providedwith a loop through whichV the arm may be inserted thereby attachingv`v the life preserver to the person so that in case of accident as, for example, the overturning of the canoe, an eliicient ylife preserver will be `attached to the person yet in no wise limitingthe action ofsaid personin propelling the canoe while seated in the same; and the invention consists in the novel features and combinations hereinafter set forth and claimed. l

AIn the drawings, Figure lis a perspeccombination Lback-restl and life preservershowing the v conformation of the same. Fig. 2 is a sectional view atv line X-X in Fig. 1 showing the construction and arrangement of thev samen', Fig. 3 is a plan viewof the outer rim or hoop which forms the frame for the back-rest.v Fig. 4L is a perspective view of the back-rest in of the canoe, the canoe being shown4 in cross'wise section;v and Fig. 5 is aned'gewise' viewofthe back," rest, a portion of the canoe being shown in lengthwise section, and the different posi tions in which the back-restmay be ad. justed being shown in dotted outline.l Figf 6 isa top 'plan vieWfof a canoe withtwo backfrests imposition therein. Like characters of'reference referto cor# responding parts'in the vseve ral-views. 11

e numeral 10 designates the combinawater proof covering l11 attached around the periphery of a hoop or rim 12, `preferably of,woodby .means of suitable tacksl and the space within lthe hoop 12 prises the and cover v11 filled with a buoyant material of N ew' York, have Y that it ein. FigsJg5 and ,opposite side ofthe cross bar 20 according ,Serialats204171.:` l


Vcross stitchesjand buttons 15, upholstering `material being'placed within 'andadjacent to the coveringl 1 11and`eachfside jtorender the back-rest asrcomfortable as possible. f

likecork, preferably in the form ofcork i `which are held in placeby means of l The circular form of the rim 12 makesh y a l very strong 'and convenient' construction for placingin a the periphery of canoe 18 to move freely backward and forward as when .paddling ai canoe yetl attaches the back-rest and life preserver to said occupant so that in case ofthe over-turning of the canoe forthe accidental falling; overboard of said-occupant the back-rest and life preserver 10' -willbe attached to the body of said occupant by the `'strap 16 and Y 1s of sufficient size .to support the weight of an adulti inthe water."` Y f The stifffwood rim l2 `Inakes afirm, light floatable frame which is easily grasped by the user so 'thatithe back-rest when used as a lifepreserver can vbe sunk inthe water beneath the person and held there, the cirrim making 'an especially strongcon-- cular struction which will not fold, break or Y change-itsl form. f ably made aboutV two inches `in thickness and Thefback-rest is prefertwenty-,six to thirty inchesin diameter so other vb Shape .t I

The canoe.18 is usually provided with top. braces 20 against which the back-rest 10 may be'inclined, thel lower edge engaging in the cleats 21; The seat19 is usually lower than the cross bars 20 and alongside'the same so thatfthe back-rest 10 'f6v or may Ylean against the 'canoe18. A'looped strap 16 is attached byw means ofsuitable. tacks Vtot the rim 12v and is of sufficient length to permit; the occupantl of the holds av goodly quantity ofcork or.V u oyant lmaterial yet can be easilyf its disk between the two as shown i f l i as the occupant Vvwishes to use the seat19 or sit in the bottoinof the canoe; f 'v f Ilclaima's new:"fl f 1. A` combination vback-rest andlife pre# Va water;v proof covering for both sides of said wooden server lcomprising a woodenhoop,

hoop, said hooplledjwith-buoyant or floatable material and upholstering `,on both sides, substantially as Vand forthe purpose specified.

2. A combinationback-restand life pre? 2 'I Y y 1,215,707

server, comprising a" round wooden hoop, zt

pant ofthe Canoe therethrough:

In testirhony whereof I'have HXed my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses: 1 H. O. SANDBERG,


Copines of this patent may V1de ol'btand for w-re eents eh; by addressing'th Gommissone;` of Patents,

Y Washingtom D. C. 1 u

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U.S. Classification441/125, 5/633, 5/656
Cooperative ClassificationB63B3/00, A45C9/00